August 14, 2018 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


President Donald Trump signed a $716 billion defense policy bill on Monday that authorizes military spending and includes watered-down controls on U.S. government contracts with China’s ZTE Corp and Huawei Technologies .

An 11-year-old boy managed to hack into a replica of Florida’s election results website in 10 minutes and change names and tallies during a hacker convention, organizers said, and stoking concerns about security ahead of nationwide votes.

Malta on Tuesday said it agreed to let the Aquarius humanitarian ship dock in one of its ports and disembark 141 migrants rescued off the coast of Libya last week, ending a European standoff over who should accept the ship.

France, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Luxembourg have agreed to take some of the 141 migrants on the Aquarius humanitarian ship, the European Commission said on Tuesday.

Afghan troops backed by U.S forces gained control of most of the embattled city of Ghazni on Tuesday, officials said, while a Taliban attack in another province raised new questions about Afghanistan’s defenses against the insurgency.

A man deliberately drove a car into pedestrians and cyclists on Tuesday before ramming it into barriers outside Britain’s parliament in what appeared to be the second terrorism attack on the building in just under 18 months, police said.

At least 22 people were killed when a motorway bridge collapsed in torrential rains on Tuesday morning over buildings in the northern Italian port city of Genoa, and the deputy transport minister said the death toll would rise.

Taliban fighters overran a northern Afghan army base, officials said Tuesday, killing at least 17 soldiers with dozens feared captured in a stinging blow to security forces already struggling to push insurgents from eastern Ghazni.

AP Top Stories

A three-year-old boy found buried at a New Mexico desert compound died in a ritual to “cast out demonic spirits,” but his extended family believed he would “return as Jesus” to identify “corrupt” targets for them to attack, prosecutors said in court on Monday.

Iran has cancelled a visit by Iraq’s prime minister after he said that while he was opposed to renewed U.S. sanctions on Tehran he had no choice but to abide by them, an Iraqi official said.

Another round of fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip is inevitable, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said, despite attempts to reach a long-term truce.

North and South Korea agreed on Monday to hold a summit in the North in September, another step towards boosting cooperation between the old rivals, even as doubts grow over efforts to end the North’s nuclear weapons program.

Islamic State still has as many as 30,000 members in Syria and Iraq – a far higher number that previously estimated, a United Nations report has found.

OPEC on Monday forecast lower demand for its crude next year as rivals pump more and said top oil exporter Saudi Arabia, eager to avoid a return of oversupply, had cut production.

An Ethiopian court has freed 11 police officers on bail after they were detained on suspicion of negligence in a grenade attack on a rally in June attended by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Iran unveiled a next generation short-range ballistic missile on Monday and vowed to further boost its capabilities, Iranian media said, at a time of rising tensions with the United States.

First, China developed long-range “carrier-killer” ballistic missiles. Now, Russia’s Iskander ballistic missile system may have the same mission.

West Virginia lawmakers impeached all four state Supreme Court justices for spending issues, including a suspended justice facing a 23-count federal indictment.

Rights group Amnesty International said on Monday it will conduct “full and independent external inquiries” into the suicides of two of its staff in the last three months.

President Trump signed a bill asks the Pentagon to pursue more options for defeating U.S.-bound North Korean missiles by using radar and more missiles to spot and shoot down inbound threats.


The Austrian capital, Vienna, has beaten Australia’s Melbourne to be named the world’s most livable city.

Up to 80 vehicles have been set alight in Sweden overnight, in what police say may be a coordinated criminal action.

Philip Wilson, a former Catholic archbishop, will serve a maximum 12-month sentence in home detention for concealing child sexual abuse, an Australian court has ruled.

Zambia’s main opposition party has condemned the government’s move to introduce a daily tax of $0.03 on all internet based calls, calling them “visionless”.


A building in Santa Cruz, Calif., is being converted into a worship space and public brewery by a pro-gay church that plans to donate some of its beer proceeds to Planned Parenthood, according to reports.

