When Your Leaders Are Your Enemies

It is important for readers to understand the genesis of China’s “miraculous” growth from a poor, backward Third World communist country up through the 1960s to the second most powerful country in the world in 2017 – in less than 50 years. It didn’t happen by accident – the “miracle” was made in America by the same global socialist Establishment that helped to finance the rise to power of Soviet Russia and the rise of the Nazi Third Reich. It was about money, power, setting the stage for major wars like WWI and II (and some day WWIII), and eventually ushering in their one-world government.

In the early 1970s, the Establishment in America (with leaders like the Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Bush family, and many more) came up with the “Convergence Theory,” which formulated the strategy for moving the world toward their one-world government (which Bush Sr. and Gorbachev later labeled as the New World Order). They concluded that it would be difficult to merge the nations of the world into one giant world government with one nation (America) more powerful than all the others put together. America had to be brought down and several other nations or blocs of nations raised up to approximate equality with the US.

How would they do this? They would reach out to, build up, modernize, industrialize, and finance the rise to power of the most populous nation in the world – China. Up until the early 1970s when Nixon and Kissinger went to the PRC and launched rapprochement with that backward communist giant, China was as much a pariah state as North Korea is today. But all of that was to change as the American Establishment began to pour hundreds of billions of dollars into the country to build infrastructure and thousands (and later tens of thousands) of factories.

The Establishment goals in their buildup of China were fourfold: 1. To build China into a superpower over three or four decades – a power that could rival America; 2. To intentionally transfer tens of millions of US factory jobs to China – thus greatly weakening America, dramatically downsizing the American middle class, and moving the world’s only superpower at that time down much closer to the other power blocs; 3. To weaken America’s heretofore massively overwhelming industrial power – which enabled us to rearm and go on to defeat the Axis powers during World War Two; and 4. To put hundreds of billions in profits into the pockets of Establishment insiders.

They have used this strategy of building up our competition (or enemies) with variations over the past hundred years. We have already alluded to their buildup of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. But another classic example of this globalist strategy is the “miraculous” rise of Islam (from Medieval obscurity) from 1979 right up through the present. The modern fundamentalist Islamic revolution (like the Chinese “miracle”) has stamped on its underside – Made in America.

(Excerpt from McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, September 2017)

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