Upright Men Walk Uprightly

Unfathomable Grace

donkeyWas yesterday a bad day? Did you scream and slap your child? Did pornography find its way to your tablet? How many crass words flowed from your lips? Was yesterday one more day where you failed to pray without ceasing? Were you an insubordinate employee? Did you cheat on an exam or fail to perform according to your contract?

Was last month a really bad month? Was your spiritual flame a bit low? Did you fail to lead properly? Did you look at a bathing woman and lust for her? Did you abuse your power and summon her to your residence? Did you use her and send her home? Did you dishonor one of your best friends who would give his life for you? Was your conscience dull? Did you seek to cover your sin and its consequences with cunning deception? When that didn’t work, did you resort to murder?…

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