March 24, 2018 Morning Verse Of The Day

25 The noble wife is diligent and prudent in her work; her strength and honor come from her solid financial and economic position, as v. 25b shows (Toy, 547); so the result is that she is confident in facing the future.[1]

31:25 The virtuous woman’s own clothing is far richer than linen or silk; she is dressed in strength and honor.[2]

31:25. Clothing is here referred to metaphorically to indicate that her appearance is one of strength and dignity. She is no shameful weakling. Also she can laugh at the future, that is, face it with confidence (cf. v. 21). Though 27:1 cautions against boasting “about tomorrow,” that does not do away with preparing for it (as ants do, 6:6–8; 30:25).[3]

31:25 Strength and dignity. These words describe the character of the woman who fears the Lord. Her inward clothing displays divine wisdom, giving her confidence to face the future with its unexpected challenges.[4]

31:25Strength and dignity are so much a part of her character and conduct that they seem to be almost like her clothing. She laughs at the future, in contrast with being worried or fearful about it.[5]

31:25Strength and dignity are her clothing While the excellent wife produces clothing from fine linen (Prov 31:22), she is better known for her character.[6]

31:25 Strength and dignity are her clothing. The words refer either to her character, or, as is more likely in view of the second line, to the esteem earned by her economic prowess. She has no worry about the future. Both interpretations are consistent with wisdom.[7]

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