Democrats view socialism better than capitalism by a significant margin, according to a new Gallup poll, with 57 percent viewing socialism in a positive light against just 47 percent viewing capitalism positively.

Left-wing activists carrying red flags in a counter-protest in Washington, D.C., Sunday called for an end to the United States.

The mastermind behind malware attacks that programmed ATMs to spit out cash on demand and caused more than $1.2 billion of losses, has been arrested in Spain.

News – 8/14/2018

‘I would murder him, for the people’ Secret Service probing antifa threats against Trump
“Multiple members of the progressive protest group who gathered outside the White House Sunday threatened President Trump with physical violence and murder,” the report said. “The Secret Service tells The Daily Caller they are now ‘aware’ of the threats and are ‘investigating’ the progressive protesters.”

North Korean scientists attempting to CLONE humans for Kim’s super army
Dictator Kim Jong-Un wants to create an army of super soldiers who will obey his every command. Genetic scientists have spent billions on a secret cloning programme started by Kim’s grandfather more than 30 years ago. Now intelligence experts believe the 35-year-old tyrant wants to create perfect copies of both his father Kim Jong-il, grandfather Kim II-Sung, the founder of the modern state, and other family members – which could include himself. MI6 believes the secretive Communist state has already cloned cats, dogs and horses – and has been experimenting on human embryos for at least 10 years.

From laboratory in far west, China’s surveillance state spreads quietly
Filip Liu, a 31-year-old software developer from Beijing, was traveling in the far western Chinese region of Xinjiang when he was pulled to one side by police as he got off a bus. The officers took Liu’s iPhone, hooked it up to a handheld device that looked like a laptop and told him they were “checking his phone for illegal information”.

Horrifying details released in investigation of ‘extremist Muslim’ compound that allegedly conducted school-shooting training
The children discovered at an “extremist Muslim” compound in New Mexico earlier this month were both trained to use firearms and taught multiple tactical techniques in order to kill teachers, law enforcement and other institutions they found corrupt, state prosecutors revealed on Monday.

A long, narrow hole has opened in the sun’s atmosphere, and it is spewing high-speed solar wind into space. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed the fissure on Aug. 13th pointing directly at Earth.

MK Kahlon confirms Netanyahu met Sisi about Gaza
Moshe Kahlon: “Everything that will happen in Gaza will be done with Egyptian mediation and involvement.”

Pipe bombs thrown at Rachel’s Tomb
Border Police officers discovered two pipe bombs which had been thrown into the Rachel’s Tomb complex in Beit Lechem (Bethlehem). No one was injured.

Rabbis Weigh In: Who Is Amalek Today?
“There is no real purebred Amalek today since, according to the Talmud, King Sennacherib mixed up the nations,” Rabbi Winston told Breaking Israel News. “This means that we cannot point at any one nation and say that they are Amalek. It also means that Amalek has gotten mixed into the other nations and a little bit of Amalek is in everyone.”“Amalek is more than a physical people. It is also a concept and a spiritual reality. Different people can embody that concept. First and foremost, Amalek is doubt in divine providence.

Turkish Lira Sinks Against Dollar, Economy in Trouble
The Turkish lira plunged as much as 11% against the dollar, hitting a record low, before recovering some of its losses in volatile trading. The lira had already plummeted more than 20% last week as a political clash with the United States intensified and investors fretted about the Turkish government’s lack of action to tackle the problems plaguing its economy. The lira’s tailspin has unsettled global markets, with shares of European banks coming under particular pressure because of concerns over the lenders’ exposure to Turkey.

Argentina places blame for Gaza violence squarely on the Palestinians
In a sign of Buenos Aires’ changing attitude toward Israel, the Argentine Foreign Ministry has issued a statement that seems to put the blame for recent clashes between the Israeli military and Hamas squarely on the Palestinians. Referring to the recent escalation in tensions…Friday’s statement expressed its “deep concern” over the violence, which it said was “caused by the launch of rockets towards Israel.”

