The Cost of Fear

Unfathomable Grace

Church leaders, must we be in total control? Do we FEAR what might happen if we were to let go of our authoritarian, top-down, manipulative, and managerial control and instead influenced those on our ministerial teams with a much looser grasp? Well my friends, our FEAR comes with a great cost.

Our FEAR causes us to recruit more order-taking managers instead of building visionary-dreaming leaders. This works well for a time as our “employees” do what we desire, but the benefits are very short-lived.

Our FEAR causes us to rob any current visionary leaders of their opportunities to dream and then run free and fast. It stifles their creativity and competence and limits their ability to be Spirit-led and responsive.

Our FEAR causes us to lose a second and third generation of leaders. Because we have turned any current leaders into managers, these individuals no longer have confidence to build…

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