June 2, 2017: Verse of the day


2:12 wings … refuge. Scripture pictures God as catching Israel up on His wings in the Exodus (Ex 19:4; Dt 32:11). God is here portrayed as a mother bird sheltering the young and fragile with her wings (cf. Pss 17:8; 36:7; 57:1; 61:4; 63:7; 91:1, 4). Boaz blessed Ruth in light of her newfound commitment to and dependence on the Lord. Later, he would become God’s answer to this prayer (cf. 3:9).

MacArthur Study Bible

2:12 Only the Lord could repay, i.e., make restitution for Ruth’s losses of husband, father, mother, and country. Full reward (Hb. maskoret) is compensation commensurate with her loss—perhaps offspring, like Abraham’s “reward” (Gen. 15:1–5, Hb. sakar, from the same root) and Leah’s “wages” (Gen. 30:18, Hb. sakar; cf. Ruth 4:12). On both counts Boaz himself will become the Lord’s answer to Boaz’s own prayer. wings … refuge (Ps. 36:7; 57:1; 91:4; Matt. 23:37). Boaz becomes the Lord’s protective “wings” when he “spreads his wings” over Ruth (see note on Ruth 3:9).

ESV Study Bible

12 “Reward” is from מַשְׂכֹּרֶת (maśkōret; GK 5382), a rare word found elsewhere only in Genesis 29:15; 31:7, 41—the first specifically refer to the wages Jacob earned while working for his beloved Rachel. Boaz predicts that Ruth also will earn wages—from God—as payment for her acts of loyalty. Besides in the book of Ruth, finding “refuge” in Yahweh’s “wings” occurs only in Psalms 36:8; 57:1–2; 61:4; 91:4—mostly psalms of David, the second explicitly associated with Saul’s persecutions. David and his Moabite precursor find sanctuary under God’s pinions, while Saulides oppress God’s elect.

The Expositor’s Bible Commentary

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