‘This Nation Is in a Mess’: Why Billy Graham’s Daughter Believes His Death Could ‘Shake the Church’

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of famed evangelist Billy Graham, believes that her father’s death could help “shake the church” — something that she said is desperately needed in the modern era.

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Lotz also revealed why she believes America is in such a “mess,” telling WRAL-TV that she believes the country and the church at large is missing the message of the gospel.

Some churches, she said, have stopped showing people how to pray and read the Bible and, in turn, aren’t bringing people into a relationship with Christ, as the Bible implores.

“That’s why this nation is in a mess. We’ve lost our focus. We’ve lost our message,” she said. “People go to church, but they’re not getting what they’re going for.”

Lotz also lamented the state of division, anger and polarization and concluded “Jesus is the answer.” As for Billy Graham’s life and legacy, she said that his life shows that it is entirely possible to cut across divides.

“Whether it’s a racial divide, a political divide, a social divide. People all across the spectrum love and honor Billy Graham. Why?” Lotz asked. “Because of his message and because he presented Jesus, and Jesus is the one who unifies us and brings us together.”

Watch her comments below:


Lotz believes her father’s death is an important reminder for the world to wake up and realize that tomorrow isn’t promised and that each individual has an important decision to make.

“You need to decide now where you’re going to spend eternity,” she said.


Source: ‘This Nation Is in a Mess’: Why Billy Graham’s Daughter Believes His Death Could ‘Shake the Church’

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