This ‘n’ That for 08/03/2018

  • I can definitely be snarky, and it’s something I’ve striven to soften over the years. Thankful for this convicting article.
  • This article is so important! Is your church a cult (or cultish)? Or does it exhibit some characteristics of a cult? I daresay some Christian churches do and sadly, most in the pews won’t recognize it until the abuse has greatly taken its toll.
  • I’d rather a pastor not offer any sermon illustration than serve up a lame one.
  • On the final judgment and the Christian life.
  • This straw ban is just stupid.
  • The how-to guide you’ve been waiting for!
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • This trial is finally happening.
  • Many people were thankful to see this repentant apology and confession.
  • That’s a lot of kids.
The Father sent the Son, so that the gratitude that we have — because we’ve come to know the Lord Jesus as Savior — is not a gratitude that should stop at Christ. It should go on, as our Lord taught us, to embrace the Father who sent the Son. In fact, the Lord Jesus says, that everything He did was done at the command and the will of the Father. The Lord Jesus acted for the Father. He carried out the Father’s will. And as far as going to the cross is concerned, it’s the Father who led Him to the cross. In other words, what I’m saying, my Christian friend, is that the Lord Jesus Christ is full of the love that the Father sent Him to carry out toward us. Never forget that. —S. Lewis Johnson

Source: This ‘n’ That

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