March 2, 2018 This ‘n’ That

  • I appreciate this perspective from Pastor Justin Bullington on how he will explain Billy Graham to his children, though I do think we ought to pay a bit more attention to the false gospel that was also proclaimed at times, no doubt leading to great confusion for many.
  • This could be an exciting discovery! We should be so thankful that God has gifted men and women with the intellectual capacity to conduct this kind of research. He will be glorified, even if they do not acknowledge Him.
  • Because sometimes, you find yourself simply asking, “Why?”
  • So, basically, I think I’m just going to retire now.
  • Um…no. I cannot believe an adult reviewed this book…favorably.
  • Here is your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Ever heard of “prevenient grace”? Ever wonder what it means, or if it is biblical? Check out these resources.
  • I’m going to link this article and see how long it takes folks to [wrongly] conclude that I am a feminist.
  • Who is Lucy Hutchison?
  • I had never heard of Books At a Glance until now. Thinking I might have to sign up for that free trial!
  • I think this is important.
  • Context matters.
Your life is short, your duties many, your assistance great, and your reward sure. Therefore faint not, hold on and hold up, in ways of well-doing, and Heaven shall make amends for all! —Thomas Brooks

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