06/13/18 The Days of Your Youth

READING: Ecclesiastes 7-12

“Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come. . . .”

Ecclesiastes 12:1

I tell folks that we become walking evidences of the fall as we age. We think little about the aging process when we’re young, most assuredly because we see only a strong future in front of us. We look forward to positive things of aging – we will start driving, we’ll finish college degrees, we’ll get married, we’ll have kids, we’ll have a good career, etc. . . .  All is good as we mature as human beings and have families of our own.

But then something happens. It’s almost imperceptible, but it happens. As the writer of Ecclesiastes describes it, we begin the process of decline. Our limbs (the “keepers of the house”—Ecc. 12:3) begin to tremble. Our muscles in the back and legs weaken (“the strong men are bent”—Ecc. 12:3). Our teeth (“grinders”—Ecc. 12:3) become fewer, and our eyes lose their power (“those who look through the window are dimmed”—Ecc. 12:3). Our ears seemingly close, and fears increase. All in all, it makes sense why it is best to start serving the Lord at a younger age.

That is not to say that those with graying hair bring nothing to the table; in fact, the wisdom of the aged is often celebrated in the scriptures. Rather, it is simply an honest recognition of the value of serving the Lord in the days of our youth. I became a Christian at the age of 13, which means that I’ve now had the privilege of serving Him for more than 40 years. I love learning more and more about Him today, but I’m deeply grateful that I was privileged to meet Him in my youth. I’m certain my early conversion has saved me from some heartaches over the years.


• If you became a believer at a young age, thank God.

• Pray by name for a young person today.

PRAYER: “Father, thank You for drawing me to You in my young age. Help me lead other young people to follow You.”

TOMORROW’S READING: 1 Kings 10-11, 2 Chronicles 9, Proverbs 30-31

Source: 06/13/18 The Days of Your Youth

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