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June 26: A Famous God

Nehemiah 10:28–11:36; 1 John 5:17–21; Psalm 113:1–114:8

Fame can have startling effects on people. Those who attain power and influence suddenly become less available: They’re selective with the phone calls they take, the emails they answer, and the people they associate with. Those who receive their attention tend to feel special.

When we call on God, we expect Him to answer us and help us. Sometimes, we are so confident that He will or should help us that we forget how amazing it is that He interacts with us in the first place.

Psalm 113 reminds us that God is beyond our comprehension. The psalm praises the power and glory of God, who is “high above all nations.” God isn’t just ruling over the earth, though. His realm of power extends even “above the heavens” (Psa 113:4). Both earthly and heavenly powers are subject to Him.

His power is astounding, but what is most confounding is His nature and character. Psalm 113 points out that even in His power, God is still concerned with the plights of those far below: “Who is like Yahweh our God, who is enthroned on high, who condescends to look at what is in the heavens and in the earth?” (Psa 113:5–6). And He isn’t just concerned with the powerful and mighty; He is concerned about the helpless and the needy. “He raises the helpless from the dust, he lifts the needy from the ash heap, to seat them with princes, with the princes of his people” (Psa 113:7–8).

God is more majestic and powerful than we can comprehend. His fame exceeds that of any celebrity. Yet He still desires to help us—to lift us “up from the ash heap.” This alone should astound us, but there’s more: He cares for us so much that He was willing to sacrifice His only Son to restore our relationship with Him.

How are you astounded by God’s nature and His care for you?

Rebecca Van Noord[1]

[1] Barry, J. D., & Kruyswijk, R. (2012). Connect the Testaments: A One-Year Daily Devotional with Bible Reading Plan. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

June 26 Manifesting a Faith That Works

“What use is it, my brethren, if a man says he has faith, but he has no works? Can that faith save him? … You see that a man is justified by works, and not by faith alone” (James 2:14, 24).


True faith produces good works.

Many false teachers claim that you can earn your own salvation by doing good works. Most Christians understand the heresy of that teaching, but some become confused when they read that “a man is justified by works, and not by faith alone” (James 2:24). That seems to conflict with Paul’s teaching on salvation by grace through faith.

But when properly understood, James’ teaching on salvation is perfectly consistent with Paul’s. Paul clearly taught salvation by grace. In Ephesians 2:8–9 he says, “By grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast.” But Paul also taught that true salvation results in good works, for in the next verse he says, “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

In Titus 3:5 he says that God “saved us, not on the basis of deeds which we have done in righteousness, but according to His mercy.” But Titus 2:11–12 clarifies that God’s grace leads us “to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in the present age.” That’s the proper balance between faith and works.

James also taught salvation by grace. He said that God redeems sinners by the Word of truth and implants His Word within them to enable them to progress in holiness (James 1:18, 21). That’s a divine work, not a human effort. James 2:14–24 follows that up by telling us how we can know that work has taken place: there will be more than just a proclamation of faith; there will be a faith that does good works.

Don’t be confused by how faith relates to good works. Put the two together by being a living testimony to God’s saving grace.


Suggestions for Prayer:  Thank God for the righteousness He is producing in your life. Look for specific ways to demonstrate your faith to those around you today.

For Further Study: Read John 8:31–32. ✧ What is the mark of a true disciple? ✧ What effect does God’s Word have on those who heed what it says?[1]

[1] MacArthur, J. F., Jr. (1993). Drawing Near—Daily Readings for a Deeper Faith (p. 190). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books.

R.C. Sproul on (real) Social Justice — Pulpit & Pen


R.C. Sproul discussed social justice in this brief clip. What you’ll find is that Sproul correctly explains what justice truly is. Comparing it to our current discussion, you’ll see from Sproul’s brief exposition from the Book of Amos, that what is currently being promoted as “Social Justice” really isn’t a matter of justice at all. Marxism isn’t justice; it is theft.

Justice is certainly a theme of certain Bible passages. However, it must be Biblically defined. In the clip, Sproul compares Marx’s claims against the standards of justice in the Scripture.

via R.C. Sproul on (real) Social Justice — Pulpit & Pen


Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him.

1 Thessalonians 5:10

I have studied the New Testament enough to know that our Lord Jesus Christ never made the sharp distinctions between “secular” and “sacred” that we do!

I think it is wrong to place our physical necessities on one side, and put praying and singing and giving and Bible reading and testifying on the other.

When we are living for the Lord and living to please and honor Him, eating our breakfast can be just as spiritual as having our family prayers. There is no reason for a committed Christian to apologize: “Lord, I am awfully sorry but you know I have to eat now. I will be with you again just as soon as I am through.”

Well, we have a better way than that in our living for God, and we see as we consider His feeding of the 5,000 the meaning of His lordship. Jesus Christ is Lord—Lord of our bread and Lord of our eating and Lord of our sleeping and Lord of our working!

Brethren, our Lord is with us, sanctifying everything we do, provided it is honest and good.

I Lord, today I want to be especially aware that You are the Lord of whatever I am doing. Thank You for Your all-encompassing presence in my life.[1]

[1] Tozer, A. W. (2015). Mornings with tozer: daily devotional readings. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers.

Librarians without Chests: A Response to the ALSC’s Denigration of Laura Ingalls Wilder — National Review

A network of professional librarians seeks to destroy a beloved literary heroine and malign her creator.

via Librarians without Chests: A Response to the ALSC’s Denigration of Laura Ingalls Wilder — National Review

Justice Sonia Sotomayor Unleashes 20 Minute Furious Rant Over SCOTUS Decision to Uphold Trump Travel Ban — The Gateway Pundit

The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the Trump travel Ban overturning a liberal judge in Hawaii who was playing pretend president.

Liberals increasing are in favor of open borders to anyone who wants to enter the United States.
The Supreme Court disagreed with this lunacy on Tuesday.

Trump’s travel ban could result in Muslim immigration to the US to be reduced by as much as 21%.

It was a typical 5-4 decision.

Far left Justice Sonia Sotomayor was furious and unleashed a 20 minute rant over the decision to uphold Trump’s travel ban.

NPR legal reporter, Nina Totenberg tweeted: Without audio of today’s announcement, there is no way to replicate Sotomayor’s fury in a 20-minute dissent from the bench re: today’s travel ban decision

More from The Hill:

In a scathing dissent on Tuesday, Sotomayor said the court’s majority, led by Chief Justice John Roberts, blindly accepted the government’s misguided invitation to set aside problematic comments Trump made before and after taking office.

“Ultimately, what began as a policy explicitly ‘calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States’ has since morphed into a ‘Proclamation’ putatively based on national-security concerns,” she said. “But this new window dressing cannot conceal an unassailable fact: the words of the President and his advisers create the strong perception that the Proclamation is contaminated by impermissible discriminatory animus against Islam and its followers.”

Sotomayor described in detail how Trump pledged on the campaign trail to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. and then criticized the Department of Justice for submitting a “watered down, politically correct version” after the president’s first order was struck down by the courts after he took office.

“Instead, he has continued to make remarks that a reasonable observer would view as an unrelenting attack on the Muslim religion and its followers,” she said. “Given President Trump’s failure to correct the reasonable perception of his apparent hostility toward the Islamic faith, it is unsurprising that the President’s lawyers have, at every step in the lower courts, failed in their attempts to launder the Proclamation of its discriminatory taint.”

Ultra liberal Sonia Sotomayor was appointed by Barack Hussein Obama to the Supreme Court in 2009.

In 2001, Sotomayor made a racist statement about being a “wise Latina” while bashing white males:

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life,”

Take a seat, Sotomayor, your fellow wise Justice’s have spoken.

via Justice Sonia Sotomayor Unleashes 20 Minute Furious Rant Over SCOTUS Decision to Uphold Trump Travel Ban — The Gateway Pundit

A Case for the Bible 101: Creation and/or evolution? Some reasons it is important for Christians to understand

by Teri Dugan

It has been said that many intelligent people believe in evolution as a means for the origin of complex life because other intelligent people believe in evolution as a means for the origin of complex life. Is this intelligence or blind faith? Maybe the “Emperor of Evolution” will finally be told that he is not wearing any clothes!

Young people today often cite science as the main reason for their disbelief or disinterest in Christianity and the Bible. When pressed most will say that science has disproven the Bible’s account of creation, and that evolution has been shown to be the mechanism for the origin and existence of all life today. In public education this is taught as fact and any other presentation of evidence could be grounds for ridicule and sometimes even worse, dismissal. I know, cause I work in that system!

