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Progressive Criticizes Jesus For Not Being Very Christlike

SEATTLE, WA—After reading several chapters from the gospels over the weekend, local progressive believer Wendy Butler reportedly published a Patheos blog post in which she criticized Jesus of Nazareth for “not being very Christlike.” The blog post took Jesus to task for His “unloving and problematic” teachings. “He devotes entire sections of His sermons to […]

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The Briefing 09-19-17

Why a Catholic theologian’s cancellation at a Catholic seminary should have our attention

The LGBT revolution is inevitably a theological revolution

China no longer harvesting organs of prisoners, which it said it never did

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Jim Bakker Claims ‘Every Prophecy I’ve Made Has Come True. Also, Donald Trump Watches His Show.

Pulpit & Pen News has the story and a couple of videos to watch:

A few things you’ll learn from this clip.

First, Bakker claims that Trump watches the Jim Bakker Program.

Secondly, Bakker claims Trump admires Bakker for “getting back up.”

Third, the applause you hear after Bakker says the above is a sound effect. You can hear the few (25-30) people in the audience clap and then you’ll hear an added-in applause sound effect added in post-production to make it sound like hundreds are in the audience. Listen closely; you can hear it. It’s pretty obvious.

Fourth, Bakker claims he might get shot for wearing a cross hat. Okay.

Fifth, while extolling the religious virtue of Donald Trump, Bakker claims that all of his prophecies have come true.

“Everything God’s ever spoken to me has come to pass. And everything…you give minutes, almost. Your prophecies – the words God has brought  – you’ve given us to the minute…what this book is going to reveal to you is the warfare we are in.”

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Source: Jim Bakker Claims ‘Every Prophecy I’ve Made Has Come True. Also, Donald Trump Watches His Show.

September 19, 2017: Verse of the day


23    If you turn at my reproof,

behold, I will pour out my spirit to you;

I will make my words known to you. [1]

23 The invitation takes the form of a conditional clause—“If only you’d respond” (NEB). Wisdom is firmly resolved to pour out her words (lit., “my breath,” a metonymy for words spoken, and not in the sense of “my spirit”) on those who respond. Like a copious spring she will gush forth to them.[2]

Wisdom promises blessing to those who repent (v. 23)

There is hope, however, that fools can change if they will only heed the voice of Wisdom, who offers to pour out her spirit upon the listener. Who would refuse such a wonderful and gracious invitation? Do you realize that you have been a fool? If so, you are well on your way to wisdom. Seek wisdom from God who will not refuse you (James 1:5).[3]

1:23 This verse may be understood in two ways. First, it may mean,

Since you won’t listen to my invitation, now turn and listen to my rebuke. I will pour out my spirit in words of judgment, and will tell you what lies ahead for you.

According to this interpretation, verses 24–27 are the words which describe their fate.

The second possible meaning is this:

Turn and repent when I reprove you. If you do, then I will pour out my spirit on you in blessing, and make my words of wisdom known to you.

The word “spirit” here probably means “thoughts” or “mind.” While it is true that Christ pours out the Holy Spirit on those who answer His call, this truth was not as clearly stated in the OT as it is in the NT.[4]

1:23 reproof. God’s wisdom brings to bear against the sinner indictments for sin that demand repentance. To the one who does repent, God promises the spirit or essence of true wisdom linked to divine revelation.[5]

1:23 my spirit. Proverbs recognizes wisdom as both a divine gift and a human task. The former is seen in 1:7, where the fear of the Lord grows from the grace of God in redemption. Redemption involves renewal of the mind as well as regeneration of the soul (Rom. 12:1, 2; 1 Cor. 1:18–2:6).[6]

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