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July 28: I Will Laud Your Deeds

2 Samuel 19:1–43; 2 Peter 3:1–13; Psalm 145:1–21

I grew up in a family of stoics. Through example, my siblings and I were taught to keep our emotions to ourselves. Displays of excessive affection or sorrow were regarded with some suspicion, and this played out in our expressions of faith.

Psalm 145 directly challenges such a mindset. The psalmist expresses why confessing God’s faithfulness is so important, especially to those we influence: “One generation will laud your works to another, and will declare your mighty deeds” (Psa 145:4). God’s mighty deeds were His redemptive acts—especially the exodus from Egypt. His greatness (Psa 145:6), His righteousness (Psa 145:7), His glory, and His power (Psa 145:11, 12) were expressed.

Our praise should be centered on God’s ultimate restorative work through His Son—an act that has brought us back into intimate communion with Him. We can bring our sorrows and failures to Him: “Yahweh upholds all who are falling, and raises up all who are bowed down” (Psa 145:14). He hears our desires and our cries when we call upon Him in truth (Psa 145:18–19). Calling on God in truth requires that we honestly examine our own emotions (Psa 145:18). When we bring our emotions to God, we should do so in either confession or praise.

James emphasizes that free expression isn’t always a value. Since we stumble in many ways, loose talk can be dangerous and destructive in communities (Jas 3:2–6). Both speaking and silence require wisdom. When we are quick to talk about God’s work of redemption and His work in us, our words bring Him honor. What better reason to be mindful of how our expressions affect those around us—especially those who look up to us.

How are you using expressions to honor God and uplift others?

Rebecca Van Noord[1]

[1] Barry, J. D., & Kruyswijk, R. (2012). Connect the Testaments: A One-Year Daily Devotional with Bible Reading Plan. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

July 28 Proving Your Faith

“In this you greatly rejoice, even though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been distressed by various trials, that the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold which is perishable, even though tested by fire, may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 1:6–7).


Proven faith brings joy and confidence.

Although some Christians fear that trials and persecutions can only rob them of their joy, Peter taught just the opposite. In fact, he said that joy comes not in spite of trouble but because of trouble. That’s because it’s easy to lose your joy if you doubt your salvation; but when your faith has been tested and proven to be genuine, doubts will disappear, and you’ll have joy and assurance.

Every trial you face is designed to test and perfect your faith, and God carefully controls their parameters to accomplish that purpose. Verse 6 specifies that they are temporary, necessary, distressing, and multi-faceted, but they should never diminish your joy. He won’t allow you to undergo more than you can bear (1 Cor. 10:13).

Peter used the analogy of an assayer or goldsmith to illustrate the purging process that produces proven faith (v. 7). The fire symbolizes trials, and the gold symbolizes your faith. Just as the refiner’s fire burns away the dross and leaves only pure gold, so God purges you through trials in order to reveal the purity of your faith.

That’s an appropriate analogy because gold was the most precious of metals and the standard for all monetary transactions. But as valuable as gold is, proven faith is infinitely more precious. Gold is temporal and perishable; proven faith is eternal.

So don’t fear trials when they come your way. Welcome them as opportunities to prove that your faith is real. Be encouraged that “after you have suffered a little [while], the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you” (1 Peter 5:10).


Suggestions for Prayer:  If you are currently going through a time of testing, ask God for the grace and wisdom to pass the test. Thank Him in advance for the joy and confidence you’ll gain when the test is over.

For Further Study: Read 2 Corinthians 11:23–28, noting the trials Paul endured for His faith in Christ.[1]

[1] MacArthur, J. F., Jr. (1993). Drawing Near—Daily Readings for a Deeper Faith (p. 222). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books.


For the body is not one member, but many.…Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular.

1 Corinthians 12:14, 27

Stating it in the most simple terms, the Christian Church, called to be the Body of Christ on earth, is the assembly of redeemed saints.

We meet in local congregations and assemblies, yet we know that we are not an end in ourselves. If we are going to be what we ought to be in the local church, we must come to think of ourselves as a part of something more expansive, something larger that God is doing throughout the world.

There is an important sense here in which we find that we “belong”—belonging to something that is worthy and valuable, and something that is going to last forever!

These are considerations concerning the whole Church, the Body of Christ, and the fact that in our local congregation we have the joyful sense of belonging to an amazing fellowship throughout the world. Every believing church has a part with us and we a part with them.

Brethren, the Church must have the enabling and the power of the Holy Spirit and the glow of the Shekinah glory—God within us. For then, even lacking everything else, you still have a true church!

Lord, this morning I pray for my sisters and brothers in Christ around the world. Encourage them and empower them to do good works in Your name today.[1]

[1] Tozer, A. W. (2015). Mornings with tozer: daily devotional readings. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers.

“Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Facing Sexual Abuse Reports, Resigns From the College of Cardinals” — Lighthouse Trails Inc

LTRP Note: For nearly sixteen years, Lighthouse Trails has been publishing resources related to child sexual abuse. Some may ask, how is that related to the Gospel? We believe pedophilia is part of what we call the death religion (really Satan’s “religion”) which includes: abortion, evolution, homosexuality, meditation/mysticism, antisemitism, pornography, and child sexual abuse). The … [Read more…]

via “Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Facing Sexual Abuse Reports, Resigns From the College of Cardinals” — Lighthouse Trails Inc

PA Catholic Nuclear Bomb — Christian Research Network

“If ever there was a marriage NOT made in heaven, it would be former Governor Keating and the bishops. It was obvious to anyone with half a brain that a good number of these bishops were guilty of extensive criminal behavior, and that they almost had to be sexual predators of some sort themselves.”

(Rod Dreher – The American Conservative)  Breaking news out of Pennsylvania: the state Supreme Court has ordered the release next month of a 900-page grand jury report that will discuss more than 300 “predator priests” in six of the state’s eight Catholic dioceses.

According to PennLive.com:

The findings, which exceed 800 pages, are widely expected to expose decades-old abuse of children at the hands of priests in the dioceses of Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Scranton, Erie and Greensburg.

From the Washington Post:

The report is sealed, and it’s not yet known what time period it investigates. In Pennsylvania, victims of child sex abuse have until they are 30 to file civil suits and until they are 50 to file criminal charges. The criminal age was extended in 2008 from age 30.

The grand jury report is investigative in nature and does not recommend charges of any kind against anyone. However, prosecutors can choose to file charges.

Think of it: over three hundred predator priests. Is there any time period under which a number like that could be adequately leavened. My God.

National Review‘s Michael Brendan Dougherty, who has become must reading since the McCarrick scandal broke, is on fire: View article →


Roman Catholic Church

via PA Catholic Nuclear Bomb — Christian Research Network

July 28, 2018 Afternoon Verse Of The Day

† 16:7 — But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

Even a godly man like Samuel couldn’t help but judge a man’s character by his appearance. This is why we must continually go to the Lord for His wisdom; only He sees the heart.[1]

16:7 his appearance … height of his stature. Samuel needed to be reminded that God’s anointed was not chosen because of physical attributes. This was initially a difficult concept for Samuel as he was accustomed to a king whose only positive attributes were physical. the Lord looks at the heart. The Hebrew concept of “heart” embodies emotions, will, intellect, and desires. The life of the man will reflect his heart (cf. Mt 12:34, 35).[2]

16:7 man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart. Outward appearance cannot predict whether someone will faithfully obey the Lord, for a person’s actions flow from his heart (cf. 2 Chron. 16:9; Ps. 51:10; Prov. 4:23; Mark 7:21–23; Luke 6:45; 1 Thess. 2:4). The “heart” in Scripture refers to a person’s inward moral and spiritual life, including the emotions, will, and reason.

