Stay Thirsty (For Repentance) My Friends

Unfathomable Grace

I have good news for those of us who long to repent afresh this morning.

Like all men, we are horrible worshipers who defy God each and every hour.

Like all men, we deserve the full measure of his wrath. It is a wonder he keeps us around as long as he does. Our sins are odious to him. Every sinful breath we take is a tribute towards his long-suffering patience shown to his enemies.

Like all men, we persistently get a foretaste of his hatred for sin. His divine curse has already been pronounced upon our family tree; this happened immediately after the fall of our first parents. Since then, it has been seen and felt by each and every generation. Persistently, daily, God’s curse on sin is manifest in our souls, bodies, relationships, societies, and universe. Nothing remains pure and holy. Nothing is left unaffected. No one escapes. Everything…

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