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May 22: Motive Is Everything

1 Chronicles 11:1–47; 1 Timothy 6:3–10; Psalm 80:1–19

It’s not often that we take an honest look at our motivations. But it’s important to reevaluate them regularly. When our sight is not fixed on God, we might become entranced with goals that conflict with godliness. Even though we might initially be performing the right actions, our lives will start to reveal the motives of our hearts.

Paul addresses this issue within the Ephesian community, where some people were spreading conflict in order to further their own gain. And this wasn’t just a problem with the perpetrators. This “constant wrangling by people of depraved mind and deprived of the truth, who consider godliness to be a means of gain” was like poison, spreading envy and strife throughout the community (1 Tim 6:5).

To counteract this, Paul states that “godliness with contentment is a great means of gain” (1 Tim 6:5–6), but the gain he talks about is not success as we traditionally define it. Rather than financial riches, Paul presents the idea of complete contentment—of being satisfied with what we have and feeling secure in the life (both eternal and physical) with which God has blessed us (1 Tim 6:8).

This is not just a simple side issue. Paul states that “the love of money is a root of all evil” (1 Tim 6:10). When money becomes our guiding motivation, we’re very much tempted to be self-sufficient. Our motives become muddled, and we try to find our contentment in transient things. In contrast, when we’re completely satisfied in God, we won’t be tempted to conflicting motives.

Are your motives conflicted? How do you need to readjust your motives so that you desire godliness?

Rebecca Van Noord[1]

[1] Barry, J. D., & Kruyswijk, R. (2012). Connect the Testaments: A One-Year Daily Devotional with Bible Reading Plan. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

May 22 A Traitor Turns to Christ (Matthew)

The twelve apostles included “Matthew the tax-gatherer” (Matt. 10:3).


God can use you despite your sinful past.

I remember reading a notice in a local newspaper announcing the opening of a new evangelical church in our community. It gave the date and time of the first services, then added, “Our special guest star will be . . .” and named a popular Christian celebrity. In its attempt to appeal to unbelievers or simply draw a large crowd, the church today commonly uses that kind of approach.

Jesus, however, used a different approach. None of His disciples were famous at all. In fact, rather than drawing a favorable crowd, some of them might have repelled or even incited anger and hatred among His Jewish audience. Matthew was such a man because he was a despised tax-gatherer—one of many Jewish men employed by Rome to collect taxes from his own people. As such he was regarded as a traitor by his own countrymen.

The Roman tax system allowed tax collectors to keep anything they collected in excess of what was owed to Rome. That encouraged bribes, extortion, and other abuses.

To compound the issue, Matthew was among those who had the prerogative of taxing almost anything they wanted to tax—roads, bridges, harbors, axles, donkeys, packages, letters, imports, exports, merchandise, and so on. Such men could accumulate enormous wealth for themselves. You might remember another tax-gatherer named Zaccheus, who is described in Luke 19:2 as a wealthy man. His salvation was evidenced by his offer to repay those he had defrauded fourfold (v. 8).

Some people think God can’t use them because they’re not famous or because of their past sins. But God has used Matthew, Zaccheus, and millions of others like them. Concentrate on your present purity, and let God bless your ministry as He sees fit.


Suggestions for Prayer:  Thank God that he has made you a new person in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17). Minister in light of that reality!

For Further Study: Read Luke 19:1–10. ✧ Where was Zaccheus when Jesus first spoke to him? ✧ What was the reaction of the crowd when Jesus went to Zaccheus’ house? ✧ What prompted Jesus to say that salvation had come to Zaccheus?[1]

[1] MacArthur, J. F., Jr. (1993). Drawing Near—Daily Readings for a Deeper Faith (p. 155). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books.

VIDEO: Watch Alan Dershowitz Smackdown CNN Legal Analyst Over FBI Spying on Trump Campaign — The Gateway Pundit

Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz defended President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice demand while appearing on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday. Dershowitz faced off against CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin regarding the FBI spying on the Trump campaign. “I have to tell you, if this had happened to Hillary Clinton, the ACLU would be…

via VIDEO: Watch Alan Dershowitz Smackdown CNN Legal Analyst Over FBI Spying on Trump Campaign — The Gateway Pundit

What Does It Mean to Live in a Post-Truth World?: An Interview with Abdu Murray

by Jonathan Petersen

Increasingly, Western culture embraces confusion as a virtue and decries certainty as a sin. Those who are confused about sexuality and identity are viewed as heroes. Those who are confused about morality are progressive pioneers. Those who are confused about spirituality are praised as tolerant. Conversely, those who express certainty about any of these issues are seen as bigoted, oppressive, arrogant, or intolerant.

This cultural phenomenon led the compilers of the Oxford English Dictionary to name “post-truth” their word of the year in 2016. How can Christians offer truth and clarity to a world that shuns both?

Bible Gateway interviewed Abdu Murray (@AbduMurray) about his book, Saving Truth: Finding Meaning & Clarity in a Post-Truth World (Zondervan, 2018).

What have you observed that prompted you to write this book?

Abdu Murray: A few things got me concerned about the way Western culture is viewing the very ideas of truth and clarity. As I speak on university campuses across North America, I’m seeing how the questions students ask have shifted away from factual issues, like evidence for the resurrection, to social and cultural questions that focus on human ability to define reality. Questions about sexual, gender, and religious identity seem to dominate. I’m seeing this in my one-on-one conversations, too. What’s emerging isn’t a quest to find out the facts that might give credibility to the gospel, but a quest to see if the Christian message can actually compete with a secular view that humanity is the determiner of right, wrong, and a better society. In other words, what I began to see was that people have taken to the idea that humanity can replace God.

