Baltimore: Examining the Fruits and Roots of Word of Faith Teaching — The Cripplegate

Benny Hynn, John Hagee, Marilyn Hickey, TD Jakes, Jessie Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, Jamal Bryant, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, the Osteens and and the Copleands. These are the most watched, most listened to, and most influential Christian leaders in the United States. When a non-Christian thinks of a pastor, this is who they think of. They are always on TV and social media. They are everywhere.  

What do they all have in common? To one degree or another, they advocate for what is called Word of Faith Teaching. Because of their popularity, this teaching is mainstream, and unfortunately is antithetical to the gospel.

September 28-30, Baltimore Bible is hosting a conference to examine this teaching more closely. Friday night, Jesse Johnson of Immanuel Bible Church will be teaching on the doctrine of cessationism, followed by a Q&A. Saturday, Justin Peters will be teaching about the history and dangers of the Word of Faith movement. Then Sunday our teaching continues with worship at Baltimore Bible Church. The conference concludes with another Q&A Sunday evening.

For more information, please check out our website. Registration is free, but helpful for us.

via Baltimore: Examining the Fruits and Roots of Word of Faith Teaching — The Cripplegate

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