Combatting the Lies the World Believes

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It makes sense that the truth is the best defense against a lie.

But should that be the church’s strategy when combatting the lies of the world? Should we try to persuade and out-argue sinners bent in defiant rebellion against their Creator? Should we present rebuttals and counterpoints to sway the minds of those caught in the slavery of sin? Should we pin the hopes of another person’s eternity on our ability to present a better, more convincing argument?

We recently asked John MacArthur about the best strategy to combat Satan’s lies and penetrate the darkness with the light of God’s truth. Here’s what he had to say:

We need to be aware of the lies that permeate and corrupt this world, and the threat they present to those in the church. But we should not overestimate our own persuasive abilities when it comes to reviving dead hearts. There is no argument that can awaken the conscience or impart new spiritual life. There’s no speech that can soften the sinful heart of stone.

Throughout our recent series on the lies that dominate the world, we attempted to impart the tools and insight you will need to defend against these lies and their poisonous influence. But the power to truly defeat them lies solely in the gospel, and the work of the Holy Spirit to convict, illuminate, redeem, and transform.


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