Keep in mind that public education is controlled by the “philosophies” of secular humanism. Secular humanistic reasoning does not allow for anything pointing to a “Divine Footprint” under the guise of separation of church and state. However, real science should follow the evidence to wherever it leads, and if we do we will find more support for the existence of a Creator, and the truths of Christianity, than for the evolutionary theories that have been indoctrinated today…

Source: A Case for the Bible 101: Creation and/or evolution? Some reasons it is important for Christians to understand

5 Reasons Churches Should Teach Theology to Children

The Importance of Biblical Literacy

There is no substitute for parents and church leaders presenting the clear, simple, powerful Word of God to the children in their midst. We need to be reading the Bible to the children in our families and church congregations. We need to be teaching the Bible to the children in our families and church congregations. The children in our midst must become acquainted and conversant with the Bible during their early years; we must ensure that, as much as it depends on us!

However, a focus on reading and teaching Scripture to children does not—and must not—mean that we fail to do our best to educate them theologically as well. And, yes, by theologically, I do mean through the use of the discipline of systematic theology—beginning in its simplest forms (historic catechisms and creeds) and growing more and more substantial and complex.

A focus on reading and teaching Scripture to children does not—and must not—mean that we fail to educate them theologically as well.

Kids in our churches, from the earliest of ages, need to begin thinking in theological categories about God, themselves, and the world around them. Here are a few reasons why:

1. The theological education of our children gives them mental “hangers” on which to organize the truths, teachings, and stories that they are learning from the Bible.

We all need help with mental organization as we learn; that’s one reason why it’s helpful for expository sermons to have separate “points,” even if those points aren’t specifically noted by the biblical author in the passage itself!

As a child learns even the first few stories of the Old Testament (the Fall, Cain and Abel, the Tower of Babel), it is extremely helpful to make use of a short catechism to teach them a simple definition for “sin”—a theological category that certainly shows up in each of those stories, albeit with different manifestations each time.

2. The theological education of our children begins to acquaint them with a particular theological tradition.

I pastor a PCA church, so for us, this means beginning to acquaint our children with the Westminster Confession of Faith and the broader Reformed tradition. I’ll be the first to admit that no denomination is perfect! But, there is a value in going deep in one particular theological tradition, and appreciating the historical development of theological thought throughout the ages.

From an early age, children can have an understanding of being linked to church history and the generations that have gone before—to those who have spoken the same words together about God, humanity, sin, redemption, heaven, and hell.

3. The theological education of our children is an intentional shaping of their thoughts about God, which will be unintentionally shaped otherwise.

What I mean by this is simply that the opposite of theological education for our children is not that they will become a-theological. We are all theologians! If we do not carefully guide our children’s theological reflections, their theological reflections will most certainly be guided and shaped by other forces—by television, the internet, their classmates, or even teachers and/or coaches who do not know the Lord. Theology (literally “talk about God”) inevitably happens; we must start it intentionally in the church.

4. The theological education of our children gives birth to their own joyful and unique articulations of personal faith.

Some might say that this point is counterintuitive. Would not, for example, the rote memorization and repetition of catechism questions by a child stifle his or her creative thought? After all, the child is merely rehearsing someone else’s articulation of truths about God, which have been systematized and pre-packaged for them.

I would argue precisely the opposite. Learning, memorizing, and, yes, repeating the formations of theology contained in the historic creeds and catechisms can open a child’s mind in new ways to the truths of God’s Word. Hearing how the church has, for centuries, articulated a certain truth about God, sin, or salvation can stimulate new thought—and creative articulations—that didn’t exist before.

Just as a well-crafted expository sermon can and should serve not as an end in itself, but as a stimulation toward further exploration of God’s Word, so a theological statement (a miniature “sermon,” if you will) can stimulate further thinking in that direction.

5. The theological education of our children can bring focus, vision, and vibrancy to an entire church congregation.

Show me a church whose paid and lay leadership is joyful and deeply passionate about training the children of the church theologically, and I’ll show you a church that is most likely lively and thriving in other areas as well. In such a context, Sunday school teachers are inspired to go “deep” in their classrooms, as children are introduced to the meat of God’s Word and the richness of the gospel.

In our context, I’m deeply grateful that Pablo Herrera, who directs our 6th–12th grade ministry (“Voyagers”), mixes straightforward teaching of Scripture with theological engagement and training. This past Fall, our young people dug into the history, theology, and figures of the Protestant Reformation, all the while connecting that movement to both Scripture and the theological tenets we firmly hold in our church today. That kind of rigor and depth in the youth group challenges the rest of the church to “up” our game!

There is no substitute for the Word of God; let’s read, teach, and explain the Bible to the children of our churches with joy . . . and with no apologies! But, let’s also intentionally teach, train, and shape our children to think in theological categories along the way. It will be life-giving for them, and for us as well.

Jon Nielson (MDiv, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) serves as ministry director for Christian Union at Princeton University. Previously, he served as the college pastor at College Church in Wheaton, Illinois, and as the director of training for the Charles Simeon Trust. He and his wife, Jeanne, have three daughters.

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Source: 5 Reasons Churches Should Teach Theology to Children

DOJ Won’t Release Top Secret Loretta Lynch Intercepts Suggesting Secret Deal To Rig Clinton Probe

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is refusing to release intercepted material alleging that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch conspired with the Clinton campaign in a deal to rig the Clinton email investigation, reports Paul Sperry of RealClear Investigations.

The information remains so secret that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz had to censor it from his recently released 500-plus-page report on the FBI’s investigation of Clinton, and even withhold it from Congress.

Not even members of Congress with top secret security clearance have been allowed to see the unverified accounts intercepted from presumed Russian sources in which the head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, allegedly implicates the Clinton campaign and Lynch in the scheme.

“It is remarkable how this Justice Department is protecting the corruption of the Obama Justice Department,” notes Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, which is suing the DOJ for the material.

Wasserman Schultz, Lynch and Clinton have denied the allegations and characterized them as Russian disinformation.

True or false, the material is consequential because it appears to have influenced former FBI Director James B. Comey’s decision to break with bureau protocols because he didn’t trust Lynch. In his recent book, Comey said he took the reins in the Clinton email probe, announcing Clinton should not be indicted, because of a “development still unknown to the American public” that “cast serious doubt” on Lynch’s credibility – clearly the intercepted material.

If the material documents an authentic exchange between Lynch and a Clinton aide, it would appear to be strong evidence that the Obama administration put partisan political considerations ahead of its duty to enforce the law. –RealClear Investigations

Then again, if the intercepts are fabricated, it would constitute Russia’s most tangible success in influencing the 2016 U.S. election – since Comey may not have gone around Lynch cleared Clinton during his July 2016 press conference – nor would he have likely publicly announced the reopening of the investigation right before the election – an act Clinton and her allies blame for her stunning loss to Donald Trump.

The secret intelligence document purports to show that Lynch told the Clinton campaign she would keep the FBI email investigation on a short leash – a suggestion included in the Inspector General’s original draft, but relegated to a classified appendix in the official report and entirely blanked out.

What is known, based on press leaks and a letter Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley sent Lynch, is that in March 2016, the FBI received a batch of hacked documents from U.S. intelligence agencies that had access to stolen emails stored on Russian networks. One of the intercepted documents revealed an alleged email from then-DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz to an operative working for billionaire Democratic fundraiser George Soros. It claimed Lynch had assured the Clinton campaign that investigators and prosecutors would go easy on the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee regarding her use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state. Lynch allegedly made the promise directly to Clinton political director Amanda Renteria. –RealClear Investigations

“The information was classified at such a high level by the intelligence community that it limited even the members [of Congress] who can see it, as well as the staffs,” Horowitz explained last week during congressional testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has oversight authority over Justice and the FBI.

Congressional sources told RealClearInvestigations the material is classified “TS/SCI,” which stands for Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information. –RealClear Investigations

Horowitz said that he has asked Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray to work with the CIA and Office of the Director of National Intelligence to figure out if the intercepted material can be rewritten to allow congress to see it. Once appropriately redacted to protect “sources and methods,” said Horowitz, he hopes that members of congress can then go to the secure reading room in the basement of the Capitol Building, called the “tank,” and view the materials.

“We very much want the committee to see this information,” Horowitz said.