Westminster car crash: Man arrested on suspicion of terror offences
A man has been arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences after a car crashed outside the Houses of Parliament. The vehicle swerved into cyclists and pedestrians shortly after 07:30 BST, injuring three people. The suspect, in his late 20s, is not believed to be known to MI5 or counter-terrorism police, and is not co-operating with officers.

Sweden cars: 80 set on fire by gangs in several cities
Dozens of cars have been set alight in Sweden overnight, in what police say may be a co-ordinated criminal action. Up to 80 vehicles were badly damaged by gangs of black-clad youths, beginning at about 21:00 local time (19:00 GMT). Most of the damage took place in the western city of Gothenburg, but incidents were also reported in cities up to 100km (60 miles) away.

FBI agent Peter Strzok ‘fired over anti-Trump texts’
A veteran FBI agent who exchanged anti-Trump text messages with a colleague during the election has been fired from the FBI, his lawyer has said. Peter Strzok has been accused by Republicans of being biased against Donald Trump, and seeking to prevent his election victory. Mr Trump has pointed to the text exchanges as evidence of bias in the special counsel’s Russia probe.

Taliban blindsides U.S. forces with surprise Afghan offensive
The Taliban is on the verge of dramatically expanding its control over southern and eastern Afghanistan in a surprise offensive that has caught Afghan and U.S. forces off guard and thrown a vexing new wrench into the Trump administration’s strategy for ending the nearly 17-year-old war there. The Afghan Defense Ministry said Monday a Taliban assault on the city of Ghanzi…has killed roughly 100 Afghan security forces and some 20 civilians over the past three days.

From laboratory in far west, China’s surveillance state spreads quietly
Filip Liu, a 31-year-old software developer from Beijing, was traveling in the far western Chinese region of Xinjiang when he was pulled to one side by police as he got off a bus. The officers took Liu’s iPhone, hooked it up to a handheld device that looked like a laptop and told him they were “checking his phone for illegal information”.

Cash machines could be mass-hacked in global cyber attack, FBI warns
Banks have been warned of an imminent threat that their cash machines could be mass-hacked by cyber criminals. In a confidential alert on Friday, America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation told international banks that criminals are plotting a concerted global malware attack on cash machines in the next few days.

Russian warships enter Gibraltar waters for ‘combat training’ days after Royal Navy intercepted them in the English Channel
TWO Russian warships have entered Gibraltar waters for “combat training” – days after the Royal Navy intercepted them in the English Channel. The missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov and anti-submarine destroyer Severomorsk sailed past the British territory on the way to the Mediterranean Sea at the weekend. The vessels, which are part of Vladimir Putin’s Northern Fleet, will reportedly bolster the Russian Navy’s operations supporting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in the civil war.

Chelsea Clinton: ‘Roe’ Helped Add ‘Three and a Half Trillion Dollars to Our Economy’
Abortion has been an important economic stimulus ever since it was legalized by the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, Chelsea Clinton claimed at a “Rise Up for Roe” event on Saturday.

United Methodist Church of Minnesota Removes ‘Father’ From Apostles’ Creed
At the annual Minnesota Conference of the United Methodist Church, the historic Apostles’ Creed was edited to remove the word ‘Father,’ to make it more compliant with culture.

Algae crisis explodes into leading campaign issue in Florida
..The worst toxic algae bloom to hit Florida’s Gulf Coast in a decade is decimating marine life — killing thousands of fish, in addition to dolphins, manatees, turtles, and potentially a whale shark. Humans are also suffering the effects — the “red tide”, so named because of the rust color the algae lends to the water, can be deeply detrimental to people. Floridians have reported respiratory issues and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has cautioned that algae can also induce nausea and other extreme symptoms, like vomiting.