16:7 The choice of David contrasts with people’s looking on outward appearance (10:23–24). The contrast prefigures people’s rejection of Christ’s humiliation and suffering (Isa. 53:3; 1 Cor. 1:18–31).[3]

16:7 the heart God emphasizes that superficial and non-spiritual considerations are not to be critical criteria for the choice of God’s leaders.[4]

16:7 stature, because I have rejected him. The reference to “stature” as a false measure of an individual’s qualification to be king, along with the notice that this son of Jesse is “rejected,” is reminiscent of Saul, who was notable for his height (9:2; 10:23) but was rejected (15:23, 26).

the Lord looks on the heart. It is an axiom that God’s standards are inward, not outward (13:14 note; Rom. 2:28, 29). See “God Sees and Knows: Divine Omniscience” at Prov. 15:3.[5]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (2005). The Charles F. Stanley life principles Bible: New King James Version (1 Sa 16:7). Nashville, TN: Nelson Bibles.

[2] MacArthur, J. F., Jr. (2006). The MacArthur study Bible: New American Standard Bible. (1 Sa 16:7). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

[3] Crossway Bibles. (2008). The ESV Study Bible (p. 517). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles.

[4] Barry, J. D., Mangum, D., Brown, D. R., Heiser, M. S., Custis, M., Ritzema, E., … Bomar, D. (2012, 2016). Faithlife Study Bible (1 Sa 16:7). Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

[5] Sproul, R. C. (Ed.). (2005). The Reformation Study Bible: English Standard Version (p. 402). Orlando, FL; Lake Mary, FL: Ligonier Ministries.

Top Weekly Stories from ChristianNews.net for 07/28/2018

Man Who Identifies as Woman Goes on Axe Attack, Hears Demonic Voices to ‘Start the Rise of Hell on Earth’   Jul 22, 2018 11:54 pm

SYDNEY — An Australian man who identifies as a woman who attempted to kill people with an axe at a 7-Eleven store last year while under the influence of drugs says that he heard voices telling him to “kill and maim” and to “start the rise of Hell on Earth.” According to SBS News Australia, the 26-year-old who goes by the name Evie Amati stood on trial this past…

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School District Threatens to Call Police if Christian Distributes Bibles on Campus   Jul 22, 2018 05:33 pm

LA HARPE, Ill. — A school district in Illinois has reportedly advised one of the nation’s most conspicuous Church-State separation groups that it has disallowed a local Christian from distributing Bibles on a street near an elementary school and told the man that the police will be called should he come on campus. The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion…

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Wyoming Air Force Base to Replace Bible on POW/MIA Table With ‘Generic Book of Faith’ Following Complaint   Jul 21, 2018 07:34 pm

Photo Credit: MRFF CHEYENNE, Wy. — A commander at an Air Force base in Wyoming has decided to replace a Bible on a “missing man” table meant to honor prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action with a “generic book of faith” filled with blank pages following receipt of a complaint lodged by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF). According to a…

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Christians in Iran Seized from Homes, Including Violent Imprisonment of Pastor   Jul 25, 2018 06:49 pm

(Morning Star News) – Three Christians in Iran were arrested from their homes today and yesterday following the violent arrest of pastor Yousef Nadarkhani on Sunday (July 22), according to advocacy group Middle East Concern (MEC). Pastor Nadarkhani, a convert from Islam like the others arrested, was awaiting a summons to begin a 10-year prison sentence after his…

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Man Killed Unborn Child by Beating His Pregnant Ex: ‘I Didn’t Want to Hurt Her, Just the Baby’   Jul 23, 2018 10:30 am

(PEOPLE) — An Alabama man who attacked his pregnant ex-girlfriend two years ago, killing their unborn child, told a friend afterward, “I didn’t want to hurt her, just the baby,” prosecutors said at the man’s trial this week in Birmingham. Christopher Ammons Kemp, 31, did not deny the March 2016 assault that capped weeks of separation between him and…

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Ohio Cafe to Continue Sunday Church Bulletin Discount Despite Threat From Atheist Organization   Jul 23, 2018 11:51 am

CHEVIOT, Ohio — A restaurant in Ohio says that it will continue offering its church bulletin discount on Sundays despite receipt of a complaint from one of the nation’s most conspicuous professing atheist groups. Starters Cafe, a new eatery in Cheviot, recently began offering a 10 percent discount to any patrons who brought in a church bulletin on Sundays. The…

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Judge Says Parents Can Remove Their Children From School if They Don’t Like ‘Transgender’ Restroom Use Policy   Jul 27, 2018 01:02 pm

Photo Credit: Vince Mig/Public Domain Pictures PORTLAND, Ore. — A federal judge in Oregon has rejected a lawsuit filed by concerned parents who challenged a school district’s policy allowing those with gender dysphoria to use the restroom and locker room that aligns with their gender identity, stating that if parents object, they have a right to remove their…

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Judge Rules Against New York AG Who Sued Pro-Life Christians for Allegedly ‘Harassing’ Women at Abortion Facility   Jul 21, 2018 04:45 pm

ALBANY, N.Y. — A federal judge has ruled against a lawsuit by the Office of the Attorney General of New York, which sued 13 pro-life Christians last year in alleging that they had engaged in repeated “harassment” of women outside an abortion facility in seeking to persuade the mothers not to kill their unborn child. Judge Carol Bagley Amon, appointed to the bench…

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Pharmacist ‘No Longer Employed by CVS’ After Declining to Fill Hormone ‘Therapy’ Prescriptions for Man Who Identifies as Woman   Jul 23, 2018 05:46 pm

PHOENIX, Ariz. — The popular pharmacy chain CVS says that an Arizona pharmacist is “no longer employed” with the company after he declined to fill prescriptions relating to a gender “transition” for a man who identifies as a woman. On Thursday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) shared a story written by the customer, who goes by the name Hilde Hall. He…

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Jiangxi Churches Asked to Replace Crosses With Flag, Image of Chinese President   Jul 25, 2018 09:29 am

XINYU, Jiangxi (China Aid) — Churches across Jiangxi received a warning from local authorities in early July, demanding that they dismantle their crosses, replace them with either an image of Chinese President Xi Jinping or the national flag, and keep their children away from church. In Xinyu—a city within Jiangxi—alone, more than 100 churches received this…

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RenewAmerica Newsletter for July 27, 2018

July 26, 2018
JERRY NEWCOMBE — Barely a week goes by without some news about the transgender issue. Recently, some declared that babies should be called “theybies” – since we don’t know whether they’re male or female until they decide for themselves…. (more)

July 26, 2018
BRYAN FISCHER — The Bible’s view of human sexuality is quite direct: God created them “male and female” (Genesis 1:27). There are two sexes, or genders, and only two. Period. People may be confused about their sexual identity, but the solution in such cases is to help them reconcile their mental view of themselves with biological reality. It is not to mutilate the human body in a vain attempt to work things the other way round…. (more)

July 26, 2018
CNBC — Facebook on Thursday posted the largest one-day loss in market value by any company in U.S. stock market history after releasing a disastrous quarterly report. The social media giant’s market capitalization plummeted by $119 billion to $510 billion as its stock price plummeted by 19 percent. At Wednesday’s close, Facebook’s market cap had totaled nearly $630 billion, according to FactSet…. (more)

July 26, 2018
JIM TERRY — James Clapper is offended that President Trump has threatened to remove Clapper’s security clearance. John Brennan said President Trump committed treason in his meeting with Vladimir Putin. What do these two opponents of Trump have in common? Both are political hacks…. (more)