For some strange reason, CNN, WaPo and the New York Times have uncritically taken Lynch, Clinton and Wasserman Schultz’s denials at face value, dismissing the compromising information as possibly fake and unreliable. Horowitz even quotes non-FBI “witnesses” in his report describing the secret information as “objectively false.”

FBI Sandbagging

While the FBI apparently took the intercept seriously, it never interviewed anyone named in it until Clinton’s email case was closed by Comey in July 2016. In August, the FBI informally quizzed Lynch about the allegations – while Comey also reportedly confronted the former AG and was told to leave her office.

Comey said he had doubts about Lynch’s independence as early as September 2015 when she called him into her office and asked him to minimize the probe by calling it “a matter” instead of an “investigation,” which aligned with Clinton campaign talking points. Then, just days before FBI agents interviewed Clinton in July 2016, Lynch privately met with former President Bill Clinton on her government plane while it was parked on an airport tarmac in Phoenix. In a text message that has since been brought to light, the lead investigators on the case, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, made clear at the time their understanding that Lynch knew that “no charges will be brought” against Clinton.

Renteria, the Clinton campaign official, who ran for governor of California but failed to secure a top-two spot in the primary, insists the intelligence citing her was disinformation created by Russian officials to dupe Americans and create discord and turmoil during the election.  –RealClear Investigations

While Lynch has never been directly asked under oath by Congress about the allegation – she swore in a July 2016 session in front of the House Judiciary Committee “I have not spoken to anyone on either the [Clinton] campaign or transition or any staff members affiliated with them.”

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) says he’ll issue a subpoena for Lynch, but the panel’s top Democrat Dianne Feinstein (CA) has to agree to it per committee rules. Grassley also said he would be open to exploring immunity for Comey’s former #2, Andrew McCabe.

Feinstein may be hesitant to sign on, as she says she thinks Comey acted in good faith – which means she thinks Congress shouldn’t have a crack at questioning a key figure in the largest political scandal in modern history.

“While I disagree with his actions, I have seen no evidence that Mr. Comey acted in bad faith or that he lied about any of his actions,” said Feinstein during a Monday Judiciary panel hearing. Former Feinstein staffer and FBI investigator Dan Jones, meanwhile, continues to work with Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS on a $50 million investigation privately funded by George Soros and other “wealthy donors” to continue the investigation into Donald Trump.

Of interest, Amanda Renteria is also former Feinstein staffer. Also recall that Feinstein leaked Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson’s Congressional testimony in January.

Lynch was dinged in the IG report over an “ambiguous” incomplete recusal from the Clinton email “matter” despite a clandestine 30-minute “tarmac” meeting with Bill Clinton one week before the FBI exonerated Hillary Clinton.

Interesting how a “dossier” full of falsehoods about Trump not only released to the public, but was used by the FBI as part of an espionage operation on the Trump campaign – while an intercepted communication from Russia is suddenly classified as so top-secret that even members of Congressional intelligence oversight committees can’t see it.

Source: DOJ Won’t Release Top Secret Loretta Lynch Intercepts Suggesting Secret Deal To Rig Clinton Probe

The Unraveling of the Left, Hollywood, Maxine Waters, Will Help Trump — David Fiorazo

Their emotions are overriding their self-restraint, and they’re pouring gas on the political fire. Many of us have warned this will likely lead to violence – and there will be consequences. They hate Trump and want him impeached, but the vitriol and unraveling of the Left may in fact backfire, leading to the very thing they don’t want: reelecting Republicans in November and helping Trump’s cause as well.

The general willingness of most Democrats to push their progressive agenda at any cost is clear. Let’s start with unhinged California congresswoman, Maxine Waters. She recently called for increased public harassment of those working in the Trump White House.

And get this: Maxine was thrilled that women and their families in the administration were recently targeted by activists at restaurants and even harassed outside their private homes.

Waters call for Trump’s impeachment stirred up the California crowd:

“History will record while he tried to step on all of us, we kicked him in his rear and stepped on him; If you think we’re rallying now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

She accused Trump of sacrificing America’s children while she supports infanticide and abortion on demand. She called AG Jeff Sessions a racist.

And remember, Waters rant came right after three Republican women were harassed, threatened, and cussed at during dinner, on the street, and at a movie theater!

Kristjen Nielson, Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary was harassed and heckled not only at a restaurant but outside her home as well by members of the Democratic Socialists of America led by Allison Hrabar.

Liberals and progressives say they want women and children to be protected, but their actions prove glaring hypocrisy and godlessness. Their ideology matters more than civil discourse and respectful debate of ideas.

This caustic environment is what led to the mass shooting and attempted assassination of Republicans last year. Ask Steve Scalise what he thinks about the current political environment.

Maxine Waters continued her rant:

“We’re going to win this battle because while you try and quote the Bible, Jeff Sessions and others, you really don’t know the Bible. God is on OUR side!”

Wait just a minute. Remember how they voted by booing and rejecting God back in 2012 at the Democrat Party Convention? The majority decided to kick God out of their party.

So on one hand, they claim righteousness and pretend to want civility while on the other hand they stoke a political civil war and divide citizens. It’s a step toward mob rule.

Perhaps the most concerning thing Maxine Waters said was her endorsement of open threats and public harassment of Trump officials.

“And so, let’s stay the course. Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up and if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” she yelled.

Not welcome anywhere in public? This is irresponsible and should raise red flags.

According to the Washington Times, Judicial Watch filed an ethics complaint against Waters for “inciting violence and assaults on the Trump Cabinet.” A hand-delivered letter was given to the House Office of Congressional Ethics calling for an investigation of Maxine Waters behavior.

We must not react in kind, but be bigger than the bullies even though the left is no longer willing to disagree respectfully. Their hatred for Trump and disdain for his supporters seems to have reached a boiling point.

Need a few reminders?

We’ve seen many references to Hitler by the Trump-hating media, Robert De Niro’s f-bombs and desire to punch the president in the face, Peter Fonda called for kidnapping Barron Trump and putting him in a cage with pedophiles, Kathy Griffin posing with a mock severed Trump head and called Melania Trump a piece of s—t, Wanda Sykes tweets an f-bomb at Ivanka Trump and Samantha Bee called her a “feckless c—t, meathead Rob Reiner suggesting Trump voters are racist, Madonna thought about blowing up the White House, and this is a partial list!

It has reached the point where some are advising Trump aides to get guns and carry permits in order to be prepared for coming physical attacks.

Imagine if today’s language toward a president was used when Barack Obama was in office. I think the reaction from the biased media would be quite different.

I couldn’t agree more with this take by USA Today contributor, James Robbins:

Democrats should also understand these public tantrums and other slights are simply bad politics. Voters don’t respond well to angry chanting losers harassing people, or to vulgar celebrities, or to threats verging on intimidation and violence. There is nothing inspirational about it, and it makes the targets of the anger look that much more reasonable. If Democrats think this crazed behavior will generate a “blue wave” in November, they are mistaken.

Agreed. And for the rest of us, even though we have First Amendment rights under the Constitution, we should not stoop to the level of behavior by others. Pray for them! And respond by speaking the truth in love, knowing the ultimate battle is a spiritual one and our real fight is not with people; it is with the enemy of our souls.

For those of us who are Christians, let’s remember to live in such a way that others will hear the gospel and see the fruit of the Holy Spirit in us as both our words and our lives point to the Lord Jesus Christ.

via The Unraveling of the Left, Hollywood, Maxine Waters, Will Help Trump — David Fiorazo

June 26, 2018 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


Parents who cross illegally from Mexico to the United States with their children will not face prosecution for the time being because the government is running short of space to house them, officials said on Monday.

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Tuesday became the first Pentagon chief to visit China since 2014, starting a three-day trip with a goal of improving security dialogue with Beijing despite increasingly fraught Sino-U.S. relations.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Spanish counterpart agreed on Tuesday to cooperate on migrant policy, saying a European approach was the only way forward as her Bavarian allies pile pressure on her to deliver a deal this week.

Malta will let the rescue ship Lifeline dock after Italy refused it entry, ending the vessel’s near week-long wait in the Mediterranean with more than 230 migrants on board, Italy’s prime minister said on Tuesday.

Britain’s Prince William voiced horror over a Nazi death camp exhibit at Israel’s Holocaust memorial in a somber start on Tuesday to the first official British royal visit to Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

The Dutch Upper House of parliament on Tuesday passed a law banning the wearing of face-covering veils in public buildings, such as schools, government offices and hospitals.

The Syrian army has seized a chunk of territory from rebels in the southwest, Syrian state media and a war monitor said on Tuesday, the first major government advance in an offensive near the Jordanian border which has displaced tens of thousands.

