June 7 Thursday: The Rock That Is Higher Than I

By James Boice on Jun 07, 2018 12:00 am

In verses 6 and 7 the psalmist apparently ceases to pray for himself and prays instead that God will “increase the days of the king’s life, his years for many generations,” that he will be “enthroned in God’s presence forever” and that God will appoint his “love and faithfulness to protect him.” At first glance, it seems that another hand has added these words, perhaps at a later date, and that is the way many commentators have understood them. Yet it can also be argued that David is writing about himself as king, merely switching to the third from the first person for stylistic effect. The last verse seems to imply this since it returns to the first person, promising that the speaker will praise God if the earlier petition is answered. David could do that if God prolonged his reign for generations.

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