Phil Johnson rebukes Dr Michael Brown.

We want to provide readers with Brown’s quote that kick-started the controversy and what Gracelife’s Pastor Phil Johnson recently had to say about Dr Michael Brown’s behaviour.

phil-johnson From

Brown writes,

“Some of today’s self-appointed heresy hunters are like a doctor who amputated his patient’s head because the patient needed eye-glasses. They are like the hypocrites Jesus spoke of who strained out a gnat yet swallowed a camel, damning some of God’s children to hell because of a difference over a non-essential doctrine or practice. It’s very sad to see and terribly divisive and destructive. May God reveal to them the fullness of His truth and love, and may the discover the fullness of the Spirit’s power.”

Source: Dr Michael Brown, FaceBook,, Published 14/05/2017. (Accessed 14/05/2017.)

Dr Michael Brown also put this comment on Twitter. However, it appeared Ps. Phil Johnson tried to comment… and was blocked by Michael Brown…

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