Paris Creates ‘Eco-Friendly’ Urinals On Streets
Paris created “eco-friendly” public urinals on the city streets causing negative reactions from residents.

Polling Milestone: Democrats Officially Prefer Socialism To Capitalism
Democrats have a more positive view of socialism than they do of capitalism, a Gallup poll published Monday reveals.

15 Acid Attacks a Week in UK, 73% in London
The United Kingdom’s surge of the previously unheard of phenomenon of acid attacks has seen an average of 15 a week over the past three years, with the vast majority taking place in the crime-struck capital, London.

Google tracks your movements, like it or not
Google wants to know where you go so badly that it records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to. An Associated Press investigation found that many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if you’ve used a privacy setting that says it will prevent Google from doing so.

Trump Signs Massive Defense Bill: Biggest Pay Raise For Soldiers In Nine Years
On Monday, President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, a bill authorizing an increase of over 15,000 troops as well as a long-overdue pay raise for soldiers. The military spending package includes $717 billion for national defense in the next fiscal year, according to the White House.

Soros Funded Group Caught Inciting Violence With ‘Be Like Maxine’ T-Shirts
The George Soros funded activist group “Color of Change” was caught launching a ‘hateful’ marketing campaign encouraging people to “Be Like Maxine” and promoting Rep. Maxine Waters who endorses violence against Trump supporters and officials.

US Clashes With Cuba, Venezuela As UN Approves Leftist Human Rights Chief
The U.N. General Assembly’s quick approval – without a vote – of the next U.N. human rights chief produced a clash between representatives of the U.S., Cuba and Venezuela, following concerns that the Latin American socialist nominated to the post has been sympathetic to the two leftist regimes.

Bishop Blows Whistle: Catholic Church is Protecting Pedophile Priests
Bishop David Zubik has blown the whistle to reveal that a large number of predator pedophile priests who were named this month are being protected by the Catholic Church and will remain in ministry.

Human Remains Found At Site Of Stolen Horizon Air Plane Crash Near Seattle
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found human remains at the crash site of the Horizon Air plane an employee stole and wrecked near Seattle.

Obama Admin Holdovers Perpetrating “Greatest Political Scandal In American History”
In today’s toxic environment found inside “the swamp,” I am often reminded of the old saw about evil flourishing when good people do nothing. I consider this a truism, an absolute, a defined value that is not zero. Unfortunately, I have had the opportunity to see this phenomenon up close and personal.

Turkey begs the Trump to resume negotiations, as President’s heavy tariffs on the Islamic regime are crippling their country
Turkey’s trade minister on Friday implored U.S. President Donald Trump to return to the negotiating table on tariffs, hours after Trump imposed higher tariffs on imports from Turkey, including a 20 percent duty on aluminum and a 50 percent duty on steel.

Almost 10,000 Diagnosed With Cancer Caused By 9/11 – Media Blackout
Almost 10,000 people have been diagnosed with cancer that is linked directly to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Cente back in 2001, according to the federal World Trade Center Health Program.

Headlines – 8/14/2018

Defense minister: War with Hamas is just a matter of time

Bennett says Israel’s policy of restraint in Gaza has failed

Israel and Hamas reportedly near truce after days of relative quiet

Israel to discuss easing restrictions on Gaza if lull in arson attacks continues

Netanyahu reportedly had secret talks on Gaza with Sissi in Egypt in May

Ministers reportedly reject plan to return PA control to Gaza

‘The Palestinians’ goal is to wipe Israel off the map’ – Deputy Minister Michael Oren blasts PA’s demand to expel Israel from the UN over the Nationality Law

Merkel party’s think tank compares Israel’s security wall to Berlin Wall

UK Labour’s Corbyn trades barbs with Netanyahu on Mideast violence

Tech giants seek assurances about war scenarios in Israel

BDS: how a controversial non-violent movement has transformed the Israeli-Palestinian debate

Radioactive sheep bolster nuclear weapon test claim against Israel, researchers say

Former Mossad chief doubtful Russia can force Iran out of Syria

UN report: Up to 30,000 Islamic State members in Syria, Iraq

Death toll in Syria arms depot blast rises to 69

Caspian Sea Dispute: Here’s Everything to Know About the Landmark Deal Between Russia, Iran and Others

Iran’s Top Leader Faults Rouhani for Crisis, Saying He Crossed ‘Red Lines’

Khamenei rules out any military confrontation with U.S.