The second thing I noticed is that confusion has now morphed into a virtue. Those who are confused sexually are labeled heroes. Those who see morality as a fuzzy category are considered progressive. And those who are confused about religious claims—saying that all paths are equally valid roads to God—are considered “tolerant.” But those who are clear on these matters are not treated so charitably…


What Does It Mean to Live in a Post-Truth World?: An Interview with Abdu Murray

Gingrich: Most Sobering Political Scandal in American History

“Its inconceivable that President Obama could have had this many things going on and not known it,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Fox Newss Sean Hannity Monday night. Please support CNSNews today! (a 501c3 non-profit production of the Media Research Center) DONATE

Source: Gingrich: Most Sobering Political Scandal in American History

05/22/2018 — Wretched


•Voddie Bacham has no time for a sissified version of Jesus
•The majority of Christians don’t believe in evangelism
•Is your child your idol?
•Man-centered church and friendship evangelism
•Dan Steiner of Preborn dot org
•Planned Parenthood is still lying about mammograms and prenatal care
•The central role of coercion in abortion
•Training young men to be fathers is a pro-life task

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via 05/22/2018 — Wretched

“Holy Ghost Bartender,” Rodney Howard Browne, Appears on Info Wars — Pulpit & Pen

Rodney Howard Browne is the infamous “Holy Ghost Bartender,” the charismatic prophet who became famous by acting drunk under the supposed influence of the Holy Spirit and mesmerizing the crowd who would similarly act drunk and out of control. You can watch his drunkenness below.

I attended a Rodney Howard Browne event in Dickinson, North Dakota, in October of last year. Browne regaled the crowd with tales of false prophecy and vast conspiracy theories. He likened President Trump to the Messiah several times. After a solid hour of talking about the New World Order, I eventually interrupted the preachers and pointed out there hadn’t been any gospel (it turned out about like you would think).

In the meantime, Browne is out with a new book about the New World Order, and he went on Alex Jones’ Info Wars to shill the book. And that’s a whole lot of crazy in one place.

There was no Gospel whatsoever, but like the event in Dickinson, North Dakota with Browne, there was lots of conspiracy talk. You can watch below.

via “Holy Ghost Bartender,” Rodney Howard Browne, Appears on Info Wars — Pulpit & Pen

May 22, 2018 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


U.S. President Donald Trump signed into a law a congressional resolution overhauling a rule issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) that aimed to bar discrimination in auto lending, the White House said on Monday.

The contest for an open governor’s seat in Georgia could set up a Democratic bid to elect the first African-American female governor in the United States.

U.S. President Donald Trump is willing to walk away from an unprecedented summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un scheduled for next month, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said on Monday, after North Korea called into question the meeting last week.

At least nine were killed on Tuesday after police fired at protesters calling for the closure of a Vedanta Resources-controlled copper smelter in southern India.

Texas political leaders are considering installing airport-style security at public schools and screening students for mental health issues as alternatives to gun control to thwart a repeat of last week’s deadly shooting at a Houston-area high school.

Russia and Japan have warned they could retaliate against U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum by imposing sanctions worth almost $1 billion combined, filings published by the World Trade Organization showed on Tuesday.

The USS Milius, one of the U.S. Navy’s most advanced guided missile destroyers, arrived in Japan on Tuesday to reinforce defenses against any ballistic missile attacks by North Korea, or anyone else in East Asia.

A blast in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar on Tuesday caused dozens of casualties, officials said, as fighting across the country showed no sign of easing off during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

AP Top Stories

A teenager who started a major wildfire in the scenic Columbia River Gorge in Oregon has been ordered to pay restitution for at least the next decade, though it’s unlikely the boy will ever cover his nearly $37 million bill.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday presented a lengthy list of grievances against the Iranian government and vowed to forge a new, better nuclear agreement – but he offered few details on how the United States would accomplish that goal without support from European allies, Russia or China.

Molten lava from the erupting Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island crept onto a geothermal power plant site on Monday, as workers rushed to shut down the facility to prevent the uncontrollable release of toxic gases.

The Israeli military has used its newly acquired F-35 stealth fighters in combat, making it the world’s first to do so, the air force said Tuesday.

A suicide car bomber from Somalia’s Islamist group al Shabaab hit a military convoy outside Mogadishu on Tuesday, causing an unknown number of deaths.

The New York Stock Exchange is set to get its first female leader in its 226-year history. Stacey Cunningham, the NYSE’s chief operating officer, will become the Big Board’s 67th president. She will start her new role Friday.

Sears announced the company is shuttering the doors of at least 40 more stores in the coming months.

Former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama’s post-White House legacy will now include being media moguls, marking a new step in expanding their already influential cultural footprint. The Obamas will produce films and series for Netflix, the streaming service confirmed on Monday.


Salmon balls, tea lights and wet wipes. These are just some of the things Sweden has advised every household to stock up on in the case of war. Its government has sent leaflets to 4.7 million households explaining how to best prepare for various major crises. These include terror and cyber-attacks, natural disasters, serious accidents and military conflicts. Those who prepare improve “the ability of the country as a whole to cope with a major strain”, the booklet reads.

