When talking to non-believers about the Bible…

Running The Race


When talking to non-believers about the Bible, it’s important for Christians to remember that God tells us in bold terms that the root problem is often not a non-believer’s view of the Bible but instead, their view of the author of the Bible that keeps them from faith.

All people, despite what they say, know there is a God because He is clearly seen through His creation, and through His moral law that has been written on the hearts of all men (Romans 1:20, 2:15).

Still, non-believers suppress the truth in unrighteousness because their proud hearts are rebellious and they do not want to submit to it (Romans 1:18, 1:21–23, 2:14–15).

When people reject the Bible’s historical accounts of Creation, a global flood, and/or the resurection of Christ, for example, Peter says they are willfully ignorant (2 Peter 3:5). It’s not a matter of evidence; they just don’t want to…

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