July 26, 2018
NEWSMAX — House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows said Thursday he was tabling efforts to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, saying after meeting with Republican leaders that he would pursue contempt measures if Congress did not soon receive subpoenaed documents on the Russia probe. “I think the very first order of business would be moving the House to a contempt vote,” the North Carolina Republican told reporters at the Capitol, The Hill reports…. (more)

July 26, 2018
Public should have ‘unbiased look’ at spy-warrant hearings
BOB UNRUH — On heels of obtaining a copy of the FBI’s application for permission to spy on former Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page, Washington watchdog Judicial Watch now is asking for copies of transcripts of hearings related to the surveillance. Judicial Watch on Tuesday filed a motion in the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to obtain the transcripts…. (more)

July 25, 2018
Party leaders ‘no longer appear’ in drop-down search box
WORLDNETDAILY — Twitter’s newest way to attack and limit the reach of the Republican Party has been found, and is being described by VICE News. The social media site is using “a technique known as ‘shadow banning” to limit the visibility of prominent Republicans in search results,” the news site reports its own research found. It explains Twitter calls it a “side effect” of its work to improve discourse…. (more)

July 25, 2018
Xavier Becerra pledged to ‘stand with Planned Parenthood’
BOB UNRUH — A defendant in an unprecedented case brought by the state of California against undercover journalists who documented Planned Parenthood’s baby-body-parts-for-sale scheme is charging the chief of the prosecution team, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, is biased because he pledged to “stand with Planned Parenthood.”… (more)

July 25, 2018
Joseph Farah asks readers to help with ultimate explanation of the Good News
JOSEPH FARAH — If I asked you to define the Gospel, what would you say? Which verses of the Bible would you point out that explain it? If some stranger ask you to tell them the Good News of Jesus the Messiah, how would you respond? Have you ever shared the Gospel with others?… (more)

July 25, 2018
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY — On a sleepy summer Saturday, after months of stonewalling, the FBI dumped 412 pages of documents related to the Carter Page FISA surveillance warrants – – the applications, the certifications, and the warrants themselves. Now that we can see it all in black and white – – mostly black, as they are heavily redacted – – it is crystal clear that the Steele dossier, an unverified Clinton-campaign product, was the driving force behind the Trump – -Russia investigation…. (more)

July 25, 2018
Signing of FISA spy warrant makes deputy AG ‘fact witness’ in probe
ART MOORE — One conclusion that can be drawn from the newly released application the FBI and Justice Department used to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign in 2016 is that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should recuse himself from ongoing investigations of the matter, a congressman contends…. (more)

July 25, 2018
Trump’s critics need a scapegoat to explain why they haven’t managed to vanquish him.
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON — Russianism is a psychological malady in which furor at Donald Trump’s election victory and presidency – – and the ensuing depression resulting from the inability to abort it – – finds release through fixation on Russia…. (more)

July 25, 2018
BYRON YORK — The release of a heavily-redacted version of the FBI’s application for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to wiretap onetime Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page has spurred calls to remove the redactions, to un-black out the pages blacked out by the FBI before the document was made public…. (more)

July 24, 2018
WASHINGTON TIMES — Americans have a constitutional right to openly carry firearms, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday, delivering a major victory to gun rights supporters. While courts previously have recognized the right to own firearms to protect the home, the decision by the three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit extends that into the public sphere, calling it a “core Second Amendment right.”… (more)

July 24, 2018
WASHINGTON TIMES — No more “undocumented” immigrants, just “illegal aliens.” CNN reported Tuesday evening that the Justice Department has told its attorneys that the term “undocumented” is inaccurate according to U.S. immigration law and that they should start using the legally correct term. “Illegal alien” is the accurate term used in the U.S. Code, the email reportedly says…. (more)

July 24, 2018
ALAN KEYES — In an article published last month, WND’s Bob Unruh reported that Amazon.com is acting on information provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to subject people to the deprivation of rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. Now comes this further report:… (more)

July 23, 2018
WASHINGTON TIMES — The FBI continued to tell judges that dossier writer Christopher Steele wasn’t the source of a news article the bureau used to corroborate a wiretap application when in fact Mr. Steele had publicly acknowledged that he fed the anti-Trump story. This chronology is contained in four heavily censored Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act applications obtained by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act…. (more)

July 23, 2018
BYRON YORK — The weekend release of a highly-redacted version of the FBI’s application for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to wiretap onetime Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page has renewed the argument over the Nunes memo – – the brief report produced by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes detailing problems in the application…. (more)

July 23, 2018
WASHINGTON TIMES — President Trump on Sunday said top-secret documents prove the FBI spied on his 2016 campaign in an “illegal scam,” putting him at odds with Capitol Hill lawmakers, including Republicans, who insist federal authorities were justified in tracking foreign policy adviser Carter Page…. (more)

July 23, 2018
Says he never acted as foreign agent
WASHINGTON TIMES — Carter Page, a former Trump campaign adviser, said the warrant FBI agents used to snoop on him is “so ridiculous” and “misleading” and that he never acted as a Russian agent. “I’ve never been an agent of a foreign power by any stretch of the imagination,” Mr. Page told CNN’s State of the Union…. (more)

July 23, 2018
NEWSMAX — Ripping the redactions of the recently released FISA documents, civil liberties expert Alan Dershowitz denounced the “flawed” special counsel process that has rendered “more questions than answers.” “The process is a very flawed one, and the more the American people know about it, the more distressed they are at how special counsels operate, particularly in the context of political elections,” Dershowitz told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.” “We need to know more not less. We need less redaction, more transparency, and we have the right to judge for ourselves whether or system of justice is operating fairly, within the Constitution, and consistent with civil liberties…. (more)

July 23, 2018
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — President Trump plans to help set the conditions for a successful revolution by the Iranian people against the Islamic Republic, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Sunday. “There are times when things happen that are unexpected, unanticipated; our revolution would be one of them,” Pompeo said Sunday night at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Calif…. (more)

July 23, 2018
ROBERT KNIGHT — Last Tuesday in South Africa, Barack Obama gave a speech with some lines right out of a Donald Trump stemwinder. If you didn’t pay close attention, you might have thought that he had become a born-again conservative. He defended free markets and entrepreneurial capitalism. He argued for the importance of national borders and lawful immigration. He argued for honesty and the rule of law. He even took a swipe at identity group politics…. (more)

July 23, 2018
Sees ‘conspiracy’ against President Trump: ‘the Deep State is deep rooted’
WASHINGTON TIMES — Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro has a new book, and the title explains all: “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy,” released last week by Center Street. It currently is the No. 1 overall top-seller at Amazon, as well as topping the political categories…. (more)

July 22, 2018
WASHINGTON TIMES — President Trump on Saturday accused special counsel Robert Mueller of prolonging the Russia probe in order to help Democrats in the midterm elections. “The Rigged Witch Hunt, headed by the 13 Angry Democrats (and now 4 more have been added, one who worked directly for Obama W.H.), seems intent on damaging the Republican Party’s chances in the November Election. This Democrat excuse for losing the ’16 Election never ends!” tweeted Mr. Trump…. (more)


July 28 True Commitment

Another of the disciples said to Him, “Lord, permit me first to go and bury my father.” But Jesus said to him, “Follow Me, and allow the dead to bury their own dead.”—Matt. 8:21–22

Like the scribe, this second man disappears from the record after approaching Jesus. Evidently the Lord’s discipleship demands were too strict and the appeal of discipleship vanished (cf. Matt. 19:16–22). Christ’s instruction to follow Him simply means, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me” (Matt. 16:24).