Khamenei Bans Any Talks With Trump as Iran Unveils New Version of a Short-range Missile

Iran just unveiled a new ballistic missile called the ‘Bright Conqueror’

Iraq to respect dollar ban but not all US sanctions on Iran, PM says

Trump’s Ambassador Threatens U.K. With ‘Serious Consequences’ if Iran Trade Continues

Trump Uses Sanctions to Spark Painful Market Moves for Adversaries

The reason Turkey’s economic collapse is so scary is that Iran, Russia, and Syria are waiting in the wings

Kremlin Backs Turkish Plan to Dump the Dollar and Trade in National Currencies

Turkish lira recoups losses following Central Bank intervention

Turkish lira record low ripples through global currency markets

World equities slip on Turkey currency woes

‘What happens in Turkey won’t stay in Turkey’: Why this debt crisis could be different

The fallout from Turkey’s crisis will cause damage far beyond its borders

Turkish journalist: Erdogan seeming more and more like Hitler

Trump aide Bolton met Turkish envoy to discuss U.S. pastor: White House

Egypt voices concern over Red Sea security after Houthi attack

Yemen war: Mass funeral held for children killed in bus attack

Pompeo, Trump mum on Saudi-led airstrike that hit Yemen school bus

Taliban blindsides U.S. forces with surprise Afghan offensive

Top U.S. Gen. Warns: Islamic State in Afghanistan ‘Harboring Intentions’ to Attack West

South Korean leader to meet Kim Jong Un on his turf

Bill asks Pentagon to examine more options for stopping North Korean missiles

Trump’s ‘Space Force’ no punchline to military insiders amid rising Russia, China threats

Has China’s ‘Area 51’ been found in the Gobi Desert?

Days after a bizarre drone attack, Venezuela’s government may be getting ready for another crackdown on the military

Return of Pirates of the Caribbean: Piracy Jumps 163 Percent Amid Venezuela Crisis

Cash machines could be mass-hacked in global cyber attack, FBI warns

An 11-year-old changed election results on a replica Florida state website in under 10 minutes

Quake damage to Indonesia’s Lombok exceeds $342 million as deaths top 400

6.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Hirara, Japan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Ohara, Japan

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

‘Child of Krakatoa’ volcano flings lava bombs hundreds of feet during mesmerizing eruption

Severe Tropical Storm Leepi to slam southern Japan on Tuesday

Tropical Storm Bebinca to bring flooding rainfall to China, Vietnam this week

Flood Cripples Philippine Capital as 54,000 Are Evacuated

Heavy rain prompts flash flood emergencies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Searing heat could make countries in North Africa and along the Persian Gulf unlivable

Worst may be yet to come amid an extreme California wildfire season

Al Gore: Trump has had ‘less of an impact so far than I feared’ on environment

Governor Scott declares state of emergency due to red tide in Florida

Significant rise in mosquito “disease danger days” in U.S., report warns

Michigan county fair attendees test positive for rare strain of swine flu

Using DNA for digital data storage… and other miracles

Big Pharma Would Like Your DNA

In the small indigenous territory of Guna Yala off Panama’s eastern coast, a flourishing ‘third gender’ community is defying stereotypes

Disney sparks backlash after casting straight actor to play gay character in ‘Jungle Cruise’

Boy at New Mexico compound died in ritual ceremony to “cast out demonic spirits”

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