Denmark’s immigration minister has been widely rebuffed after she suggested Muslims should take time off work during Ramadan because of potential safety risks to the rest of society.

An Australian court has found Catholic archbishop, Philip Wilson, guilty of concealing child sexual abuse in the 1970s and becomes the most senior Catholic in the world to be charged and convicted of the offence. Wilson will be sentenced in June and faces a maximum two-year jail term.

A study of nearly half a million people in China suggests a daily egg may reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Belarus has slammed the UK embassy in Minsk for flying a rainbow flag on the International Day Against Homophobia, calling LGBT relationships “fake”. The Interior Ministry said the UK was challenging the country’s “traditional values”.

Human Rights Watch says the Egyptian army has greatly intensified the demolition of buildings and farms in North Sinai as part of its campaign against Islamist militants. The campaign group said satellite images showed that at least 3,000 homes and commercial premises had been destroyed since February, and hundreds of hectares of land rendered useless.


Government agencies, businesses and other organizations in Arizona plan to participate in an exercise to practice how the state would respond to a migration of 400,000 people following a catastrophic earthquake in Southern California.

The Boy Scouts have decided to accept people who identify as gay and lesbian among their ranks. And girls are welcome now, too, into the iconic organization, which has renamed itself Scouts BSA. A mandate that condoms be made available to “all participants” of its global gathering.

The Briefing — Tuesday, May 22, 2018

1) With a wink and a nod, Pope Francis’ reported comments signal new level of acceptance of homosexuality

2) How are evangelical Christian to think about homosexuality and sexual orientation?

3) Why an unborn child shouldn’t be recognized as an unborn child only when that unborn child is wanted by his or her parents

New York Times (Ashley Southall) –
Actress Struck by Car in Park Slope Loses Unborn Daughter

News – 5/22/2018

Second special counsel needed because DOJ can’t ‘investigate themselves’

Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., argued Monday that a second special counsel will ultimately be needed to examine why the Justice Department launched its investigation into President Trump, because the department has shown it can’t investigate itself. “I don’t think that the Justice Department’s going to be able to investigate themselves,” DeSantis said on Fox News. “I think that they’ve resisted our inquiries here in Congress for long enough, and so it’s time that we did have a special counsel.”

‘Religious lingo’ a misguided effort to erode Trump’s evangelical base

A number of Never-Trump “progressive evangelicals” have banded together and released a document they hope will draw evangelicals away from the president. “I pray that people will not be misled by the religious lingo sprinkled throughout this document and [by] the either accidentally or intentionally crafted logical fallacies that permeate this very unsettling tome called Reclaiming Jesus,”

Iran Launched 32 Missiles at Israel in May: Israel Air Force Commander

“Iran launched 32 missiles and we intercepted 4 of them and the rest fell outside Israeli territory,” Norkin said on Tuesday, at an Israel Air Force senior Conference in the coastal city of Herzilya.

New explosive eruption at Kilauea summit, ash plume could affect surrounding areas

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that an explosive eruption at Kilauea summit has occurred at 5:51 p.m. Monday. The resulting ash plume may affect surrounding areas. Scientists also say eruptive lava activity at multiple fissures continues with one flow entering the ocean.

Another ‘informant’ attempted to infiltrate Trump campaign under Obama, campaign aide says

“Let me tell you something that I know for a fact,” Caputo told host Laura Ingraham. “This informant, this person that they tried to plant into the campaign — and even into the administration, if you believe Axios — he’s not the only person who came at the campaign. And the FBI is not the only Obama agency who came at the campaign. “I know because they came at me,” Caputo added. “And I’m looking for clearance from my attorney to reveal this to the public. This is just the beginning.”

Syrian army, police celebrate recapturing all of Damascus

Syrian government forces raised their flag over the Yarmouk Palestinian camp in Damascus on Tuesday as state media promoted what it said was the “liberation” of the last quarters of the capital from rebels and Islamic State group militants.

Senior IAF officer says Israel keeps disrupting Iranian activity in Syria

After the Air Force commander reveals Israel was first country in the world to use F-35 stealth fighter jet in Middle East attacks, a senior officer says Israel maintaining its freedom of action in Syria even after the May 10 strikes.

FBI reviewing claims against ‘head-twisting’ abortionist

Allegations against a Texas abortionist by former employees that he killed infants who survived abortion by “slashing or twisting their necks” are being reviewed by the FBI, says a new report.

Trump Meeting With Rosenstein, Wray On Spying Concludes: Congress To See All “Highly Classified” Information

the White House issued a statement according to which the DOJ said it has asked the inspector general to “expand its current investigation to include any irregularities with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s or the Department of Justice’s tactics concerning the Trump Campaign” and adds that “White House Chief of Staff Kelly will immediately set up a meeting with the FBI, DOJ, and DNI together with Congressional Leaders to review highly classified and other information they have requested.” Translated: a lot of dirty laundry is about to become public.

F-35 stealth fighter sees first combat, in Israeli operation

The US-made F-35 stealth fighter has seen its first ever combat action, flying in an operation for the Israeli air force. The air force chief showed an image of jets over Beirut, Lebanon, and said the planes had “already attacked twice on two different fronts”. Israel recently carried out scores of air strikes in Syria.