The Lord Jesus always made it clear that commitment must be complete or not at all. Consider this:

I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household. He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. (Matt. 10:34–38)

This is not speaking of Christian service but of salvation. God won’t save anyone who comes to him with strings attached.

People have long admired Christ for His authority, moral teaching, ethical standards, love and healing, even His deity. But in spite of all that, they have failed to submit themselves to Him. J. C. Ryle has written, “The saddest road to hell is the one that runs under the pulpit, past the Bible, and through the middle of warnings and invitations.”


How have you suffered rejection and disdain for your Christian faith? What would still be lacking in your life if you had the acceptance of others but not the acceptance of Christ?[1]

[1] MacArthur, J. (2008). Daily readings from the life of Christ (p. 218). Chicago: Moody Publishers.


…But we know that when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.

1 JOHN 3:2

The Bible does not approve of modern curiosity that plays with the Scriptures and which seeks only to impress credulous and gullible audiences!

I cannot think of even one lonely passage in the New Testament which speaks of Christ’s revelation, manifestation, appearing or coming that is not directly linked with moral conduct, faith and spiritual holiness.

The appearing of the Lord Jesus on this earth once more is not an event upon which we may curiously speculate—and when we do only that we sin! The prophetic teacher who engages in speculation to excite the curiosity of his hearers without providing them with a moral application is sinning even as he speaks.

There have been enough foolish formulas advanced about the return of Christ by those who were simply curious to cause many believers to give the matter no further thought or concern. But Peter said to expect “the appearing of Jesus Christ.”

Paul said there is a crown of righteousness laid up in glory for all those who love His appearing. John spoke of his hope of seeing Jesus and bluntly wrote: “Every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.”

Are you ready for the appearing of Jesus Christ? Or are you among those who are merely curious about His coming?[1]

[1] Tozer, A. W., & Smith, G. B. (2015). Evenings with tozer: daily devotional readings. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers.

Why the God of the Qur’an Cannot Forgive Sins | The Cripplegate

Almost every system or religion proposes some sort of love. From systems in the east to the west, they feature some concept of love. Both the Qur’an and the Bible do so. They both teach that God is loving. But, what do they mean by love? And, what is it about the God of the Qur’an and the God of the Bible that renders them loving? Most assertions of love remain in realm of abstract or human-to-human benevolence. How can we tangibly measure love?

Today’s post is our sixth and final part of a series studying various differences between the sacred book of Islam, the Qur’an, and that of the Christianity, the Bible. In part one, we looked at a brief introduction to Quranic Islam, observing the development of the Quranic text. In part two, we noted the major differences between the God of the Qur’an and that of the Bible. Third, we studied nine differences between the Jesus of the Qur’an and the Bible. In part four, we observed the differences between the doctrine of salvation in the Qur’an and the Bible, noticing that the Qur’an teaches a works-based righteousness. Part five covered the difference between the integrity of the Qur’an and the Bible, noting a catastrophic conundrum for Quranic Islam. Finally, we examine the differences between the love of the God of the Bible and that of the Qur’an.

When matched against one another verse-by-verse, there is a gaping difference between the love of the God of the Qur’an and the God of the Bible. For example, there is is nothing like Romans 8 in the Qur’an, and thus no enthusiastic sovereign assurance of love from eternity past through eternity future. There is no John 10 in the Qur’an, and thus no stunning statements of a life-giving, sacrificial love of God. There is no Psalm 23 in the Qur’an, because the God of the Qur’an is not said to be an ever-present, loving Shepherd-leader. There is no Isaiah 54:5-8 or Ephesians 5:25, and thus no likening God’s love to that of a perfect and passionate husband. There is no Psalm 62, 34, or, 37. There is no John 3:16-21, Romans 5:8, nor a Revelation 21:6-7. We could go on.

The God of the Qur’an is said to love, and not love, certain type of people. For example, he loves Moses (Surah 20:39), those who do good (Surah 2:195, ,3:134, 3:148, 5:14, 5:96), those who are pure and clean (Surah 2:222, 9:108), those who are righteous (Surah 3:76, 9:4, 9:7, 19:96), those who judge with equity (Surah 5:45, 49:9, 60:8), those who trust him (Surah 3:159), those who are steadfast (Surah 3:146), those who follow Muhammad (Surah 3:31), and he loves those who fight in his cause (Surah 61:4). But this is a conditional love based upon the merit of the recipient, and not a sovereign-grace based love as that of the God of the Bible.

As it pertains to the love of God, the greatest difference between the Qur’an and the Bible comes down to the death of Christ for our sin. Christ’s finished work on the cross sets the love of the Bible in an entirely different category. One verse will be sufficient to observe the great gulf that lies between the love of God in Christ and all other love.

“In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins” (1 John 4:10).

Love in Christianity is not first about something that man does: “not that we loved God, but that He loved us.” When most systems speak of love, they go no farther than commands of external benevolence towards others. But the love of the Bible centers first in God’s love towards humanity. And there’s more.

God’s love is tangible, historic, and sacrificial. It is tangible: God sent his Son. A Person came and was given. God’s love is historic: men and women observed the giving and sending of the Son. It happened in plain sight. God’s love is sacrificial: he sent his Son to be the propitiation.

We can talk about differences between the Qur’an and the Bible as it pertains to textual integrity and such things, but herein lies one of the great chasms between Islam and Christianity; propitiation. First John says that God loved us in this terrible and wonderful thing called propitiation.

Propitiation means to appease wrath. Biblically, it refers to the just placating of God’s righteous wrath due sinners for their offenses against him. Of all words in the Christian faith, we must understand the terror and wonder of propitiation. If we fail to understand propitiation, we fail to understand the single greatest love in the universe.

As we plunge ourselves into the concept of propitiation, we will understand the love that separates the God of the Bible from that of the God of the Qur’an. Surah 4:157 reads:

And for their saying, “We have killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the Messenger of God.” In fact, they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but it appeared to them as if they did. Indeed, those who differ about him are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it, except the following of assumptions. Certainly, they did not kill him.

Quranic Muslims quote Surah 4:157, scratch their head at times and ask, “How could God allow Jesus the prophet to go through such a terrible end as crucifixion? It is unthinkable.” Biblical Christians respond, “Love.” This is God’s love. God loved us by sending his Son to be our propitiation.

God is a holy God. He loathes sin with righteous anger. And he must loathe sin because he is good; not relatively good, but absolutely good. God’s holiness is a blazing holiness. We ask our Muslim friends, “Have you sinned? Have you ever thought a wrong thought? Been motivated by a wrong motivation? Have your motives always and only been for the glory, honor, and applause of God?”

One impure thought incites God’s wrath. Your motives stir up God’s anger. All and any sin incites God’s anger

Even more, we ask, “Did you have to be taught how to sin?” When your two-year old chucks his Cheetos at you, did you have to teach him that? Did you teach him to say, “NO!” and to scale the cupboards and hijack the cookie jar?

Doing wrong is natural to us because our nature is wrong. And so, even our nature incites God’s wrath.

What are we to do? Can we simply be forgiven? The God of the Qur’an is said to be “all-forgiving, most merciful” (Surah 24:22). On the surface this seems loving. But it is not only lacking, but a fictitious forgiveness because it is a forgiveness without propitiation. If God is holy and just, then the only way to forgive is by propitiation through a righteous substitute.

