July 9, 2017: Verse of the day


62:5 sons will marry you. “Marry” in the sense of occupying and possessing the city.[1]

62:5 Your sons are the loyal inhabitants of Zion (here, the eternal city of God; cf. Psalm 87). shall … marry. A poetic image indicating that the inhabitants of Jerusalem will love and cherish their city: the inhabitants of Zion will forever be committed to and delight in their eternal dwelling place, for the Lord’s people are there, and the Lord himself is there. Isaiah’s poetic imagery leaves an overwhelming impression of joy, delight, righteousness, beauty, safety, and peace. so shall your God rejoice over you. Boldly drawing on a familiar human image of inexpressible joy and delight, God says his delight in his people will be like that of a bridegroom’s delight in his bride. Isaiah explains that in God’s great plan of salvation, he not only forgives his people, protects them, heals them, provides for them, restores them to their home, reconciles them to each other, transforms them so they are righteous, honors them, exalts them above all nations, and makes them a blessing to all nations, as he called them to be—but more than all these things, he actually delights in his people.[2]

62:5 Israel in her redeemed state and splendor is figuratively called the bride of God, just as the New Jerusalem is referred to as “the bride of the Lamb” (cf. Rev. 21:2, 9, 10).[3]

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