Jordan will keep its borders shut and the United Nations can help Syrians fleeing violence in the south inside their own country, Jordan’s foreign minister said on Tuesday.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson with higher taxes and said their business would suffer in a public backlash over its decision to move production for European customers overseas.

AP Top Stories

Burger King, McDonald’s and Starbucks are among dozens of companies fined for violating a new ban on single-use plastics in India’s commercial capital Mumbai, an official said Tuesday. The rules, in force since Saturday, prohibit the use of disposable plastic items such as bags, cutlery, cups and bottles under a certain size.

Two Israeli missiles struck targets near Damascus airport early Tuesday, Syrian state media said, while a monitoring group said they hit arms depots for Hezbollah.

Iran is banning imports of over 1,300 products, preparing its economy to resist threatened U.S. sanctions, amid rare public protests against the plunge of its currency to record lows.

Home prices in the U.S. continued to climb in April but at a slower pace. Standard & Poor’s said Tuesday that its S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller national home price index posted a 6.4% annual gain in April, down from 6.5% from a month earlier. The 20-city composite posted a 6.6% annual gain – below analysts’ estimates of 6.8%.

Oil prices rose on Tuesday, supported by production losses in Canada, Libya and from the Neutral Zone between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, but under pressure from higher supply from elsewhere in OPEC and escalating trade conflicts.


The US Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Trump administration’s travel ban targeting people from several Muslim-majority countries.The ban prohibits most people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen from entering the US.

Syrian government forces are reported to have captured two strategic villages in the south-west of the country. State media said troops and militiamen had seized Busra al-Hariri and Malihat al-Atash in Deraa province, cutting a strip of rebel-held territory in half.

The UK risks fresh confrontation with Russia later when it asks for new powers for chemical weapons inspectors to assign blame for nerve agent attacks in Syria.

Argentina has been brought to a halt by a general strike, called by trade unions in protest against a $50bn International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan. The General Confederation of Workers is also demanding salary hikes in line with inflation of nearly 30% a year. Trains, buses and the underground system stopped in Buenos Aires. Access roads to the capital were blocked by activists. Some 15 million people were affected in the capital, officials said.

A transgender woman who was unable to access her pension was discriminated against by UK law, the European Court of Justice has found. The woman – known as MB – was refused the female state pension at 60 because she chose not to annul her marriage. MB said she preferred to stay married to her wife “in the sight of God”. But a court has ruled a person who has changed gender does not have to annul the marriage they entered into before change, to receive a pension.

Traders at Tehran’s Grand Bazaar have taken part in a big protest against rising prices and the plummeting value of Iran’s currency, the rial. Shops were shut and thousands of people took to the streets of the capital.


Facebook, Google, Apple, IBM and Microsoft are among the tech giants that will be represented at a meeting Wednesday in San Francisco to discuss the growing controversy over online privacy.

California is considering creating a “fake news” advisory group in order to monitor information posted and spread on social media.

A federal court has scheduled a hearing in July on a case alleging Muslim activists have hijacked curriculum in San Diego’s public school district.

The FDA approved the country’s first drug derived from marijuana, a medication that treats two rare and devastating forms of epilepsy.

News – 6/26/2018

Inexplicable ‘Cow’ Nova Discovered In Time For Star of Jacob Torah Reading
On June 17, astronomers at the Keck Observatory’s twin Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS) telescopes in Hawaii discovered an enormous, unprecedented bright flash in space that had just appeared in the heavens. Supernovae typically take several weeks to develop but this flash, 10 to 100 times brighter than an average supernova, appeared in a region of space the astronomers had checked only two days before.

Syrian Media: 2 IDF Missiles Strike Damascus Weapons Shipment Intended for Hezbollah
State-owned media in Syria accused Israel of firing two missiles at Damascus International Airport overnight between Monday and Tuesday, a short while after a cargo plane unloaded a shipment that had been loaded in Tehran. Foreign media reported that the missiles were reportedly fired from Israeli territory and targeted a shipment of weapons intended for Hezbollah.

After banning Jewish flag, Chicago Dyke March displays PLO flags
The Chicago Dyke March, an LGBT pride parade, prominently featured Palestinian flags one year after ejecting marchers waving Jewish flags.

Republican lawmaker introduces motion asking for Maxine Waters’ resignation
Rep. Andy Biggs, R-AZ., introduced a measure calling on the congresswoman to apologize to the White House for “endangering their lives and sowing seeds of discord,” resign from her position, and release a public statement saying harassment or violence isn’t a form of protest.

Border Patrol Sets Up Shop In New England – Gets Unbelievable Results In Only 11 Hours
CBP agents made nine drug seizures and two arrests for immigration violations during an 11-hour checkpoint Wednesday, reports CBS Boston. During the weekend of June 15-17, five illegal aliens were arrested from “Brazil, China, Ecuador, El Salvador and Mexico,” according to CBS Boston.

Red Hen owner stalked Sarah Sanders’ family
Stephanie Wilkinson, the owner of The Red Hen in Lexington, followed family members to a restaurant across the street Friday night, where she organized a protest. “This is what the left has been reduced to,” Huckabee said. “It’s really tragic. And it is dangerous.”

Working-age Illinois Residents Are Fleeing the State Amid Debt Crisis
Illinois’s working-age population declined by 41,000 from July 2016 to July 2017, even though the United States’ prime working-age population grew by almost 450,000 over the same time period. The state also saw slower population growth in every working-age population category, which includes people between the ages of 25-54. “Illinois is losing its workforce to other states because of its bad economic policies. A shrinking workforce has serious implications for the long-term health of our state’s economy,”

Why Did James Comey Issue “Stand Down” Order On Imminent Deal With Julian Assange?
A “stand down” order given by James Comey to kill an imminent deal between the US Government and Julian Assange preceded the largest leak in CIA history, known as “Vault 7,” reports John Solomon of The Hill. Assange was willing to redact the names of CIA employees, and also offered to provide technical evidence which would rule out “certain parties” (such as Russia) in the DNC email hack.

Syrian media: Two Israeli missiles strike near Damascus Airport
Syrian state TV said late Monday night that two Israeli missiles struck near Damascus international airport, without giving further details. The pro-Syrian regime online newspaper Al-Masdar News (AMN) cited reports stating that missiles targeted an Iranian cargo plane being unloaded at the airport. According to the reports, regime forces’ air defense systems subsequently intercepted an Israeli drone in south-western Syrian airspace.

White House warns Palestinians of aid cut without end to ‘martyr’ payments
The Trump administration is warning Ramallah to end its policy of compensating the families of Palestinians convicted of murder and terrorism in Israel, as it reviews whether to cut foreign aid to the organization. US officials tell The Jerusalem Post that “nothing has changed” since the president signed into law the Taylor Force Act, a bill that requires the administration to freeze aid to the PA unless it halts the decades-old program.

Rouhani says Iran will not give in to pressure from Trump
President Hassan Rouhani promised Iranians the government would be able to handle the economic pressure of new US sanctions, a day after traders massed outside parliament to protest against a sharp fall in the value of the national currency. Washington is to start reimposing economic penalties on Tehran in coming months…

EU Withdrawal Bill officially becomes law
The government’s flagship Brexit legislation has officially become law, Speaker John Bercow has announced. Mr Bercow told MPs the EU Withdrawal Bill had received royal assent – meaning the Queen has agreed to make it into an Act of Parliament. The legislation enables EU law to be transferred into UK law in an attempt to ensure a smooth Brexit.

US border agents halt migrant family prosecutions
A US border security chief says he has temporarily stopped launching criminal prosecutions of migrants who illegally enter the country with children. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Kevin McAleenan told reporters in Texas the prosecution referrals were suspended last week. He said it followed an order last week by President Donald Trump calling for an end to migrant family separations.

The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities
The secrets are hidden behind fortified walls in cities across the United States, inside towering, windowless skyscrapers and fortress-like concrete structures that were built to withstand earthquakes and even nuclear attack. Thousands of people pass by the buildings each day and rarely give them a second glance, because their function is not publicly known…and they are also linked to a controversial National Security Agency surveillance program.

Rising concerns over hackers using satellites to target US
The rapidly expanding number of satellites transmitting GPS locations, cellphone signals and other sensitive information is creating new opportunities for hackers. It’s a risk exacerbated by the growing number of aging satellite systems in circulation. While it is cheaper to leave old satellites in orbit rather than pulling them from space, the outdated systems are even easier targets for hacking.

