The Doctrine of Saving Faith (Teaching Outline)

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Saving-FaithNote: Back in 2015 I posted a a teaching outline entitled The Doctrine of Conversion: Understanding Faith and Repentance, and the three part series beginning with this post is basically an expansion and reworking of that outline. However, rather than take the old one down, I thought I would simply post these others and allow the blog’s readers the option of choosing which approach they find most helpful.


One of the many disturbing aspects of the recent election of our new president was the manner in which he sought the support of Evangelical Christians by claiming to be a Christian himself, despite the fact that this claim was rooted in a complete misunderstanding of the Gospel and a heretical understanding of faith. After all, not only did he claim that he never saw any need to seek forgiveness for his sins, but he also repeatedly bragged about…

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