Palestinian Authority takes Israel to task at ICC over alleged war crimes

Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki met with International Criminal Court Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda at The Hague on Tuesday and said that further delay to decide on the alleged war crimes issues would allow Israel impunity. Maliki and the PA are accusing Israeli soldiers and officials of war crimes relating to the IDF’s killing of over 100 Palestinians on the Gaza border during…the last six weeks.

Australian archbishop Philip Wilson guilty of concealing child sex abuses

An Australian court has found a Catholic archbishop guilty of concealing child sexual abuse in the 1970s. Philip Wilson, now archbishop of Adelaide, becomes the most senior Catholic in the world to be charged and convicted of the offence. He was found to have covered up the abuse of altar boys by a paedophile priest colleague in New South Wales.

North Korea summit: Pence warns Kim Jong-un not to ‘play’ Trump

US Vice-President Mike Pence has warned North Korea’s Kim Jong-un not to “play” President Donald Trump if they meet next month. Mr Pence said in a Fox News interview that such a move would be a “great mistake” by the North Korean leader. He also said there was “no question” that Mr Trump could walk away from the 12 June summit.

China Celebrates Social Credit System Blocking People from over 11 Million Flights

China’s state-run Global Times newspaper reported on Monday that over 11.14 million instances of individuals not being able to board flights – and 4.25 million similar incidents on trains – had occurred “by the end of April.”…China has not yet made clear how the numerical system works or where the cut-off score is to be prevented from flying or riding trains.

Canada granting refugee status to fewer illegal border crossers

Canada is rejecting more refugee claims from people who crossed the border illegally as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government seeks to dissuade, block and turn back thousands more, according to new data obtained by Reuters. Forty percent of such border crossers whose claims were finalized in the first three months of this year were granted refugee status, down from 53 percent for all of 2017…

Russia and Japan warn U.S. of $1 billion in tariff retaliation

Russia and Japan have warned they could retaliate against U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum by imposing sanctions worth almost $1 billion combined, filings published by the World Trade Organization showed on Tuesday. The documents from Russia and Japan, following similar filings last week by the European Union and China, notified the United States of the cost of its tariff plan, based on 2017 exports.

After 7 years, Syrian government declares Damascus back under its full control

Syria’s military on Monday captured an enclave in southern Damascus from Islamic State militants following a ruinous monthlong battle, bringing the entire capital and its far-flung suburbs under full government control for the first time since the civil war began in 2011.

Sweden distributes ‘be prepared for war’ leaflet to all 4.8m homes

The Swedish government has begun sending all 4.8m of the country’s households a public information leaflet telling the population, for the first time in more than half a century, what to do in the event of a war.

Israeli Startup Says It Is First to Copy Spider’s Silk Spinning Process

As territorial and cannibalistic creatures, Spiders have defied our attempts to domesticate them for the purpose of harvesting their silk. But because a strand of spider silk is as much as six times stronger than steel and five times lighter, scientists have long searched for ways to replicate or mimic the production of this natural protein fiber.

Russian warships armed with Kalibr cruise missiles will soon be positioned off the shores of Israel – is this a message to Israel and the west

Light was shed on Wednesday, May 16, on Russia’s mysterious intentions after its puzzling non-interference in the Israeli-Iranian clashes in Syria.

FBI reviewing claims against ‘head-twisting’ abortionist

Allegations against a Texas abortionist by former employees that he killed infants who survived abortion by “slashing or twisting their necks” are being reviewed by the FBI, says a new report.

ENEMIES OF ISRAEL: Erdogan, Pope Form Unholy, Anti-Trump Alliance to Control Jerusalem

A meeting on Monday between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Pope Francis may have grave implications for Jerusalem as both leaders appear to be building an agenda based upon their joint opposition to US President Donald Trump’s recognition of the city as Israel’s capital.

The majority of European politicians are traitors, says intelligence analyst

…“They lost their identity. If someone declares himself a Christian in Western Europe, he does it shamefacedly, or is even afraid to admit it. So it started with some very serious brainwashing; multiple generations have been raised by such logic.”

ISRAEL STRIKES: Iranian electronic warfare facility blown up south of Damascus, second explosion in 4 days

Powerful explosions were reported early Monday, May 21, in the Naijah area south of Damascus. A Syrian military academy situated there serves as an Iranian/Hezbollah intelligence war room and an Iranian electronic warfare facility.

Obama, Clinton Pastors and US Bishop Who ‘Stole Show’ at Royal Wedding Set to March on White House to ‘Reclaim Jesus’ from Pres. Trump; ‘America First is Heresy Against Christ’

A theological who’s who of Leftist Christian leaders are organizing a march on the White House to ‘Reclaim Jesus’ from President Donald Trump that is set for the evening of May 24. One of the leaders of the anti-Trump march is Rev. Michael Bruce Curry who ‘stole the show‘ with his lengthy sermon at the British royal wedding on Saturday between Prince Harry and American Meghan Markle. Three march organizers were spiritual advisors to President Barack Obama while one counseled President Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal and later endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2016.

Starbucks employees, customers express concern over new policy: ‘I can’t see how this will work’

…Someone claiming to be an employee who works at a store in the loop in Chicago said they hate the new policy because the store bathrooms have turned into a hub for drug activity. “We haven’t been allowed to change our bathroom codes since April. So almost all the junkies and homeless people know the code now. About once a week we find needles, drug baggies, blood all over the toilet or walls,” the user wrote.

