Poll: These 10 things symbolize the worst about America. The political-pundit class won’t like it. | TheBlaze

A new Ipsos/USA Today poll asked Americans to rate a list of items on how they symbolized the best and worst of America. Politicians were ranked most representative of what’s the worst about about the U.S.The survey presented a list of approximately 30 people, concepts, and professions and asked respondents to rate the items on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 being what’s worst about America and 7 being what’s best.The top vote-getters for what’s best about the U.S. were nurses (6.0), kindness to strangers (5.6), school teachers (5.5), speaking English (5.5), and Founding Fathers (5.5).The political and pundit class didn’t fare nearly as well. Nearly every name and profession connected to the political sphere came in near the bottom of the list.The 10 things that symbolize the worst about AmericaNo. 1: POLITICIANS (2.7)Niyazz/iStock/Getty Images PlusNo. 2: NANCY PELOSI (3.0)Alex Wong/Getty ImagesNo. 3: POLITICAL CORRECTNESS (3.3)JimVallee/iStock/Getty Images PlusNo. 4: PAUL RYAN (3.4)Toya Sarno Jordan/Getty ImagesNo. 5: DONALD TRUMP (3.4)Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty ImagesNo. 6: KNEELING DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM (3.4)Jonathan Ferrey/Getty ImagesNo. 7: JOE SCARBOROUGH (3.5)Chip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesNo. 8: RACHEL MADDOW (3.6)Brendan Hoffman/Getty ImagesNo. 9: BANKERS (3.7)noipornpan/iStock/Getty Images PlusNo. 10: TUCKER CARLSON (3.8)Roy Rochlin/Getty Images
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