Imagine a thief, rapist, and murder brought before a judge and he says, “Well, you’re all forgiven because I am all-forgiving and most merciful.” This would be an extraordinarily wicked judge. He releases the wicked apart from justice. Notwithstanding his claims to be all-forgiving and most merciful, he’s as bad as the criminals. But if that judge brought in a righteous substitute to receive the just sentence for each of those criminals, then the judge would uphold the law by forgiving justly.

To be sure, the God of the Bible is all-forgiving and most merciful. He forgives and forgives and forgives because he is loving. But how? How can a God of blazing holiness forgive even one monstrously depraved rebel like a human? Propitiation. Propitiation gives wheels and movement to the sovereign love of God. There can be a love from God in common grace towards his enemies (cf. Matt. 5:44-47), but propitiation-rendering forgiveness sends love to a jaw-dropping magnitude.

Moved for his own glory and compassion on hell-deserving sinners, God the Father sent God the Son to live under the law, that he might become a wrath-bearing sacrifice for the beloved of God. Christ lived in such a way that every motive, every thought, every desire, and every action rendered God the honor, worship, and glory he is due. Jesus thus never needed forgiveness. Then, he went to the cross to make forgiveness actual for those who desperately need it. At the cross, the crushing justice of God’s wrath thundered upon his impeccable Son. That for which the unrighteous are forgiven crushes the righteous Son, that the unrighteous become righteous. God demonstrates love by propitiation. Propitiation is what distinguishes God from all others. The cross renders the love of the God of the Bible incomparable.

When we speak to Muslims, we must speak of the tangible and terrible love of God in propitiation through the finished work of Christ. For a deity to be deity—truly deity in holiness, righteousness, and love—he must love in propitiation, or he cannot love at all.

“For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom. 8:38-39).
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July 28 Peaceful Relationships

Live peaceably with all men.

Romans 12:18

By definition, a peaceful relationship cannot be one–sided. You must do your part to make sure that your side of a relationship is right. Your inner desire, with God’s help, should be to live in peace with everyone, even the most sinful, hard-to-get-along–with people.

Short of compromising the Word of God, you ought to extend yourself to great lengths to build peaceful bridges to those who persecute you and hate you. If you set aside any grudge or bitterness and from the heart completely forgive your enemies, you can honestly seek reconciliation with them.[1]

[1] MacArthur, J. (2001). Truth for today : a daily touch of God’s grace (p. 229). Nashville, Tenn.: J. Countryman.

“Vladimir The Terrible” – US Deep State Desperately Needs A Russian Villain To Cover Its Tracks | Zero Hedge

Authored by Robert Bridge via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Conventional wisdom would have us believe that Russia became America’s sworn enemy in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. As is often the case, however, conventional wisdom can be illusory.

In the momentous 2016 showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, a faraway dark kingdom known as Russia, the fantastic fable goes, hijacked that part of the American brain responsible for critical thinking and lever pulling with a few thousand dollars’ worth of Facebook and Twitter adverts, bots and whatnot. The result of that gross intrusion into the squeaky clean machinery of the God-blessed US election system is now more or less well-documented history brought to you by the US mainstream media: Donald Trump, with some assistance from the Russians that has never been adequately explained, pulled the presidential contest out from under the wobbly feet of Hillary Clinton.

For those who unwittingly bought that work of fiction, I can only offer my sincere condolences. In fact, Russiagate is just the latest installment of an anti-Russia story that has been ongoing since the presidency of George W. Bush.

Act 1: Smokescreen

Rewind to September 24th, 2001. Having gone on record as the first global leader to telephone George W. Bush in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Putin showed his support went beyond mere words. He announced a five-point plan to support America in the ‘war against terror’ that included the sharing of intelligence, as well as the opening of Russian airspace for US humanitarian flights to Central Asia.

In the words of perennial Kremlin critic, Michael McFaul, former US ambassador to Russia, Putin’s “acquiescence to NATO troops in Central Asia signaled a reversal of two hundred years of Russian foreign policy. Under Yeltsin, the communists, and the tsars, Russia had always considered Central Asia as its ‘sphere of influence.’ Putin broke with that tradition.”

In other words, the new Russian leader was demonstrating his desire for Russia to have, as Henry Kissinger explained it some seven years later, “a reliable strategic partner, with America being the preferred choice.”

This leads us to the question for the ages: If it was obvious that Russia was now fully prepared to enter into a serious partnership with the United States in the ‘war on terror,’ then how do we explain George W. Bush announcing the withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty just three months later?

There are some things we may take away from that move, which Putin tersely and rightly described as a “mistake.”

First, Washington must not have considered a security partnership with Moscow very important, since they certainly understood that Russia would respond negatively to the decision to scrap the 30-year-old ABM Treaty.

Second, the US must not considered the ‘war on terror’ very serious either; otherwise it would not have risked losing Russian assistance in hunting down the baddies in Central Asia and the Middle East, geographical areas where Russia has gained valuable experience over the years. This was a remarkably odd choice considering that the US military apparatus had failed spectacularly to defend the nation against a terrorist attack, coordinated by 19 amateurs, armed with box cutters, no less.

Third, as was the case with the decision to invade Iraq, a country with nodiscernible connection to the events of 9/11, as well as the imposition of the pre-drafted Patriot Act on a shell-shocked nation, the decision to break with Russia seems to have been a premeditated move on the global chessboard. Although it would be hard to prove such a claim, we can take some guidance from Rahm Emanuel, former Obama Chief of Staff, who notoriously advised, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

So why did Bush abrogate the ABM Treaty with Russia? The argument was that some “rogue state,” rumored to be Iran, might be tempted to launch a missile attack against “US interests abroad.” Yet there was absolutely no logic to the claim since Tehran was inextricably bound by the same principle of “mutually assured destruction” (MAD) as were any other states that tempted fate with a surprise attack on US-Israeli interests. Further, it made no sense to focus attention on Shia-dominant Iran when the majority of the terrorists, allegedly acolytes of Osama bin Laden, reportedly hailed from Sunni-dominant Saudi Arabia. In other words, the Bush administration happily sacrificed an invincible relationship with Russia in the war on terror in order to guard against some external threat that only nominally existed, with a missile defense system that was largely unproven in the field. Again, zero logic.

However, when it is considered that the missile defense system was tailor-made by America specifically with Russia in mind, the whole scheme begins to make more sense, at least from a strategic perspective. Thus, the Bush administration used the attacks of 9/11 to not only dramatically curtail the civil rights of American citizens with the passage of the Patriot Act, it also took the first steps towards encircling Russia with a so-called ‘defense system’ that has the capacity to grow in effectiveness and range.

For those who thought Russia would just sit back and let itself be encircled by foreign missiles, they were in for quite a surprise. In March 2018, Putin stunned the world, and certainly Washington’s hawks, by announcing in the annual Address to the Federal Assembly the introduction of advanced weapons systems – including those with hypersonic capabilities – designed to overcome any missile defense system in the world.

These major developments by Russia, which Putin emphasized was accomplished “without the benefit” of Soviet-era expertise, has fueled the narrative that “Putin’s Russia” is an aggressive nation with “imperial ambitions,” when in reality its goal was to form a bilateral pact with the United States and other Western states almost two decades ago post 9/11.

Now, US officials can only wring their hands in angst while speaking about an “aggressive Russia.”

“Russia is the most significant threat just because they pose the only existential threat to the country right now. So we have to look at that from that perspective,” declared Air Force Gen. John Hyten, commander of US Strategic Command, or STRATCOM.

Putin reiterated in his Address, however, that there would have been no need for Russia to have developed such advanced weapon systems if its legitimate concerns had not been dismissed by the US.