Condoms required at Scouts’ 24th World Jamboree

The Boy Scouts have decided to accept people who identify as gay and lesbian among their ranks. And girls are welcome now, too, into the iconic organization, which has renamed itself Scouts BSA. So what’s next? A mandate that condoms be made available to “all participants” of its global gathering.

The latest in the Left’s culture wars: Disturbing Canadian poster subtly promotes pedophilia – after all, love knows no age

…It’s the “no age” part that’s particularly disturbing, as Mrs. Maciel had her students draw a picture of an adult-age “Barney” dinosaur alongside a youth-age”Tweety” bird cartoon character. The implication, of course, is that “love” is perfectly fine between an adult and a child – and no, this isn’t talking about normal love.

Swedish police warn lots of rapes will happen this summer and advise women not to go out late

After two rape attempts in Östersund this weekend, the police urged women not to go out late. They also issued a warning that “much like this” will happen this summer, Fria Tiderreports.

Mid-Day Snapshot

Boycott Schools Over Lack of Anti-Gun Legislation?

Once again, Democrats ignore the facts to play off emotional irrationality.

Trump’s Not Messing Around With MS-13 ‘Animals’

He issued a statement titled “What You Need To Know About The Violent Animals Of MS-13.”

Yes, a Drop in Global Temperatures, But…

The last two years saw a decline, but that’s typical for La Niña cycles and temps are still higher overall.

SCOTUS: Contracts Mean What They Say

The Left-Right divide on the Court was once again the theme of a case that shouldn’t have been hard.

Pompeo Announces New Hardline Against Iran

The secretary of state’s warning message for Iran is ultimately aimed at Europe.

Tuesday Short Cuts

“We’ve seen that the less [Mueller and his team] come up with, the more they investigate instead of the opposite.” —Mark Penn

Tuesday Opinion

Read Dennis Prager, Tony Perkins, James Shott, E. Calvin Beisner, Jeff Jacoby and more.

Tuesday Top Headlines

China cuts tariffs, Congress to check FBI, Obama’s Netflix, “prank” mass shooting, and more.

Today’s Meme

Today’s Cartoon

The Foundation

“Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom.” —John Adams (1787)

Headlines – 5/22/2018

‘Trump peace deal to make Jerusalem suburb Palestinian capital’

Lapid challenges Netanyahu: Would you accept Abu Dis as capital of Palestine?

Flashback: Saudi offers Abu Dis as future capital of Palestine stirring widespread anger

Majority of Americans don’t believe Trump can get Mideast peace deal, poll says

As health worsens, Israeli intelligence sees the beginning of the end of Abbas’ rule

Abbas said suffering from pneumonia, but now on his feet, condition improving

Abbas to stay in hospital at least another night

Palestinians urge Arabs to sever ties with countries that moved embassies

Palestinians: Opening of Paraguay Embassy in J’lem is fulfilling Israeli, US dictates

Paraguay officially moves embassy to Jerusalem: ‘We have no better friend,’ Netanyahu says

Palestinian crowd pelts US diplomats with eggs in West Bank

US envoy accuses ‘liberal media’ of ‘glorifying’ Hamas terrorists

IDF spokesman says world ‘fell for Hamas lies’ in Gaza

Israel rebukes Spanish, Slovenian envoys for backing UN Gaza probe

5 rare Jewish coins discovered by Temple Mount project

MK pushes Israel to recognize Kurdistan as an independent state

Israeli Lawmakers Told 22,000 Jobs Could Be Lost Under New U.S. Military Aid Package

Israel lawmakers hope Trump could ease made-in-USA rules for military aid

Even hawks are wary of new law that lets PM, defense minister declare war

Netanyahu hails tough new US strategy on Iran as ‘the right policy’

Senior UAE official says US taking right approach on Iran

Pentagon threatens ‘new measures’ to confront Iran

Mike Pompeo Promises To ‘Crush’ Iran And Achieve A Better Deal

US vows ‘strongest sanctions in history’ on Iran, will ‘crush’ terror proxies

Iran’s leaders blast US ‘sham’ diplomacy on renewal of sanctions

Pompeo demands Iran withdraw forces from Syria, end support for Hezbollah and Hamas

Iran: ‘No one will take us out of Syria, we will remain there so long as it needs help’

Iran Goes Against Russia, Says It’s Staying in Syria as U.S. Military Threatens ‘New Actions’

‘We expect regime will come to its senses’: Full text of Pompeo on Iran strategy

Pompeo lays out 12 requirements for signing new nuclear deal with Iran

Rejecting Pompeo, Iran says US cannot make demands for new nuke deal

Rouhani on Pompeo: We do not accept that a spy chief decides for others

Iran’s Zarif tweets that US is repeating mistakes on Iran

Iran says US trying to divert attention from its violation of nuclear deal

Iran responds to US: we don’t need your permission to fulfill our regional role

UAE Minister of State: US strategy demands a change in Iran’s agenda

Netanyahu: ‘We call on all countries to follow US’s lead against Iran’

‘No alternative’ to Iran deal, EU’s Mogherini tells US

How Pompeo’s Plan For Iran May Further Alienate U.S. From Its European Allies

Nation’s defense firms to lose over $1b. annually with U.S. aid deal

As ISIS targets disappear in Iraq and Syria, US military shifts focus back to Afghanistan

Syria war: Army takes full control of Damascus after ousting IS

After 7 years, Syrian government declares Damascus back under its full control

Palestinian camp Yarmouk, back in Assad hands, gutted by years of war

Russia Says Syria Rejects New Constitution Diluting Assad Powers

Russia shoots down ‘unidentified drone’ near air base in Syria

At rally in Bosnia, Erdogan flexes his muscles as strongman of the Muslim world

Turkey sentences 104 people to life in prison in post-coup case

Saudi Arabia strongly condemns attack on church in Russia’s Chechnya republic

North Korean Hackers Spying on Defectors Using Facebook to Spread Android Malware

The Korean Peninsula: Peaceful Change or Back to Square One?

