Democrats’ History of Foreign Collusion

If serious interest in protecting national security was the motivating factor for Democrats in their loudly raised concerns over Russian election meddling and the “need” to investigate President Donald Trump for alleged collusion, then they must believe that communist China is nothing but a trusted friend with simple curiosity being the explanation behind its history of espionage efforts. This must certainly be the position of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), who employed a Chinese spy in her San Francisco office for over a decade. The employee was charged by the FBI with spying for China back in 2013.

Feinstein must believe that the thousands in campaign contributions she and Democrats received from foreign entities, specifically China, as well as her husband’s lucrative multimillion-dollar business deals with China have no bearing on concerns over national security. How could they? The Chinese are our friends.

But when it comes to Russia, Feinstein, who sits as a ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, only sees a dangerous foreign power seeking to sow discord and corruption into America’s electoral system.

This is the hypocrisy displayed by many Democrats. Lacking any genuine evidence other than the Clinton campaign’s fabricated dossier, they continue to moan over the influence of Russia and its ongoing threat to the U.S. and the upcoming elections.

Source: Democrats’ History of Foreign Collusion

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