These women are hired guns!

None of these Kavanaugh accusers is remotely believable. This is a Democrat con game.

The despicable charges leveled against Judge Kavanaugh since he performed so brilliantly throughout the Judiciary Committee hearings are so patently false that it would be amusing to watch the Democrats support and defend the accusers if this were not so deadly serious – for Brett Kavanaugh, for his family, and for the country.  We know from Brian Fallon, a Hillary Clinton operative, that the left has planned to destroy any person Trump nominates to the Court.  One has to wonder what the left’s strategy would be had he nominated Amy Coney Barrett.  Perhaps leftists would have reported that she had worked her way through college as a stripper or a prostitute.  One thing is certain: they would have pulled out every sleazy trick in their playbook to see that she was not confirmed, either.

This is who the Democrats are these days.  They will go to any lengths, no matter how seedy or illegal or fabricated, to ruin the people they fear.  Whom do they fear?  Good, honest men like Brett Kavanaugh.  People they cannot manipulate, bribe, or threaten to do their bidding. 
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