With N. Korea summit on shaky ground, Trump to press S. Korean leader

Trump aides growing skeptical of Kim summit as South Korea’s President visits

Russia’s first sea-borne nuclear power plant dubbed the ‘nuclear Titanic’ arrives in the Arctic

Sweden distributes ‘be prepared for war’ leaflet to all 4.8m homes

Oil rallies to multi-year highs on Venezuela worries

After Venezuela Strongman’s Victory, Isolated Nation Faces Growing Chaos

Trump administration slams Venezuela’s election as a “sham”

Trump unleashes new political earthquake with FBI spy charge

China launches unprecedented moon mission with Saudi technology

Asteroid is first known ‘permanent resident’ from outside our solar system

Storage capacity for radioactive water at Fukushima power plant nears limit

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Inarajan Village, Guam

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Panguna, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Esso, Russia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Inarajan Village, Guam

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Bitung, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 15,000ft

Cyclone Sagar kills 16, displaces thousands in Middle East, East Africa

Is that trouble brewing in the Gulf of Mexico? It’s not even hurricane season yet

Update: Memorial Day weekend Gulf storm? Too early to say, but something to watch

8 months after Hurricane Maria, the death toll in Puerto Rico remains a mystery

Robots grow mini-organs from human stem cells

Soldiers may soon have implantable health monitors and robotic surgeries done remotely

Nipah virus kills at least three in India, sparks alert

Vaccination method that wiped out smallpox gets unleashed today on Ebola

China Considers Ending Birth Limits as Soon as This Year

Jimmy Carter Condemns Sex-Selective Abortion, Killing at Birth of 160 Million Girls, in Liberty U Address

Former Gays, Lesbians Blast Calif. for Regarding Them as ‘Frauds’ With Pending Therapy Ban

LGBT community cheers pope’s ‘God made you like this’ remark

Vatican announces sainthood for Pope Paul VI who made history with Israel visit and reached out to Jews

On heightened alert after Santa Fe, districts report gun incidents at several schools

Lawmakers return to Washington amid calls for gun control

GOP senators point to school safety, mental health – and not gun control – for Santa Fe response

Unnecessary and accidental use of ADHD drugs increases over 60%, study suggests

Schumer: Deadly ‘super pills’ are making opioid epidemic even worse

ApostasyWatch Daily News

Darrell B. Harrison – The Misleading Language of the Social Justice Movement

Ex-Faith Healer Mark Haville Explains the Tricks of the Fake Faith Healing Trade

Are there codes in the Bible?

WOFF congregants to appear in court Friday

77 Million Square Feet Of Retail Space And Counting – America’s Retail Apocalypse Is Spiraling Out Of Control In 2018

Posted: 22 May 2018 10:30 AM PDT

77 Million Square Feet Of Retail Space And Counting – America’s Retail Apocalypse Is Spiraling Out Of Control In 2018(By Michael Snyder) In 2017 we absolutely shattered the all-time record for retail store closings in a single year, and this year it looks like we are going to shatter the record once again. In fact, there are some that are projecting that up to 9,000 retail stores could close by the time that we get to the end of this calendar year. Already, the amount of retail space that has shut down is simply jaw-dropping. If you total up all of the retail store closings that have been announced so far in 2018, it accounts for 77 million square feet of retail space.

Let that number sink in for a bit. Many shopping centers and strip malls around the country already have a post-apocalyptic feel to them, and more “space available” signs are going up with each passing day. And in case you are tempted to think that I am making this figure up, here it is straight from Bloomberg… At last count, U.S. store closures announced this year reached a staggering 77 million square feet, according to data on national and regional chains compiled by CoStar Group Inc. That means retailers are well on their way to surpassing the record 105 million square feet announced for closure in all of 2017. READ MORE

DEVELOPING: Growing sinkhole opening up on White House lawn.

Posted: 22 May 2018 10:23 AM PDT

DEVELOPING: Growing sinkhole opening up on White House lawn.Construction on the US White House began in 1792. It has been almost continuously occupied by US presidents since 1800, barring a few years after the British set it on fire in 1814.  But that doesn’t mean that the present-day building is free of hazards—there are mice, cockroaches, and ants. And as of this past weekend, a sinkhole has been growing on the north lawn, Voice of America reporter Steve Herman observed, just near the press briefing room.

