How Love of Family Can Blind Us to Truth: Pray for Dr. Charles Stanley and His Son Andy

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I have always loved Charles Stanley.

I have written in other articles how Dr. Stanley provided spiritual nourishment to me as a young Christian.  I was not being fed at churches I was attending in those early years.  Watching Dr. Stanley’s sermons on TV provided me with sound teaching from the Word.

Andy Stanley

Dr. Stanley has gone through very difficult years since his wife divorced him. For a while there was much tension between Charles and his son Andy. At times, the tension would be better described as heated anger and even rage.

When Dr. Stanley’s wife, Anna, proceeded with the divorce, Andy told his father to send in a letter of resignation and then to leave it to the congregation as to whether they wanted him to remain.  Charles would not do it.

There were years of anger and frustration between Dr. Stanley and his son Andy. Eventually…

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