Catholicism is a Cult: But Satan’s Church of Rome is Presented to the World As Christianity

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

My husband and I no longer watch Fox News.  Though we did watch Fox for many years, the shakeup of sex scandals, coupled with new ownership rendered this station “unwatchable” for us.

But even during the years that we were able to tolerate Fox News, whenever they spoke on Christian matters, did you notice that they invariably brought in their resident “Catholic priest” Jonathan Morris?

In essence, the powers that be at Fox News have always considered Catholicism as a representation of true Christianity.  How devilish!

Also, have you noticed that when Fox did bring a pastor from an Evangelical church onto the program, most of the time the pastor would be ridiculed for their “homophobic” and “Islamophobic” views.  TRUTH is definitely labeled as Hate Speech in these last days.

Satan Approached me using a Catholic right after I was born again

After I was born-again from above in 1983…

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