Often described as a “swamp” of corruption, parts of the city of Washington, DC, are also literally built on a swamp. The city’s geological issues also include “forebulge collapse,” a post-Ice Age condition that means the city could sink as much as six inches this century.  Sinkholes have opened up across the city in recent years. They forced two residents to abandon their homes in March, and swallowed up a school bus last year. This is the first report of one on the White House lawn.  Last year, a giant hole opened in the earth in front of Donald Trump’s Florida resort, but that was due to a new water main, not a geological condition. READ MORE

Evacuations ordered in Indonesia following Merapi volcano alert level being raised

Posted: 22 May 2018 07:15 AM PDT

Evacuations ordered in Indonesia following Merapi volcano alert level being raisedFollowing four new explosions at Indonesia’s Merapi volcano on May 20 and 21, 2018, authorities have raised the alert level for the volcano from Alert Level 1 to 2 at 23:00 UTC on May 21, 2018. All residents living within 3 km (2 miles) are ordered to evacuate.  The eruptions took place after a major eruption on May 11, 2018 sent ash up to 15 km (50 000 feet) above sea level. The previous eruptive phase of this volcano lasted from March 9 to April 20, 2014. It had Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) of 3.

According to Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman for the national disaster mitigation agency, some 600 people living within the exclusion zone of 3 km (2 miles) have evacuated since early Tuesday (local time), May 22.  There have been no reports of casualties and operations at Adi Sucipto airport in Yogyakarta have not been affected, Nugroho said, adding that climbing on Merapi is now prohibited and only disaster agency personel or related researchers should enter the restricted area. READ MORE

Christians in Nepal Suspect Hindu Extremists in Sudden Attacks on Churches

Posted: 22 May 2018 07:12 AM PDT

Christians in Nepal Suspect Hindu Extremists in Sudden Attacks on ChurchesChristians in Nepal are alarmed after this month’s sudden series of arson and bomb attacks on four church buildings, and church leaders suspect authorities are lax in investigating.  At the same time, six Christians were arrested for evangelizing while suspected Hindu extremists launched attacks on three church buildings and bombed another. The attacks caused extensive property damage but no casualties.

The Hebron Church building in the eastern hilly region was set on fire on May 9, Emmanuel Church’s building in western Nepal’s Doti District was burned on May 10, and the Kanchanpur Emmanuel Church building in the midwest hilly region was set ablaze on May 11. Before midnight on May 12, the Mahima Church building in Dhangadhi, in western Nepal, was bombed.  READ MORE

3 Power-Packed Scriptures to Pray Over Your Kids and Grandkids

Posted: 22 May 2018 07:04 AM PDT

3 Power-Packed Scriptures to Pray Over Your Kids and Grandkids(By Becky Harling) Whether they are toddlers, teens or adults, your kids need prayer.  You may not have kids, but you might have nieces, nephews or friends’ kids who desperately need prayer. Or you might have “spiritual children” you have mentored. Are you willing to take time to cover them in prayer? One of the best practices you can cultivate in your prayer life is the power of praying Scripture.

When you pray God’s Word over those you love, you have an instant guarantee that you are praying in His will. As you faithfully claim Scripture over the lives of those you love, you’ll see God work miracles. To help you get started in this practice, I’ve chosen three passages I love to pray over my kids and grandkids. I know you’ll have more ideas, so I’d love to hear from you: CONTINUE

How Israel Is Fulfilling Gen. 12:3 Before Our Eyes

Posted: 22 May 2018 07:00 AM PDT

How Israel Is Fulfilling Gen. 12:3 Before Our EyesIsrael leads the world in technological advances that make the world a better place.  From a device called the “Nano Artificial Nose,” which sniffs out cancer, to technology that gives sight to the blind and a contraption called the “ReWalk” exoskeleton that allows paraplegics to walk again, Israel leads the world in medical innovation. Every day, millions around the world use some kind of medical

treatment that came from Israel. Israeli entrepreneurs and scientists are also pioneers in agriculture and invented techniques that allowed the tiny nation to turn rocky desert landscapes into lush orchards and mosquito-infested swamps into citrus groves. And Israel has exported those techniques to the rest of the world. READ MORE

Strange asteroid becomes first known ‘permanent resident’ from outside our solar system

Posted: 22 May 2018 06:54 AM PDT

Strange asteroid becomes first known ‘permanent resident’ from outside our solar systemHey bub, you’re going the wrong way.  The solar system’s first known “resident” that came from interstellar space — an asteroid orbiting backward around Jupiter — has been discovered, scientists announced Monday.  “How the asteroid came to move in this way while sharing Jupiter’s orbit has until now been a mystery,” said Fathi Namouni,

lead author of the new study and a scientist at the University of Cote d’Azur in Nice, France.  The planets and most other objects in our solar system travel around the sun in the same direction. This asteroid is different — moving in the opposite direction in “retrograde” orbit.  The asteroid has the inelegant name of 2015 BZ509, indicating the year of its discovery. READ MORE

Arizona prepares for mass exodus of Californians in event of catastrophic earthquake

Posted: 22 May 2018 06:49 AM PDT

Arizona prepares for mass exodus of Californians in event of catastrophic earthquakeThe state of Arizona started a full-scale, three-and-a-half-day-long exercise Monday to prepare for a mass exodus of Californians in the event of a catastrophic earthquake.  Beginning at 1 p.m., more than 1,000 participants from government agencies, volunteer organizations, and the private sector will play out the scenario of a major earthquake rattling Southern California, triggering a mass migration of

400,000 evacuees to Arizona. “We’re looking at what are we doing for mass shelter and what might we have to do to feed all these people,” says Judy Kioski, a spokesperson for the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA).  Kioski says another important issue to explore is ” family reunification.” “If it was a massive earthquake, maybe there are people who left and who can’t get in touch with their relatives and they’ve come this way due to road closures,” Kioski says. READ MORE