“Nobody wanted to talk with us on the core of the problem,” he said. “Nobody listened to us. Now you listen!”

To be continued: Part II: Reset, or ‘Overcharged’
— Read on www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-07-27/vladimir-terrible-us-deep-state-desperately-needs-russian-villain-cover-its-tracks

American Society Would Collapse If It Weren’t For These 8 Myths | Zero Hedge

“Our society should’ve collapsed by now. You know that, right?”

No society should function with this level of inequality (with the possible exception of one of those prison planets in a “Star Wars” movie). Sixty-three percent of Americans can’t afford a $500 emergency. Yet Amazon head Jeff Bezos is now worth a record $141 billion. He could literally end world hunger for multiple years and still have more money left over than he could ever spend on himself.

Worldwide, one in 10 people only make $2 a day. Do you know how long it would take one of those people to make the same amount as Jeff Bezos has? 193 million years. (If they only buy single-ply toilet paper.) Put simply, you cannot comprehend the level of inequality in our current world or even just our nation.

So … shouldn’t there be riots in the streets every day? Shouldn’t it all be collapsing? Look outside. The streets aren’t on fire. No one is running naked and screaming (usually). Does it look like everyone’s going to work at gunpoint? No. We’re all choosing to continue on like this.


Well, it comes down to the myths we’ve been sold. Myths that are ingrained in our social programming from birth, deeply entrenched, like an impacted wisdom tooth. These myths are accepted and basically never questioned.

I’m going to cover eight of them. There are more than eight. There are probably hundreds. But I’m going to cover eight because (A) no one reads a column titled “Hundreds of Myths of American Society,” (B) these are the most important ones and (C) we all have other shit to do.

Myth No. 8—We have a democracy.

If you think we still have a democracy or a democratic republic, ask yourself this: When was the last time Congress did something that the people of America supported that did not align with corporate interests? … You probably can’t do it. It’s like trying to think of something that rhymes with “orange.” You feel like an answer exists but then slowly realize it doesn’t. Even the Carter Center and former President Jimmy Carter believe that America has been transformed into an oligarchy: A small, corrupt elite control the country with almost no input from the people. The rulers need the myth that we’re a democracy to give us the illusion of control.

Myth No. 7—We have an accountable and legitimate voting system.

Gerrymandering, voter purging, data mining, broken exit polling, push polling, superdelegates, electoral votes, black-box machines, voter ID suppression, provisional ballots, super PACs, dark money, third parties banished from the debates and two corporate parties that stand for the same goddamn pile of fetid crap!

What part of this sounds like a legitimate election system?

No, we have what a large Harvard study called the worst election system in the Western world. Have you ever seen where a parent has a toddler in a car seat, and the toddler has a tiny, brightly colored toy steering wheel so he can feel like he’s driving the car? That’s what our election system is—a toy steering wheel. Not connected to anything. We all sit here like infants, excitedly shouting, “I’m steeeeering!”

And I know it’s counterintuitive, but that’s why you have to vote. We have to vote in such numbers that we beat out what’s stolen through our ridiculous rigged system.

Myth No. 6—We have an independent media that keeps the rulers accountable.

Our media outlets are funded by weapons contractors, big pharma, big banks, big oil and big, fat hard-on pills. (Sorry to go hard on hard-on pills, but we can’t get anything resembling hard news because it’s funded by dicks.) The corporate media’s jobs are to rally for war, cheer for Wall Street and froth at the mouth for consumerism. It’s their mission to actually fortify belief in the myths I’m telling you about right now. Anybody who steps outside that paradigm is treated like they’re standing on a playground wearing nothing but a trench coat.

Myth No. 5—We have an independent judiciary.

The criminal justice system has become a weapon wielded by the corporate state. This is how bankers can foreclose on millions of homes illegally and see no jail time, but activists often serve jail time for nonviolent civil disobedience. Chris Hedges recently noted, “The most basic constitutional rights … have been erased for many. … Our judicial system, as Ralph Nader has pointed out, has legalized secret law, secret courts, secret evidence, secret budgets and secret prisons in the name of national security.”

If you’re not part of the monied class, you’re pressured into releasing what few rights you have left. According to The New York Times, “97 percent of federal cases and 94 percent of state cases end in plea bargains, with defendants pleading guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence.”

That’s the name of the game. Pressure people of color and poor people to just take the plea deal because they don’t have a million dollars to spend on a lawyer. (At least not one who doesn’t advertise on beer coasters.)

Myth No. 4—The police are here to protect you. They’re your friends.

That’s funny. I don’t recall my friend pressuring me into sex to get out of a speeding ticket. (Which is essentially still legal in 32 states.)

The police in our country are primarily designed to do two things: protect the property of the rich and perpetrate the completely immoral war on drugs—which by definition is a war on our own people.

We lock up more people than any other country on earth. Meaning the land of the free is the largest prison state in the world. So all these droopy-faced politicians and rabid-talking heads telling you how awful China is on human rights or Iran or North Korea—none of them match the numbers of people locked up right here under Lady Liberty’s skirt.

Myth No. 3—Buying will make you happy.

This myth is put forward mainly by the floods of advertising we take in but also by our social engineering. Most of us feel a tenacious emptiness, an alienation deep down behind our surface emotions (for a while I thought it was gas). That uneasiness is because most of us are flushing away our lives at jobs we hate before going home to seclusion boxes called houses or apartments. We then flip on the TV to watch reality shows about people who have it worse than we do (which we all find hilarious).

If we’re lucky, we’ll make enough money during the week to afford enough beer on the weekend to help it all make sense. (I find it takes at least four beers for everything to add up.) But that doesn’t truly bring us fulfillment. So what now? Well, the ads say buying will do it. Try to smother the depression and desperation under a blanket of flat-screen TVs, purses and Jet Skis. Nowdoes your life have meaning? No? Well, maybe you have to drive that Jet Ski a little faster! Crank it up until your bathing suit flies off and you’ll feel alive!

The dark truth is that we have to believe the myth that consuming is the answer or else we won’t keep running around the wheel. And if we aren’t running around the wheel, then we start thinking, start asking questions. Those questions are not good for the ruling elite, who enjoy a society based on the daily exploitation of 99 percent of us.

Myth No. 2—If you work hard, things will get better.

According to Deloitte’s Shift Index survey: “80% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs” and “[t]he average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime.” That’s about one-seventh of your life—and most of it is during your most productive years.

Ask yourself what we’re working for. To make money? For what? Almost none of us are doing jobs for survival anymore. Once upon a time, jobs boiled down to:

I plant the food—>I eat the food—>If I don’t plant food = I die.

But nowadays, if you work at a café—will someone die if they don’t get their super-caf-mocha-frap-almond-piss-latte? I kinda doubt they’ll keel over from a blueberry scone deficiency.

If you work at Macy’s, will customers perish if they don’t get those boxer briefs with the sweat-absorbent-ass fabric? I doubt it. And if they do die from that, then their problems were far greater than you could’ve known. So that means we’re all working to make other people rich because we have a society in which we have to work. Technological advancements can do most everything that truly must get done.

So if we wanted to, we could get rid of most work and have tens of thousands of more hours to enjoy our lives. But we’re not doing that at all. And no one’s allowed to ask these questions—not on your mainstream airwaves at least. Even a half-step like universal basic income is barely discussed because it doesn’t compute with our cultural programming.

Scientists say it’s quite possible artificial intelligence will take away all human jobs in 120 years. I think they know that will happen because bots will take the jobs and then realize that 80 percent of them don’t need to be done! The bots will take over and then say, “Stop it. … Stop spending a seventh of your life folding shirts at Banana Republic.”

