The Government is Bad and He is Good

Unfathomable Grace

Did you like Bill Clinton? Was Mr. Bush more to your liking? Do you look with longing at the days of Barak Obama? What is your view of Donald Trump? Who do you want next?

Is there a term that describes your political posture? Are you more liberal, progressive, moderate, or conservative? In your views, are you more inclined to side with the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, or “none of the above?”

Where are you in regards to:

  • Tax Cuts, Budget Deficit, and our National Debt
  • Single Payer Health Care, Fiscal Responsibility, and a Competitive Marketplace
  • Border Security, Immigration Law, DACA, and Amnesty
  • Iraq, Iran, Syria, Russia, North Korea, and Jerusalem
  • Marriage Definitions, Gender Definitions, and Religious Liberty
  • Standing for the Anthem, Pledge, Police, or Abused Brothers

Whoever you are, I am fairly sure you are frustrated. Approval numbers for all three branches of government are pathetic, and at any point, on…

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