Billy Graham’s Timeless 1986 Message to Anyone Who’s Not Sure They’re Going to Heaven

Billy Graham’s death has ushered in a viral response across the globe, as people remember the powerful and life-changing messages that the famed Christian evangelist shared over his seven-decade career.

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At the core of Graham’s preaching was the gospel — the belief that accepting Jesus is essential to transforming the human heart and ensuring one’s eternal place in heaven.

One particular sermon that Graham delivered back in 1986 in Tallahassee, Florida, has re-emerged over the years, and with good reason, as it describes what it truly means to accept Christ. And that timeless message is worth revisiting.

“Decisions are made whether we make them or not. Time decides if you will not and time always decides against you. There’s a lonely arena in the depths of your heart where the greatest battle of life must be fought alone,” Graham proclaimed. “That’s your decision about Christ. Your parents can’t make it for you, the church can’t make it for you, your friends can’t make it for you, your girlfriend, your boyfriend can’t make it for you. You must make it yourself.”

And the evangelist wasn’t done there. He implored his audience to remember that their acceptance or rejection of Christ would decide where they’d end up in 100 years.

“If you’re not sure that you’re ready to meet God, if you’re not sure that you’re going to heaven … that your sins are forgiven, you come and make sure tonight,” he said.

Watch Graham’s powerful and timeless message below:

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