In Wrath Remember Mercy

Unfathomable Grace

Habakkuk was a man who would have fit well into our church family.

He was a man deeply interested in the things of God. We do not know much about him, but he proved to be one consumed with law and grace. Consequently, he was a man passionate about praise, prayer, and preaching. He longed to hear God’s Word, sing God’s Word, pray God’s Word, herald God’s Word, do God’s will, and increase the number of God’s people. Sound familiar?

The prophet was also one seriously confused by the mysterious providence of God. He wondered why the wicked prospered, the righteous suffered, and his Sovereign Lord did not immediately right that which was wrong. He longed for God to flex his mighty arm, but his God seemed so slow in doing so. Don’t you find yourself wondering what in the world the Lord of the Nations is doing?

Habakkuk was also…

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