The Persecuted Church in China Will Flourish Under the Hateful Regime of Xi Jinping: They Will Be Praying For Us!

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I will never forget something that was told to me back in 1983 when I was saved.  I was attending a home group and the Bible teacher said to us:

“The Christians who must go underground to worship in China are praying for the Christians in America.  They are saying that the persecution of believers in China are causing them to draw closer to God and His Word, and they are evangelizing the lost like never before.  The reason that they are praying so hard for us here in America, is that they know that the distractions and freedoms we enjoy will cause complacency, and many will fall away or become prey for heretical teaching.”

When I think about this now, in light of the mainline churches becoming apostate; and the many mega-churches which corrupt the Word of God – it sends chills up my spine. I believe that what…

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