He Always Finishes, He Always Rests

Unfathomable Grace

Before the beginning, before anything was made that has ever been made, God existed in perfect Trinitarian communion. We cannot really comprehend this truth, but we can receive and believe God’s testimony and revelation.

He then determined to create our present universe. He could have instantaneously imagined a perfect world into existence, but he chose not to do so. Instead, day by day, he spoke, formed, ordered, and filled. It was as if he was a General Contractor who dumped the necessary raw materials on sight and then went to work as a Master Craftsman. Day after day, at the close of each day, as progress was made, he reviewed his work and uttered forth his assessment, “It is good.”

Then came the sixth day. On this day, the Father, Son, and Spirit took counsel together. A conversation took place as they determined to construct man and woman…

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