A new supervolcano is brewing under Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire
Something unexpected has been gradually making itself known to geologists in the United States. A huge mass of molten rock is creeping upwards beneath the nation’s north eastern states. “The upwelling we detected is like a hot-air balloon, and we infer that something is rising up through the deeper part of our planet under New England,” says Rutgers University geophysicist Professor Vadim Levin.

GOP Lawmakers Introduce Censure Measure Calling On Maxine Waters To Resign
Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs on Monday introduced a measure that would censure Rep. Maxine Waters and ask her to resign for inciting people to publicly confront Trump administration officials.

Company Introduces $5 Million Phone Hacking Surveillance Van
A surveillance company has introduced a multi-million dollar vehicle allegedly capable of hacking phones from afar.

AMERICAN INSANITY: Huge F-35 delivery to Turkey begins Thursday, even though the US government voted against it because Turkey has become hostile to American interests
Despite opposition from Congress, Turkey will receive its first F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets from the Pentagon’s top weapons supplier on Thursday.

Israeli airstrikes obliterate ISIS positions in the Sinai Peninsula with the full backing of the Egyptian government to carry out the attacks
Israeli forces carried out strikes in the Egyptian-ruled Sinai Peninsula recently, targeting terrorist positions in northern Sinai, witnesses claimed.

Trump: Christians ‘Appreciate’ Embassy Move More Than Jews
Evangelical Christians, or “People of the Book,” are more appreciative of Donald Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem than are American Jews, the president asserted this week.

Liberals go nuts as the US Navy is planning new camps to hold tens of thousands of illegal immigrants before deportation
The US Navy plans to build sprawling detention centers for tens of thousands of immigrants on remote bases in support of President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy against unlawful migration, a report said Friday.

TORONTO City Hall violates Canadian Supreme Court ruling on separation of church/mosque and state
Christian and Jewish prayers are strictly forbidden in the newly sharia-compliant Toronto City Hall, but a Muslim imam was allowed to proclaim, in Arabic, that “Allah is better than all other Gods” in council chambers where an Islamic religious ceremony celebrating the breaking of the Ramadan fast was hosted.

The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities
The secrets are hidden behind fortified walls in cities across the United States, inside towering, windowless skyscrapers and fortress-like concrete structures that were built to withstand earthquakes and even nuclear attack. Thousands of people pass by the buildings each day and rarely give them a second glance, because their function is not publicly known. They are an integral part of one of the world’s largest telecommunications networks – and they are also linked to a controversial National Security Agency surveillance program.

New Jersey: ‘Surrender Your Guns Or Become A Criminal!’
New Jersey, not exactly known for giving the people living within its borders freedom, has just passed a law that declares all guns which hold more than ten rounds of ammunition “illegal.”  The state is ordering people to surrender their guns or become criminals.

China takes surveillance to new heights with flock of robotic Doves, but do they come in peace?
If you’ve ever looked up to the sky and enjoyed the sight of a bird gliding above, be warned: it could be a Chinese drone monitoring your every move.

Supreme Court: Lower Court Must Rehear Christian Florist Same-Sex Wedding Case
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday sent the case involving a Christian florist who declined to participate in a same-sex wedding back to the lower courts in the state of Washington to reconsider in light of the Supreme Court’s recent Masterpiece Cakeshop decision, keeping hope alive for a Christian grandmother who might face a million dollars in legal fees.

Burger King apologizes for offensive Russian World Cup pregnancy ad
Burger King has apologized for an extraordinarily insensitive advertisement that promised Russian women a lifetime supply of free meals and a cash “prize” if they were to become pregnant with a child fathered by a World Cup soccer player.

Vaccine Disables Baby, Court Blames ‘Crazy’ Mother, Takes Child Away
After a doctor “accidentally” injected a baby with a Gardasil vaccine, subsequently injuring the child, a court has ruled that the mother was at fault and removed her daughter.

Mid-Day Snapshot

The Foundation

“Government, in my humble opinion, should be formed to secure and to enlarge the exercise of the natural rights of its members; and every government, which has not this in view, as its principal object, is not a government of the legitimate kind.” —James Wilson (1791)

In Today’s Edition

  • Does Trump have the authority to turn back illegals? Yes.
  • The real obstruction is coming from the DOJ and FBI.
  • The Supreme Court punts on the florist’s religious liberty case.
  • When it comes to free speech, silence from the ACLU is deafening.
  • Daily Features: Top Headlines, Memes, Cartoons, Columnists and Short Cuts.

On Trump’s Authority, Due Process and ‘Racism’

The president can deny entry to illegals, but leftists insist law enforcement is racist.

The Real Obstruction Is Coming From the DOJ/FBI

The IG report removes any grounds for Mueller’s pursuit of obstruction charges against Trump.

SCOTUS Punts on Florist’s Religious Liberty

The Court ordered Washington State to reconsider the case of Barronelle Stutzman.

The ALCU Spoke Volumes With Its Silence

A recent memo sheds more light on a trend that we’ve noticed for some time.

Video: Immigrants! Don’t Vote for What You Fled

Why do you support the same policies in the U.S. that caused you to flee your home country?

Tuesday Short Cuts

Alpha Jackass: “If you vote for Trump, then you … are standing at the border like Nazis.” —MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch

Tuesday Top Headlines

SCOTUS rulings, immigration, tolerance, Army training, Harley-Davidson, and more.

Today’s Opinion

Gary Bauer
A Spreading Sickness
Cal Thomas
Bigotry Returns to Virginia
Dennis Prager
Donny Deutsch, Michael Hayden and the Moral Collapse of American Jewish Institutions
Stephen Moore
The State of the American Worker — Never Better
Kay Coles James
A Workforce Worthy of America

Today’s Meme

Today’s Cartoon

Headlines – 6/26/2018

Alongside Jordanian king, Trump promises ‘lot of progress’ made on Middle East peace deal

Jordanian King Abdullah to Meet Trump in Last-ditch Attempt to Influence Peace Plan

Jordan’s Abdullah stresses sanctity of East Jerusalem in Trump meeting

Arab officials: We’ll go over Abbas’ head

Palestinian Authority: No Arab pressure to accept Trump’s peace plan

Trump silent on timetable for peace plan

In Moscow, Hamas Officials Say Russia Promised to Oppose U.S. Peace Plan

Putin invites Netanyahu, Abbas to World Cup final, prompting summit speculation

Netanyahu Criticizes Itinerary for Prince William’s Visit: ‘Jerusalem Is Israel’s Eternal Capital’

Prince William lands in Israel on first-ever official visit by a UK royal

Prince William Makes Historic British Royal Visit To Israel, Palestinian Territories

Prince William Kicks Off Mideast Tour, Praises Jordan’s Commitment to Palestinians

Presbyterian Church USA is critical of Israel, but urges ‘reconciliation’ between Jews and Palestinians

UN seeks new funding pledges for Palestinian refugees

Israel announces plan to relieve Gaza isolation by building port in Cyprus

Israeli Military Establishes ‘War Room’ to Combat Gaza Terror Kites

Iranian official: we will reach Mediterranean shores

Iranians chant ‘Death to Palestine’ at economic protests in Tehran

Hundreds protest failed economic policies in Tehran as Iran riyal plunges

King Dollar Tightens Noose on Iranian Economy

Iran bans 1,300 imports as economic protest shuts shops in Tehran

Nuclear deal collapse would be ‘very dangerous’ for Iran, its FM says

Report: Israel hits targets in Sinai

Syrian TV: Israeli missiles fall in the vicinity of Damascus Airport

Jordan says it won’t take in Syrians fleeing new offensive

How We Created a Virtual Crime Scene to Investigate Syria’s Chemical Attack

Iraq makes arrests in kidnapping of security men by ISIS

Turkey’s election board declares Erdogan winner

Turkish Opposition Leader Yields to Loss, Warns of ‘One-man Regime’

A Relationship in Crisis: Turkey Drifts Away From the U.S. and Towards Russia

US says it stands firmly with Saudi partners against border threats

Saudi-led coalition says it killed eight Hezbollah militants in Yemen

Walk or Die: Algeria Forces 13,000 Migrants Into the Sahara Desert

Scores killed as farmers and herders clash in Nigeria

Pompeo says won’t put timeline on North Korea denuclearization steps

In sign of detente, North Korea skips annual anti-US rally

Trump courts Putin as relations with Europe sour

Jimmy Fallon is not alone: ‘Rage giving’ fuels record fundraising for immigrant children

Burned and decapitated animal left on Homeland Security staffer’s porch, report says

Dow Jones falls by almost 500 points as Trump cranks up trade war talk

Harley-Davidson will move some production out of US after retaliatory tariffs

Chinese retaliatory tariffs aim to hit Trump in his electoral base

Argentina anti-austerity strike brings country to standstill

The Army Took Over the Spigots, Forcing Thirsty Venezuelans to Pay

The reason thousands of Swedish people are inserting microchips into themselves

Will China’s Second Space Station Fall Out of the Sky Soon?

