The Leftwing Liberal Media is Seriously Making You Stupid

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

“Did she say stupid?   Uh…….YES she did.

Definition of “Stupid”



Having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.

Ever since November of 2016, ALL I hear from the Liberal is HATE-filled garbage about Donald Trump.  They call him a fascist.  The call him a nazi. They call him crazy.
And ever since November of 2016, the headline news on Leftist media is all about Russia, Russia and more Russia; and the deeper they dig into their fantasies, the more people are getting in trouble on their side!  Why?
Because they are STUPID.
Let’s take a look at what President Trump has accomplished in less than two years:
  •  American Economy is Booming
  •  Jobless rate is the Lowest in decades
  •  First President to Meet with Kim Jong-un to discuss denuclearization
  • Trump is addressing Attacks on Freedom of Religion
  •  Trump is Pro-Israel and declared Jerusalem its…

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