Walking Away From Freedom … Really?

Unfathomable Grace

Sean Hannity is the polarizing commentator who nightly proclaims, “Let not your hearts be troubled.” Well my friends, you do know he is not the one who first uttered and made famous this phrase, right? It is Jesus who said, “Let not your hearts be troubled … believe in God … believe in me.” He is the one who promised peace to all who would become his disciples and sons of the Father.

However, if we are introspective and honest, many of us find ourselves troubled. Many of us are uncomfortably anxious in regards to our relationship with God. We have lost our experiential peace and our souls are a bit disheveled.

What has happened? It is my contention that we have heard false teachers, chosen to believe a non-gospel, and have walked away from Christ and His Gospel. We have done this easily. We have done this quickly. We…

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