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Methoni, Greece

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Pamandzi, Mayotte

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Isangel, Vanuatu

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits west of Macquarie Island

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

A new supervolcano is brewing under Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire

India: Monsoon unleashes flooding on Mumbai, downpours to reach New Delhi by midweek

Satellite Estimates of Tropical Rains that Produced Flooding in Texas Last Week

Upriver Rain Causes the Worst Flooding in Two Decades on Rappahannock River in Virginia

Governor Asks Trump To Declare Federal Disaster In Maryland Following May Flooding

Iowa flooding: How bad it’s been, and what could happen next

Rock Valley, IA orders evacuations amid flash flood

Northwest Iowa Town Faces Oil Spill Aftermath As Flooding Continues

Dangerous heat wave to broil northeastern US this weekend through July 4th holiday

‘Blowtorch’ UK heatwave could reach temperatures of 35C

Heatwave forces railway slowdown as temperatures head above 30C

What is Keystone virus? Brain-swelling sickness carried by mosquitoes can infect humans

Autism traits could be ‘edited’ out genetic trial suggests

Secret data: Most VA nursing homes have more residents with bed sores, pain, than private facilities

Supreme Court grants appeal of florist who refused to serve gay wedding

Chinese men are using apps to hire fake girlfriends, and the story of a woman who got 700 offers illustrates the country’s growing marriage problem

ApostasyWatch Daily News

The 10 Commandments of Progressive Christianity #4: Is Behavior More Important than Doctrine?

We Remember: The Charismatic Day of Infamy, June 23rd, 2008

The Acceleration Of The New Apostolic Reformation’s Influence In South Africa

The Greatest Show – Performed at Authentic “Church” in Pontiac, IL.

Harass Trump Officials in Public Places, ‘God Is on Our Side,’ Dem. Congresswoman Says at Rally

Teen Vogue Promotes Marxism in Recent Article

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Strange flash 100 times brighter than a supernova growing at incredible rate baffling scientists

Posted: 25 Jun 2018 06:07 PM PDT

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Strange flash 100 times brighter than a supernova growing at incredible rate baffling scientistsA massive explosion spotted 200 million light years from Earth has baffled astronomers.  The strange spot, nicknamed ‘the cow’, is up to 100 times brighter than a supernova and is growing at an incredible rate.  Scientists say the flash is a 9,000°C (16,000°F) cloud of high-energy particles bursting outwards at 12,000 miles (20,000km) per second, but are still unsure what triggered the brilliant blast. One

researcher said ‘there hasn’t really been another object like this.’  The explosion was captured on by the asteroid-tracking ATLAS telescopes at the Keck Observatory, which sits atop Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano in Hawaii.  Astronomers noted the flash was unusually luminous – between 10 and 100 times brighter than the average supernova – but it was the speed of its appearance that really caught the eye of space experts.  READ MORE

2 Israeli missiles’ strike near Damascus airport

Posted: 25 Jun 2018 05:56 PM PDT

2 Israeli missiles’ strike near Damascus airportTwo missiles have reportedly landed in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency.  It was not immediately clear if the missiles were intercepted or if they hit their intended target. There were also no immediate reports of any damage or casualties. Besides pinning the blame on Israel, Syrian state TV provided no further details on the alleged strike that took place on

Monday night. Damascus has repeatedly accused Israel of de-facto helping the terrorists and boosting their morale every time they lose ground to the Syrian government forces. Meanwhile, Israel, which rarely admits to its operations in Syria, maintains its right to intervene whenever it deems it necessary to thwart Iran’s growing influence and prevent the potential transfer of weapons to Lebanon’s Hezbollah. READ MORE

A new super volcano is brewing under Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire

Posted: 25 Jun 2018 05:48 PM PDT

A new super volcano is brewing under Massachusetts, Vermont and New HampshireSomething unexpected has been gradually making itself known to geologists in the United States. A huge mass of molten rock is creeping upwards beneath the nation’s northeastern states.  “The upwelling we detected is like a hot-air balloon, and we infer that something is rising up through the deeper part of our planet under New England,” says Rutgers University geophysicist Professor Vadim Levin. Traces of the

brooding mass only became evident through a large-scale new seismic study.  The idea that there may be a super volcano brewing under Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire is something of a surprise. “Our study challenges the established notion of how the continents on which we live behave,” Professor Levin says. “It challenges the textbook concepts taught in introductory geology classes.” READ MORE

Severe storm destroys 430 homes in Central Darfur camps, Sudan

Posted: 25 Jun 2018 05:39 PM PDT

Severe storm destroys 430 homes in Central Darfur camps, SudanTorrential rain accompanied with strong winds hit Sudan’s Central Darfur on June 21, 2018, destroying 430 homes in displaced camps in Zalingei.  According to Radio Dabanga, high winds accompanied by rain that lasted all night caused the destruction of 430 homes in the six Zalingei camps. El Shafee Abdallah, the coordinator of Central Darfur camps, said that 147 houses were destroyed at Hamidiya

camp and 150 at Hasahisa. A large number of families have lost everything and are now in the open, Abdallah said. He appealed to the benevolent and humanitarian organizations to urgently help affected people. According to Radio Dabanga, severe storms in El Tadamon, South Kordofan on June 18 destroyed 50 homes and damaged more than 70. READ MORE

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RenewAmerica Newsletter for June 26, 2018

June 25, 2018
WES VERNONOn – ahem – respect for opposing views — In what appear to be his waning days, John McCain is preparing to leave a legacy of settling scores. Some others are tearing open the wraps that until now have kept some deeds of the senator and /of his aides hidden from public view…. (more)

June 25, 2018
Alan Keyes stresses ‘the common sense of moral purpose’ in America’s Creed
ALAN KEYES — Recent headlines about the U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations Human Rights Council have me thinking about the Reagan years and the time I spent at the United States mission to the United Nations (USUN) as ECOSOC (the United Nations Economic and Social Council) ambassador, under the leadership of our Permrep Jeanne Kirkpatrick; and subsequently as IO assistant secretary, working out of the State Department…. (more)

June 25, 2018
WASHINGTON TIMES — The mother and child in that now-iconic photo of family separation not only weren’t separated, but their claims of asylum are also likely bogus, experts tell the Washington Times. The woman, identified in news reports as Sandra Sanchez, was deported from the U.S. in 2013, which analysts said suggests her latest attempt to enter the U.S. is likely about illegal immigration rather than asylum…. (more)

June 25, 2018
WASHINGTON TIMES — The refusal of a Virginia restaurant owner to serve White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the latest incident in the escalating public hostility directed at President Trump and his aides, raising concerns among some conservatives about the potential for partisan-inspired violence…. (more)

June 25, 2018
ROBERT KNIGHT — The mental health industry isn’t what it used to be, although there are plenty of brilliant and compassionate analysts and counselors who help lots of people. Effective treatment depends a great deal on what is considered healthy and normal. And that keeps changing with the times, sometimes based on demands from identity groups…. (more)

June 24, 2018
NEWSMAX — House Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows took to Twitter on Saturday to attack the Justice Department for only turning over “a small percentage” of the document Congress has subpoenaed on the Russia investigation…. (more)

June 24, 2018
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON — There are lots of strange things throughout Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz’s massive report on the Hillary Clinton email investigation. One of the weirdest is the extent to which the FBI went to make up words and phrases to disguise reality…. (more)

June 24, 2018
WASHINGTON TIMES — A new report from Judicial Watch reveals a concerted effort from Sen. John McCain’s office to urge the IRS under Lois Lerner to strike out against political advocacy groups, including tea party organizations. Thanks to the results of an extensive Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that has been delayed for many years, Judicial Watch has obtained several key emails from 2013 that chronicle McCain’s and Democrat Sen. Carl Levin’s efforts to reign in the advocacy groups that sprouted immediately following the Citizens United decision from the Supreme Court…. (more)