‘The Simpsons’ Mocks Christianity Calling It A ‘Dopey Religion’

Posted: 22 May 2018 06:37 AM PDT

‘The Simpsons’ Mocks Christianity Calling It A ‘Dopey Religion’In it’s latest mockery of religion, The Simpsons TV show makes a quick jab at Christianity when one of the characters calls it ‘dopey.’  Bart Simpson is struck by lightning in the episode and experiences nightmares that he has died and is being haunted by ghosts.  During the episode, Bart decorates his

tree house in crucifixes to ward off spirits, even though he isn’t a Christian.  Meanwhile, the character of Millhouse, who is a Christian, gets excited when he sees it and asks, “What’s going on, Bart? Are you into God now? I always was. Look at those abs. The secret is less loaves, more fishes.”  Bart then replies, “I don’t believe in some dopey religion. This is to keep out ghosts.” READ MORE

Why you need the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”

Posted: 22 May 2018 06:34 AM PDT

Why you need the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”In this message, we will show you why Jesus commanded the disciples to wait for the Promise of the Father on the day of Pentecost and how this same Baptism is readily available to believers today to empower them to fulfill the Great Commision.

Robots now capable of growing human organs

Posted: 21 May 2018 02:58 PM PDT

Robots now capable of growing human organsIs there anything robots can’t do? They can perform our jobs, get periods and now . . . grow human organs.  Scientists at the University of Washington School of Medicine have developed an automated system that uses robots to produce human mini-organs from stem cells. According to Science Daily, the ability to mass produce “organoids” promises to expand the use of mini-organs in basic research

and drug discovery. “This is a new ‘secret weapon’ in our fight against disease,” the university’s Benjamin Freedman tells Science Daily. Before, scientists would grow cells for biomedical research by culturing them into flat sheets. But these were too simplistic to truly mimic the ways true cells behaved. More recently, researchers have had some success growing these cells into more complex, and three-dimensional, structures called mini-organs. READ MORE

‘Purge Against Christians’ Underway in China as Persecution Ramps Up

Posted: 21 May 2018 02:49 PM PDT

‘Purge Against Christians’ Underway in China as Persecution Ramps UpIt feels like every day we are hearing more news about China increasing persecution on the Christian community.  Abuses are escalating to unprecedented levels as we’re seeing a full out “purge against Christians” in the Zhejiang province in Eastern China perpetrated by the government, according to organizations monitoring the situation on the ground. ChinaAid, a watchdog group, stated that local

governments are stepping up and taking charge of the persecution and outlaw of Christianity.  The government has banned all kinds of religious meetings, meaning no church services, no Bible studies, and no prayer meetings. Not only are they banning religious events but they are calling for people to renounce their faith, particularly in Jesus Christ.  READ MORE

Vegas shooting victim experiences Heaven during tragedy

Posted: 21 May 2018 02:44 PM PDT

Vegas shooting victim experiences Heaven during tragedyOne of the first people shot during the Las Vegas shooting massacre has reunited with the retired firefighter who saved her.  Las Vegas resident Rosemarie Melanson wouldn’t be alive today had it not been for her the “guardian angel” who got her to safety on October 1 when a gunman opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest music festival from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.  Melanson – a

mother of four — was attending the country music festival with two of her daughters. The tickets were a Mother’s Day gift from her eldest daughter, Stephanie Melanson.  The trio were having a great time at the concert, evident by selfies taken before the shots rang out. “I pulled them by the hand and we went all the way up to the front,” Melanson told CNN. “We were like kids in a candy store. I mean, just so excited.”  READ MORE

LGBT community cheers pope’s ‘God made you like this’ remark

Posted: 21 May 2018 11:16 AM PDT

LGBT community cheers pope’s ‘God made you like this’ remarkPope Francis’ reported comments to a gay man that “God made you like this” have been embraced by the LGBT community as another sign of Francis’ desire to make gay people feel welcomed and loved in the Catholic Church.  Juan Carlos Cruz, the main whistleblower in Chile’s clerical sex abuse and cover-

up scandal, said Monday he spoke to Francis about his homosexuality during their recent meetings at the Vatican. The pope invited Cruz and other victims of a Chilean predator priest to discuss their cases last month.  Cruz said he told Francis how Chile’s bishops used his sexual orientation as a weapon to try to discredit him, and of the pain the personal attacks had caused him. READ MORE

PROPHECY WATCH: Macron wants to build French-led new world order – but no-one is listening

Posted: 21 May 2018 11:10 AM PDT

PROPHECY WATCH: Macron wants to build French-led new world order – but no-one is listeningEmmanuel Macron has been a busy man. While he has a unique vision for France’s global role, his vision is falling on deaf ears.  At the end of April, French President Macron received a standing ovation from the US Congress. At around the same time, he also had a phone call with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani who informed Macron the Iranian nuclear deal was “not negotiable.” Approximately

one week prior, he received similar treatment from the European Parliament as he did in Washington. Then, he went to Australia and the wider Pacific region, to try his hand at building a new Pacific relationship aimed at confronting China’s expanding influence. But what has he achieved in doing so? And why is it that, despite all of his attempts to build a close relationship with the United States, France and America’s relationship is actually at an all-time low?  READ MORE

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