Top Weekly Stories from for 03/24/2018

Megachurch Minister Claims It’s ‘Insanity’ to Believe Men Will Go to Hell for Rejecting Christ   Mar 19, 2018 09:48 am

NEW YORK — A megachurch minister recently told his congregation that he thinks it’s “insanity” to believe that men will go to Hell for rejecting Christ, and claimed that it is “not even what Jesus believes.” His comments have been met with outcry as blasphemy and false teaching from many who have viewed an online video clip of his remarks. Michael Walrond, Jr….

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String of Vandalism Cases Reported at Churches Nationwide   Mar 21, 2018 01:53 pm

Photo Credit: 11Alive TV/Screenshot A string of vandalism cases have been reported by churches nationwide this month, from Georgia and North Carolina to Texas and California. “Why?” asked William Yeoman, a trustee at Providence Missionary Baptist Church in Belville, North Carolina. “Did God do anything to you? Did we do anything to you?” Windows…

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Atheist Activist Group Wants to Stop Pastor From Offering Lunchtime Bible Study at School   Mar 17, 2018 12:45 pm

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Stanley WINTERSVILLE, Ohio — One of the nation’s most conspicuous atheist activist groups is seeking to stop an Ohio pastor from holding a voluntary lunchtime Bible study for students at a local middle school. The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) recently sent a letter to the superintendent of the Indian Creek…

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13-Year-Old Girl Dead After 9-Year-Old Brother Shoots Her Over Video Game, Sheriff Says   Mar 20, 2018 05:41 pm

TUPELO, Miss. (The Clarion Ledger) — A 13-year-old girl is dead in Monroe County after authorities say she was shot Saturday by her 9-year-old brother. Sheriff Cecil Cantrell said the girl would not give up a video game controller when her brother wanted it. Cantrell said she was shot in the back of the head with a .25 caliber handgun, and that the bullet went…

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76 Arrested in Multi-State Child Exploitation Sting Operation   Mar 19, 2018 01:08 pm

76 people have been arrested in a multi-state sting operation that focused on capturing those who engage in the sexual exploitation of minors, especially infants and toddlers. “While investigators regularly target the trading of all types of child pornography, in Operation Southern Impact II, investigators targeted those seeking out and distributing the most…

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Abortion Facility, Medical Waste Company Stericycle Investigated After Being Caught Meeting at Gas Station to Transfer ‘Infectious Waste’ for Disposal   Mar 23, 2018 03:04 pm

GREENVILLE, SC — An abortion facility in South Carolina and a branch of the nation’s largest medical waste company are under investigation after abortion facility representatives were captured on camera transporting “infectious waste” to a gas station, where they would meet up with their hauler, Stericycle, to transfer the boxes for disposal. The South Carolina…

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US Supreme Court Appears Skeptical of Law Requiring Calif. Pregnancy Centers to Provide Info on Govt. Abortion Programs   Mar 20, 2018 01:17 pm

WASHINGTON — Both conservative and liberal justices alike expressed skepticism on Tuesday over a law requiring pro-life pregnancy centers in California to provide information to clients regarding how they can take part in government programs that would allow them to obtain an abortion at little or no cost. The nine justices heard oral argument this morning in the…

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Kazakh Woman on Trial for Showing Another How to Download Bible Is Acquitted   Mar 18, 2018 09:31 am

Photo Credit: Wikipedia SHYMKENT, Kazakhstan (Radio Free Europe) — A court in Kazakhstan has acquitted a woman who was charged with illegal missionary activity after she showed another person how to download the Bible on a smartphone. The South Kazakhstan Regional Court, in the city of Shymkent, found Dilobarkhon Sultanova not guilty on March 13. Continue…

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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Trump Admin’s Expanded Religious Exemptions to Contraceptive Mandate   Mar 17, 2018 03:31 pm

BOSTON — A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the Trump administration that challenged its recent expansion of protections for religious employers who are opposed to the contraceptive mandate in Obamacare, also known as the “abortion pill mandate.” U.S. District Judge Nathaniel Gorton, appointed to the bench by then-President George H.W. Bush,…

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Christian Widow, Bereaved Father Show Reality Behind Herdsmen Attacks in Nigeria   Mar 19, 2018 03:42 pm

Chanka Amos MIANGO, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Crestfallen, the 48-year-old Christian, sat in his house in Miango, central Nigeria, where three of his children were killed a week before. “These series of attacks have been carried out against us Christians in this area for some time now by these armed herdsmen, and we don’t know precisely why they…

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