June 24, 2018
THE EDITORS OF THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Maajid Nawaz is a former extremist whose new role, speaking out against extremism, got him branded as an extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC, which bracketed Nawaz with racists and anti-Islamic bigots, had to apologize, retract its publication, and pay Nawaz $3.4 million…. (more)

June 23, 2018
MEDIAITE — Time Magazine is standing by its decision to feature a young, crying Honduran girl on its cover after it came out the child was not actually separated from her mother under President Donald Trump’s immigration policy…. (more)

June 22, 2018
DAILY SIGNAL — Conservative Republican members of Congress are sharply criticizing their Democratic colleagues on immigration, accusing them of wanting to go back to so-called “catch and release” policies for illegal immigrants…. (more)

June 22, 2018
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY — While generally cautious about criticizing Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the Clinton-emails investigation, Trump supporters have taken aim at its chief logical flaw: Although key investigators harbored anti-Trump and pro-Clinton bias, and even made statements indicating an intention to act on that bias, the IG did not find that this bias was the proximate cause of any particular investigative decision…. (more)

June 22, 2018
NEWSMAX — The House is prepared to file articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein if the Department of Justice fails to fork over documents related to the Russia probe that lawmakers have requested by Friday…. (more)

June 22, 2018
NEWSMAX — Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Newsmax TV on Thursday night that embattled FBI agent Peter Strzok no longer has an active security clearance. Sessions appeared on “The Howie Carr Show” and confirmed one of the central figures in the Russia investigation is facing an uphill battle…. (more)

June 22, 2018
BYRON YORK — It was the most damaging of all the damaging texts exchanged between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. On Aug. 8, 2016, in the second week of the Trump-Russia investigation on which both were working, Page texted Strzok to say, “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Strzok responded, “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.”… (more)

June 22, 2018
BYRON YORK — The struggle to uncover the FBI’s conduct in the Trump-Russia probe has made some congressional investigators deeply suspicious of the bureau. But what do those investigators think the FBI actually did in its investigation of the Trump campaign, Russia, and the 2016 election?… (more)

June 22, 2018
WES VERNON — As acknowledged by most of the non-communist world, Ronald Reagan did civilization a monumental favor by “bringing down the Soviet Union without firing a shot.” The fact that destroying the “evil empire” did not “end communism,” which still spreads its influence largely unabated, or that the Soviet Union (Russia) may not have been crushed as thoroughly as it might have been, is, for the time being, a matter for another day. The truth is that in the post-Soviet world, today’s Russia is no longer a “super power” and is relatively weak, which for the time being bodes well (or so we hope)…. (more)

June 21, 2018
CLIFF KINCAID — In regard to the illegal invasion by criminal traffickers and child abusers from the narco-state of Mexico, Senator Tom Cotton noted on Tuesday that the liberals were promoting a “solution” to “family separation” that should be called the Child Trafficking Encouragement Act. He said the liberals want criminals to know that if they show up at the border with a minor and claim to be its parent, they get released into the U.S. He added, “The children will be abducted & sold to drug cartels & slave-traders as a free ticket into U.S.”… (more)

June 21, 2018
Fifty-six percent of independents join 82 percent of Republicans in that view
WASHINGTON TIMES — A majority of voters blame the parents of the separated children at the southwestern border for the current immigration crisis, not the federal government, according to a new poll. “When families are arrested and separated after attempting to enter the United States illegally, 54 percent of likely U.S. voters say the parents are more to blame for breaking the law,” says a Rasmussen Reports survey released Thursday…. (more)

June 21, 2018
CAL THOMAS — Need proof that the current controversy over children of undocumented immigrants is more political than humanitarian? Hillary Clinton said she was “adamantly against illegal immigrants” and supported a border wall until she ran for president in 2016…. (more)

June 21, 2018
THE GUARDIAN — Donald Trump has always proudly paraded his Time Magazine covers but the latest may not make it on to the walls at the golf club. The powerful image on this week’s cover depicts the US president looking down at a sobbing two-year-old girl next to the caption “Welcome to America”…though this girl’s father, Denis Valera, told Reuters she was kept with her mother, Sandra Sanchez, during their detention in the Texas border town of McAllen…. (more)

June 21, 2018
‘There simply is no excuse for this sort of mistake’
WASHINGTON FREE BEACON — ABC News issued an apology Wednesday after a banner during a live report claimed that former Donald Trump aide Paul Manafort had admitted to killing five people. The network covered President Donald Trump’s afternoon meeting live in anticipation of his announcement that he was issuing a directive to end the practice of separating parents and children caught crossing the border illegally…. (more)

June 21, 2018
WASHINGTON TIMES — One of the shouting socialists who chased Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen out of a D.C. Mexican restaurant Tuesday night is a Justice Department worker. Democratic Socialists of America member Allison Hrabar reveled in her actions Wednesday to the Washington Examiner, saying it “feels really good to confront people who are actually responsible” for arresting any illegal immigrants. One of the chants on the video says Immigrations and Customer Enforcement should be abolished…. (more)

June 21, 2018
WASHINGTON TIMES — Senators voted Wednesday to block President Trump’s $15.4 billion spending cuts package, with lawmakers saying it trimmed the budget too much. Brushing aside administration promises that the cuts were chiefly to money that was never going to be spent, the Senate voted 50-48 to keep the bill bottled up. Two Republicans – – Susan Collins of Maine and Richard Burr of North Carolina – – joined Democrats to defeat the package…. (more)

June 21, 2018
Applies quick fix while awaiting legislative action
ART MOORE — Amid a national outcry over the temporary separation of children from parents prosecuted for entering the country illegally, President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to keep the families together…. (more)


Barna Infographic | Evangelism in a Digital Age

With the ubiquitous use of social media and mobile devices, the way we communicate has evolved—and, inevitably, so has the way we talk about faith. In a new report produced in partnership with Lutheran Hour Ministries, Barna asked American adults about how they discuss spirituality online.

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Radical, Far-Right Supreme Court Recognizes Pro-Life Movement’s First Amendment Rights — The Babylon Bee

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Setting a dangerous precedent for the nation, the radical, far-right Supreme Court upheld the First Amendment rights of pro-life centers in its NIFLA v. Becerra decision earlier today. Five “obviously fascist” members of the court voted not to force pro-life centers to advertise abortions, narrowly beating out the four “brave resistance” justices who attempted to…

via Radical, Far-Right Supreme Court Recognizes Pro-Life Movement’s First Amendment Rights — The Babylon Bee

June 26, 2018 Afternoon Verse Of The Day

49:15 The Lord says: I will not forget you. The nuance of the verb suggests an even stronger assurance, “As for Me, I am unable to forget you.”[1]

49:15 — “Can a woman forget her nursing child, and not have compassion on the son of her womb? Surely they may forget, yet I will not forget you.”

God loves you more than any mother has ever loved her own son or daughter. Everything He does in your life, He does out of love and for love’s sake. He allows even the hard times for your benefit.[2]

49:15a woman forget her suckling Both masculine and feminine metaphors are used to describe Yahweh and His relationship with people. He is described as both mother (66:13), father (63:16), and sometimes husband to Israel (54:6).

I, I will not forget you Illustrates God’s love. While it is rare and unlikely for human parents to abandon their newborns, it is still possible. It is not possible for Yahweh to forget or fail to fully love His children.[3]

49:15 God’s covenant with Israel is again renewed in the most poignant terms. Could ever a mother forget her nursing child? Even if that unlikely event transpired, God would be found more faithful, never forgetting Israel.[4]

49:15 God responded by reflecting on the persistent memory of a mother. Indeed, v. 18 may imply that God addressed Zion as a husband addresses a wife. He understood what she was going through and would soon address her complaints.[5]

[1] Radmacher, E. D., Allen, R. B., & House, H. W. (1999). Nelson’s new illustrated Bible commentary (p. 859). Nashville: T. Nelson Publishers.

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Liberals Are Pushing The Country To The Edge — Christian Research Network

“There may be no coming back from this ledge, it seems we’re well past the point of no return. I hope I’m wrong. But having spent a year digging into how this liberal machine is designed to whip the unstable into a frenzy, the one thing I didn’t find was how they ever planned to turn it around.”

(Derek HaIl — Townhall)  In a time of crazy, it’s been a Hell of a week. I literally wrote the book on the liberal outrage culture and this week disturbed even me. There are some things you simply can’t undo, some ledges you can’t pull back from. We’re teetering on one now. How can we, as a nation, get back to civility or even just get along again?

