Someone Is In DEEP Trouble: DEEP STATE Member Caught on Hidden Cam

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Well, now Deep State has a face.  This story just broke today, and you can be sure that heads are going to roll.

We’ve been called conspiratorial and Right Wing nut jobs for claiming that “Deep State” even exists.  It is said that the truth will find you out. With the use of a hidden cam, truth came to the America people today.

But here is the problem.  The Leftist “George Soros” puppets of the MSM will not touch this story.  First of all, it will leaven them will egg all over their faces.  Secondly – they would lose their jobs.

So Please share this article with everyone you know!


Deep State Unmasked: State Department on Hidden Cam, “Resist Everything,” “I Have Nothing to Lose”

  • Federal Employee for State Department: “Resist everything… Every level. F**k sh*t up.”
  • Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Embedded in Federal Government Positions, Actively…

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