Better He Who Humbles Himself

Unfathomable Grace


Arrogance surrounds me.

This week, I have heard fresh stories of men abusing women. They do so because they love themselves supremely. All about them are objects for their own promotion and pleasure.

Yesterday, I witnessed elected representatives, on both sides of the aisle and both sides of the ocean, moving, shaking, positioning, and posturing themselves. They are so grand in their own eyes. Their pride makes me nauseous.

Last night, when I watched the pontificating news pundits, they again proved to be full of themselves. They always know what is best regarding politics. And they are always more righteous than anyone whose sin has come to light.

And today, as I watch some ball games, I am sure the self-worshiping egos of athletes will be proudly displayed one more time.

And on and on it goes …

Arrogance identifies me.

Sadly, I love me more than I love my neighbors. At times I…

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