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August 13, 2017: Verse of the day


1–2 These verses resemble 95:1–2 in form and mood. The psalmist calls on “all the earth” (v. 1) to come before the Great King (see Reflections, p. 119, Yahweh Is King). The invocation resembles that of 98:4, where the whole earth too is summoned to “shout for joy to the Lord.” The nations must recognize who the Lord is. He is Yahweh (“the Lord”), by whose grace and blessings his people exist. The nations too are invited to sing hymns to the Lord and to worship him (cf. Isa 56:6–7). The invitation is a free offer. The submission to his rule comes out of a heartfelt response of joy and gratitude for his covenantal promises (cf. in contrast 2:11). The “gladness” (śimḥâ) reflects joy in living in harmony with the Creator, Redeemer, and King. The sacrifices of “joyful songs” (v. 2; cf. Heb 13:15) are proper as one approaches his presence (cf. 95:6; 96:8; Isa 1:12).[1]

100:2 gladness … singing. Awareness of the goodness of God (v. 5) and of the great privilege of worshiping him produces joy in those who know they are welcome in his presence.[2]

100:2 Serve The Hebrew word used here, a‘vad, can describe work or service in general, or refer to honoring Yahweh in formal worship.[3]

100:2 with gladness. God is not a despotic king who forces his people to serve him. Loving service is grateful response to the grace of God.[4]

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