“The Seduction of Unity with Rome” – Part 2 – Eric Barger

Today, across the Protestant world we hear the escalating call for unity with the Roman Catholic Church. The current drumbeat of unity comes at a perilous time for Christians as many are looking for warm feelings and human acceptance far more than truth. We must ask, didn’t the Reformation happened for a reason, actually many reasons? If so, we then must ask that if the Reformers were correct so long ago, has Rome really changed in the present?

In Part two, excerpted from Eric Barger’s DVD “Reasons to Stand with the Reformation and NOT Unite with Rome” Eric shines light on not only the complete void of discernment and biblical thinking that some Protestants are displaying in the matter but also the seductive nature and appeal being used by advocates of the RCC. The program documents that the current calls for unity are laced with deception resembling Troy’s Trojan Horse.

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