The Doctrine of Repentance (Teaching Outline)

Reformed Baptist Blog

RepentanceNote: As I have noted in the previous post, back in 2015 I posted a a teaching outline entitled The Doctrine of Conversion: Understanding Faith and Repentance, and the three part series I am continuing today is basically an expansion and reworking of that outline. However, as also previously noted, rather than take the old one down, I thought I would simply post these others and allow the blog’s readers the option of choosing which approach they find most helpful.


There has been an increasing attack upon the teaching that repentance from sin is necessary for salvation. For example, there are some who agree that repentance is properly understood as a turning from sin, but they would argue that such a turning from sin is not a necessary aspect of conversion, and they simply eliminate repentance as a part of Gospel preaching altogether (an example of…

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