All Glory to the Groom

Unfathomable Grace

Exactly who are we seeking to glorify? How good are we at serving friends without needing them or others to know that which we have done? Are we OK with anonymity or with people not noticing our love for God, our labors for man, and our contributions for God’s kingdom? Are we happy to take the second chair? Do we need the focus, limelight, or praise of people? Are we concerned about someone plagiarizing our material, using it for God’s glory, and then getting some credit for our work? Would we still do our ministry deeds if no one noticed? Do we ever love being incognito? Will we give money when no one knows what our right hand is doing? And when all our ministry works are said and done, do we find people making a big deal about us, or do we find them forgetting us out of fascination for…

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