Common Problems in Atheist/Theist Discussions



In this post I want to point out some of the problems with the discussions with atheists and theists. I am by no means saying that all atheists succumb to some of these issues. So please don’t accuse me of using straw man arguments. I am speaking from first hand experience.

#1: The issue of evidence and proof

First, I want to bring up the issue of equivocation which is both a formal and informal fallacy. It is the misleading use of a term with more than one meaning or sense. Terms like ‘evidence,’ and ‘proof,’ all need clarification. Some atheists (mostly popular atheists and not necessarily academic atheists) like to set the ground rules in that unless you can produce some sort of airtight argument for God’s existence, He just doesn’t exist. And then they call the shots as to what qualifies as evidence. So in many of the discussions…

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