One day, we will build monuments to the bot that told us to enjoy our lives and … leave the shirts wrinkly.

And this leads me to the largest myth of our American society.

Myth No. 1—You are free.

And I’m not talking about the millions locked up in our prisons. I’m talking about you and me. If you think you’re free, try running around with your nipples out, ladies. Guys, take a dump on the street and see how free you are.

I understand there are certain restrictions on freedom we actually desire to have in our society—maybe you’re not crazy about everyone leaving a Stanley Steamer in the middle of your walk to work. But a lot of our lack of freedom is not something you would vote for if given the chance.

Try building a fire in a parking lot to keep warm in the winter.

Try sleeping in your car for more than a few hours without being harassed by police.

Try maintaining your privacy for a week without a single email, web search or location data set collected by the NSA and the telecoms.

Try signing up for the military because you need college money and then one day just walking off the base, going, “Yeah, I was bored. Thought I would just not do this anymore.”

Try explaining to Kentucky Fried Chicken that while you don’t have the green pieces of paper they want in exchange for the mashed potatoes, you do have some pictures you’ve drawn on a napkin to give them instead.

Try running for president as a third-party candidate. (Jill Stein was shackled and chained to a chair by police during one of the debates.)

Try using the restroom at Starbucks without buying something … while black.

We are less free than a dog on a leash. We live in one of the hardest-working, most unequal societies on the planet with more billionaires than ever.

Meanwhile, Americans supply 94 percent of the paid blood used worldwide. And it’s almost exclusively coming from very poor people. This abusive vampire system is literally sucking the blood from the poor. Does that sound like a free decision they made? Or does that sound like something people do after immense economic force crushes down around them? (One could argue that sperm donation takes a little less convincing.)

Point is, in order to enforce this illogical, immoral system, the corrupt rulers—most of the time—don’t need guns and tear gas to keep the exploitation mechanisms humming along. All they need are some good, solid bullshit myths for us all to buy into, hook, line and sinker. Some fairy tales for adults.

It’s time to wake up.

— Read on www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-07-27/american-society-would-collapse-if-it-werent-these-8-myths

9 Times Globalists Claimed Mass Immigration Necessary to Grow GDP

For decades, the big business lobby, ideologically globalist politicians, and economists have claimed that the only route to increasing the United States’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is through increasing legal immigration levels.
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Socialism fans are asked: Who will pay for ‘free’ housing, college? The answers are a train wreck. | TheBlaze

But when asked who would pay for all that “free” stuff, some weren’t so confident — and others didn’t seem to understand or care about the implications of socialist policies.
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Chris Wallace sums up the significance of ‘bombshell’ Cohen report in just two words | TheBlaze

Respected Fox News anchor Chris Wallace summed up the significance of a “bombshell” story about President Donald Trump’s former lawyer in two words: “So what?”

“So what?”

Wallace was asked on Fox News to explain the significance of a report published Thursday that has dominated the headlines since. The report claims that Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, is willing to testify that the president knew about a meeting between his campaign aides and Russians in June 2016. The testimony would be contrary to many statements made by the president about the meeting.

“The significance, I don’t know, because it seems to me,” explained Wallace, “you know the worst that you could say, assuming that Cohen is telling the truth now, is that Donald Trump lied back in 2017.”

“But, so what?” he asked.

“I mean it’s not admirable, you would hope he wouldn’t,” he continued, “but it’s not breaking the law, lying to the media. He certainly wouldn’t be the first president, if he did, who had done so.”

“A long way from any hint of collusion”

“And even the meeting itself while it doesn’t seem praiseworthy that American political candidates or their team would be meeting with a Russian lawyer to try to get dirt on Hillary Clinton that was being offered to them,” Wallace explained.

“That falls a long way from any hint of collusion between Trump and the Kremlin,” he added.

“So yeah, it would be embarrassing if it turns out to be true,” he concluded, “it isn’t helpful to Donald Trump, but it doesn’t seem to me that it hurts him in a legal sense.”

Here are the comments from Chris Wallace:

— Read on www.theblaze.com/news/2018/07/27/chris-wallace-sums-up-the-significance-of-bombshell-cohen-report-in-just-two-words

July 28, 2018 Morning Verse Of The Day

John 9:25 (EBC Lk-Ac (Rev)): 25 The blind man refused to get entangled in the theological question of whether or not the miracle rendered Jesus a sinner; rather, he gives a straightforward declaration regarding his own experience: “I don’t know whether or not he is a sinner; that is for you to decide. The one thing I do know is that I was blind but now I see!” Such evidence is beyond disputation.

This affirmation has been adopted by millions of believers who, while not certain about how the miraculous transformation in their lives took place, nevertheless know that once they were blind (without spiritual sight) but now are able to see (to understand the presence and power of the redeeming Christ). The fact that God has entered their lives is the central reality of their new life in Christ. No amount of theological obfuscation can undermine the strong confidence that comes from personal experience.

John 9:25 (Baker NTC: John): 25. As the story progresses it becomes increasingly clear that this man is not an ordinary individual. He is not easily shaken. Evidently the vaunted knowledge of these eminent judges has failed to impress him. He answered, Whether he is a sinner I do not know. One thing I do know: that though I was blind, I now see. Boldly he places both his “I do not know” and his “I do know” over against their “we know.” We say “over against,” for instead of assenting to the proposition “This man is a sinner,” he openly declares that he, the one formerly blind, is not aware of this; but that he is very definitely aware of the fact that, though blind, he is now fully able to see! Between the lines of his terse saying one can surely read this much: “Over against your mere say-so I place this one great fact of experience: though I was blind, I now see. Facts are more stubborn than unsupportable opinions.”

John 9:25 (BBC): 9:25 The Pharisees met failure at every turn. Every time they tried to discredit the Lord Jesus, it resulted in bringing more honor to Him. The man’s testimony here was beautiful. He did not know too much about the Person of Jesus, but he did know that though once he was blind, now he saw. This was a testimony that no one could deny.

So it is in the case of those who have been born again. The world may doubt, scoff, and sneer, but no one can deny our testimony when we say that once we were lost, and now we have been saved by the grace of God.

Russophobia digest part 2: This week’s top scare stories in the MSM

Hackers, spy balls and whitewashing space travel: It’s certainly been a varied week in the world of Russophobia. RT takes its regular look at the scare stories peppering the mainstream media over the last 7 days.
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Evangelical Leaders Are Assisting Soros’ Takeover of America — Pulpit & Pen

Southern Baptists are not entirely aware that their lobbying arm, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, is in full cooperation with a George Soros funded organization that seeks to deconstruct America’s sovereignty and dismantle our sovereign borders. The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), which is an entity of the largest Protestant denomination in the United States and is directed by the former Democratic staffer, Russell Moore, leads the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT). As most liberty-conscious Americans already understand, there is perhaps no greater bulwark and defense for personal liberties like freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly than that of a robust and sovereign nation-state. The EIT, in seeking to repeal immigration law for the purpose of unabashed globalism, is an opponent of the very liberties that the ERLC is commissioned by the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) to promote.

Although some consider the notion of the SBC inadvertently – through the ERLC – helping to chip away at American national sovereignty to be in the realm of conspiracy theory, there is no shortage of evidence that this is precisely what is happening. The press, however, and especially religious media and the Baptist Press (the SBC press outlet), is ignoring the real and present danger of the denomination being infiltrated by corrupt globalist cash for nefarious political purposes.