The ability to agree to disagree is dead, murdered by leftists who demand absolute adherence to their political will or they declare you an enemy of the people and seek to destroy you. As long suspected, those “coexist” stickers on their Priuses were for show, they should read “obey” because obedience, in absolute terms, is the only acceptable way to “coexist” with the liberal mob.

Make no mistake, this mob is not the majority, or even anywhere close to plurality, but history is littered with examples of small, committed and violent gangs of thugs obtaining power through a willingness to do anything to get it. That’s what Democrats are becoming – American Castros, Khmer Rouge, Gestapo, or whatever example you like. These are all different sides of the same “progressive” dice and liberals are gearing up to roll them.

When the leadership of the party does not condemn mob action against a Cabinet Secretary while she’s having a meal or is at home, disrupting her entire neighborhood, the next steps are only more dangerous. And when the media willingly lies to advance the mob to those next steps, how do you pump the brakes on this runaway train?   View article →

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“This Is Just the Beginning” – Liberal Website Warns Republicans of 70’s Style Bombings — The Gateway Pundit

Splinter.com is a top liberal website with 586,000 followers on Twitter.

On Monday Splinter.com published a report threatening bombings because of President Trump’s policies.

The left is actually warning the country of bombings.

The left has gone from harassing and abusing Republicans at restaurants to bomb threats in less than one week!

Via Splinter.com:

Do you think that being asked to leave a restaurant, or having your meal interrupted, or being called by the public is bad? My fascism-enabling friends, this is only the beginning…

…Read a f*cking history book. Read a recent history book. The U.S. had thousands of domestic bombings per year in the early 1970s. This is what happens when citizens decide en masse that their political system is corrupt, racist, and unresponsive. The people out of power have only just begun to flex their dissatisfaction. The day will come, sooner that you all think, when Trump administration officials will look back fondly on the time when all they had to worry about was getting hollered at at a Mexican restaurant. When you aggressively f*ck with people’s lives, you should not be surprised when they decide to fuck with yours.

Stop working for this man. Stop enabling him. Stop assisting him. Start fighting him. The people who are responsible for what is happening are not going to get out of this with their happy wealthy respectable lives unscathed. This is a country that locks poor people in cages for decades for trying to make $20. This is a country that is “tough on crime.” Remember? And the ones who make the laws are not going to like what happens when America starts to regard them as the criminals.

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Rep. Maxine Waters Calls For ‘All Out War’ As Liberal Democrats Begin Aggressive Campaign Of Harassing Trump Supporters — Now The End Begins

When a high-ranking congresswoman like Maxine Waters can call for an ‘all-out war’ on President Trump and his supporters, bad things are in store.

Behold the Democrats. The Party of diversity, the Party of inclusion, the Party of tolerance. At least that’s what their marketing would have you to believe. Remember Michelle Obama’s ‘when they go low, we go high“? Yeah, nobody else does either. In 2018, the Democrat Party, furious that the 18 month Mueller investigation of President Trump failed to produce any evidence of collusion with Russia, had decided that vigilante justice might be a better approach.

So let’s take a look at how the Democrats are using verbal assaults and physical intimidation against Trump supporters:

  • SARAH SANDERS & FAMILY ATTACKED AT TWO RESTAURANTS: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee revealed his daughter Sarah Huckabee Sanders was heckled even more than what was originally said by owners of a Virginia restaurant who asked her to leave because she works for the Trump administration. Huckabee said, while speaking of the incident that took place initially at the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington on Friday: ‘There’s a part of that story that has not been told.’ He went on: ‘Once Sarah and her family left – of course Sarah was asked to please vacate – Sarah and her husband just went home, they’d had enough. But, the rest of her family went across the street to a different restaurant. ‘The owner of the Red Hen – nobody’s told this – then followed them across the street, called people and organized a protest, yelling and screaming at them from outside the other restaurant and creating this scene.’ source
  • FLORIDA GOP ATTORNEY GENERAL PAM BONDI ATTACKED WITH HER KIDS AT MOVIES: Florida GOP Attorney General Pam Bondi required a police escort away from a movie about Mister Rogers after activists yelled at her in Tampa — where two other Republican lawmakers say they were also politically harassed last week, one of them with her kids in tow. source
  • DEMOCRAT CONGRESSWOMAN MAXINE ‘CRAZY AUNTIE’ WATERS CALLS FOR MORE VIOLENCE: Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters, calling for attacks on the Trump administration at a rally in Los Angeles Saturday: “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” source
  • MSNBC HOST NICOLLE WALLACE WANTS TO ‘WRING’ SARAH SANDERS NECK: Sarah Sanders answered a question on a White House aide’s disparaging comments of Arizona Sen. John McCain during the daily press briefing Friday, mentioning the president “supports all Americans” and touted the president’s other achievements. Wallace commented on Sanders’ response in a graphic way on her Friday show. “Kristen Welker, how do you resist the temptation to run up and wring her neck?” Wallace said. “Why can’t she just say, ‘If a staffer said that, we’re going to get to the bottom of it, and she’ll be fired?’”
  • TRUMP ADMIN WORKERS TOLD TO GET GUNS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES:  “High level officials in the Trump administration, especially if their faces are likely to be recognized by many in the public as a result of appearances on TV, might want to consider applying for a license to carry a concealed weapon in the District of Columbia, and/or other states they frequent, in view of the call by Rep. Maxine Waters for the public to ‘absolutely harass’ these officials in public places, and other recent events indicating the increased danger they are in,” added public interest law professor John Banzhaf. source

And this is just the tip the Progressive iceberg now headed towards Trump supporters on all levels as the midterm elections are fast approaching. When a high-ranking congresswoman like Maxine Waters can call for an ‘all-out war’ on President Trump and his supporters, bad things are in store.

Remember heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson? He was a great fighter, one of the very best. But towards the end of his career, in a fight with Evander Holyfield, Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear. Twice. Why did he do it? Official explanation aside, Tyson knew he was losing to Holyfield, and that frustration led him to lash out in an unacceptable way with the violence of the ear biting. When I was a kid, I had a brother who would gloat when beating me at Monopoly, but when fortunes were reversed and I started to win, he would invariably knock the board to the ground out of frustration of his impending loss.

So it is with the Democrats. They got pounded in the 2016 elections. They are furious that Donald Trump is not actually guilty of Russian Collusion. They are angry that the economy is doing so well and that unemployment is at a 44-year low. And they see nothing but a Red State victory in the upcoming Midterms, and they are beside themselves with rage and fury.

Angry enough to kill? Pray that it doesn’t come to that. But yes, if the current course remains unchanged, that is exactly where things are going.

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Supreme Court Sides With President Trump and Calif. Pregnancy Centers — Christian Research Network


Court Upholds Trump Travel Ban, Rejects Discrimination Claim  

(Mark Sherman – AP) The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld President Donald Trump’s ban on travel from several mostly Muslim countries, rejecting a challenge that it discriminated against Muslims or exceeded his authority.

The 5-4 decision Tuesday is the court’s first substantive ruling on a Trump administration policy, and the president quickly tweeted his reaction: “Wow!”

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion, joined by his four conservative colleagues.

Roberts wrote that presidents have substantial power to regulate immigration. He also rejected the challengers’ claim of anti-Muslim bias.    View article →

Supreme Court Sides With Calif. Pregnancy Centers Challenging Law Requiring Provision of Info on Govt. Abortion Programs  

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in a 5-4 decision that a California law requiring pro-life pregnancy centers to provide information to clients regarding how they can take part in government programs that would allow them to obtain an abortion at little or no cost “likely violates the First Amendment.”

“California could inform low-income women about its services ‘without burdening a speaker with unwanted speech,’” wrote Justice Clarence Thomas on behalf of the majority. “Most obviously, it could inform the women itself with a public information campaign. California could even post the information on public property near crisis pregnancy centers.”    View article →

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‘Crisis of Democracy’: N.Y. Times Op-Ed Supports Abusing Republicans in Public, Ignores Liberals Shooting, Beating Conservatives — The Gateway Pundit

The New York Times published an op-ed by Michelle Goldberg Monday night that supports the public abuse Republicans and Trump administration officials have been subjected to this past week. Goldberg’s op-ed is titled, “We Have a Crisis of Democracy, Not Manners“. A sample of liberal violence against conservatives in recent years: A Republican Congressman shot,…

via ‘Crisis of Democracy’: N.Y. Times Op-Ed Supports Abusing Republicans in Public, Ignores Liberals Shooting, Beating Conservatives — The Gateway Pundit