This ‘n’ That for 03/16/2018

  • I disagree with this article’s definition of the gift of singleness. Personally, it seems to me that, if you desire to be married, you don’t have the gift of singleness! Nevertheless, those individuals can still see their time of singleness as a gift, and from that perspective, there are good thoughts in this piece.
  • laughed. I couldn’t help it.
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Discernment is more than just calling out false teachers.
  • I. Do. Not. Understand. This. Stupid. Decision. And when you make stupid decisions, things like this happen.
  • How can we know the Bible is from God?
  • I haven’t looked closely at this resource, so I can’t specifically vouch for it, but free stuff is always worth a second glance!
Is there nothing to sing about to-day? Then borrow a song from tomorrow; sing of what is yet to be. Is this world dreary? Then think of the next. —C.H. Spurgeon

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