The Evangelical Immigration Table is a coalition of ostensibly evangelical parachurch organizations that seek to influence – if not completely dismantle – America’s longstanding immigration policies.

Since the Naturalization Act of 1790, American law has mandated exactly how immigrants from other nations may enter, find residency, and ultimately obtain citizenship in the United States. While recognizing the contributions of immigrants to our nation’s founding and onward development, the foundation of law has undergirded exactly how and when someone can become an “American.” Later in 1819, Congress enacted the first law dealing specifically with immigration, laying out a process to obtain legal citizenship and with it, the rights of citizenship. The second half of the 19th Century included numerous laws specifying how citizenship could be obtained, with the first law specifying how aliens could be deported in 1888. At the turn of the 20th Century, laws like the Consolidation Act provided for immigrants to be excluded from applying for citizenship if their culture or lifestyles were contrary to American values, like those who practiced polygamy or were political extremists opposing American legal tradition. Other laws restricting applications for Citizenship from those who could not speak English, who were illiterate, who were grossly immoral or who suffered from lunacy were added in 1906, 1907 and 1917 respectively. Beginning in 1921, the United States placed numerical limits on those who are allowed immigration status, focusing on prioritizing immigrants most likely to assimilate well, laborers to help with worker shortages, and others restricting communists from citizenship or immigration. The Refugee Act of 1953 was passed to allow refugees from Communist or other kinds of oppressive nations to enter. Immigration laws of the 1970s and 1980s were primarily limited to tweaking hemispheric immigration quotas and determining how many refugees could be accepted into the United States and from what regions. The first law that would begin to provide amnesty for those who had ignored previous immigration laws came with the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986, which legalized certain immigrants who came to the United States illegally. The next major change came in 2002 when because of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, all immigration enforcement came under the purview of the new Department of Homeland Security. Other common sense measures to secure American borders soon followed with the Real ID Act in 2005 (mandating federal standards for identification documents) and the Secure Fence Act of 2006 (authorizing the construction of a border wall). This short history of American immigration law is provided to demonstrate that the American people have shown a mediated concern for the rule of law and national sovereignty, while yet demonstrating compassion to the unwashed foreign masses. American immigration law does not have a history of draconian callousness, but compassionate firmness.

For most of American history, its Protestant and evangelical churches have promoted the rule of law, while finding legal and helpful ways to be kind to the alien and sojourner. Furthermore, realizing that the United States could not take care of its Citizens (a responsibility that was given to the civil government by God) and dismantle immigration restrictions altogether, the American church has typically been valiant in finding ways to bring charitable aid and relief to the war-torn, famine-ridden and pestilence-plagued Third World. Today’s American evangelical climate is notably different, however, and yet not many have taken note of the vast evolution of rhetoric coming from religious denominations and parachurch ministries that are seeking to shape church-goers’ views on immigration, national sovereignty, and globalism. The Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) is a large reason for that shift of tone on immigration.

The EIT seems to many like an innocuous, grass-roots movement of Christ-like kindness that is stirring up American Christians to love and good works. In reality, the EIT is the front organization of a corrupt globalist billionaire who is known primarily for throwing unseemly amounts of cash at shell corporations to affect leftist-oriented political change.

The website for the EIT says that it is “led by a broad coalition of evangelical organizations and leaders,” and lists among its leaders the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention. Russell Moore, the president of the ERLC, has been fundamental in severing all denominational ties that it has historically enjoyed with conservative Republican leaders who are most likely to affirm the Sanctity of Life, traditional marriage, and wholesome Christian values. Having turned the ERLC into what was effectively a Political Action Committee for the soft-on-illegal-immigration “Gang of 8” ringleader, Marco Rubio, in the Republican Primary (Moore joined Rubio in writing op-eds, which is universally taken as a sign of endorsement, and many of the ERLC research fellows served on Rubio’s faith advisory committee), the ERLC president attacked Donald Trump so repeatedly that Trump tweeted out that Moore was “a very nasty guy” with “no heart.” While claiming to have already lost the so-called “culture wars” and advocating “The Benedict Option” (the popular notion by Rod Dreher, as promoted in his book by that title, that Christians should not engage in politics), Moore promised a less political ERLC. In reality, Moore has only changed political teams.

The origins for the EIT are clear and undisputed. It was created and is funded by its parent organization, the National Immigration Forum (NIF). The NIF has received millions of dollars from its primary benefactor, George Soros. Far from a grass-roots organization, it is a propaganda arm of one of the world’s most prominent globalists. For George Soros, as with any globalist, the goal is to dismantle every nation’s sovereignty and ultimately to place influence and power into the hands of elitist international governing bodies around the world. And this may come as a shock (but probably not), covert takeovers of national sovereignty have never led to an abundance of civil liberties, the type, and kind of which organizations like the ERLC are supposedly interested in protecting.

It’s not as though the ERLC’s Russell Moore doesn’t know that his organization is helping to lead a Soros front group. Notable religious commentator, Eric Metaxas, publicly resigned from his position on the EIT when he discovered the Soros connections, saying on Twitter that he had asked to remove his name from an EIT petition on account of the uncovered partnership. Since then, press outlets, like Breitbart and others, have thoroughly documented the relationship. Evangelicals are forced to determine whether George Soros has had a radical born-again type of experience and is suddenly interested in fulfilling the work of Christ among the nations or if he has an alternative agenda. Any Christian with a modicum of common sense would assume the latter. Russell Moore apparently is convinced of the former.

Moore, who famously called Jesus an “illegal immigrant” for his infanthood flight to Egypt to escape Herod’s persecution (the “illegal” part is an absurdity), also called the concept of a border wall a “golden calf” on Twitter in January of 2016, likening border security to ancient Hebrew idolatry. In November of 2017, the ERLC tweeted out a link directly promoting a video by Christian Dreamers, another front organization of Soros, which is similarly operated by the National Immigration Forum.

This week, news agencies have uncovered Soros spending millions to stop the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. More than five million dollars was given to the group, Demand Justice, to scuttle Kavanaugh’s chances at surviving Senate confirmation hearings. Demand Justice – which is run by numerous President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton’s former staffers – is organized and funded by the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which in turn is funded with millions of dollars by the Open Society Policy Center, which is conjoined with Soros’ Open Society Foundation. The Open Society Foundation is Soros’ chief political operations vehicle. In what amounts to quasi-legal political money laundering, the cash leaves Soros, goes through a series of “cleaners,” and washes up at the doorstep of groups bent on promoting anti-Americanism.

Ironically, Russell Moore’s ERLC has promoted Trump’s nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. In spite of a record that is somewhat suspect or uncertain on abortion, Moore has been clear that Kavanaugh has the support of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. In fact, Moore’s abundant support for Kavanaugh has some commentators wondering if “Never Trumpers” like Moore can be won over by consistently good policy. One must question if Moore and other pro-Kavanaugh evangelicals who lead the Evangelical Immigration Table are aware that they are partnering with an enemy of the conservative cause, rather than with a friend. Perhaps the exchange of money makes that consideration go away entirely.

While evangelicals are enamored with the overly-simplistic notion of general kindness to the sojourner and are woefully inconsiderate of the principle’s proper application to immigration law, they are being subjected to a sinister ideological influence that is far more forward-thinking than they are discerning. While evangelical leaders are pining for momentary wins of public perception and are being carried to and fro on every wind of general consensus, leftist subversives like George Soros are serving as change agents in evangelical institutions. It’s high time that evangelicals follow the money trail and find out where it leads.

via Evangelical Leaders Are Assisting Soros’ Takeover of America — Pulpit & Pen