To Kill a Mockingbird, Kavanaugh edition

Fiction becomes reality.

Hollywood’s new cause – the #MeToo movement – is reaching epic proportions.

Every man accused is guilty until he can prove himself innocent.  (Side note of advice: Men, carry a bodycam with you everywhere you go and travel in packs, even on dates.)  Women are to be believed, no matter what.  Who cares if they have no proof?  Who cares if the man was in Disney World on camera when the alleged incident took place?  Who cares if the accused actually died a year before the so-called attack took place?  It doesn’t matter, because women don’t lie about sexual assault.

Hollywood’s usual suspects – Alyssa Milano, Chelsea Handler, Bill Maher – may actually want to watch one of the classics, To Kill a Mockingbird.  Set in the South during the Great Depression, it is a coming-of-age story about brother and sister Jem and Scout Finch.  Their father is a white lawyer defending a black man on trial for…you guessed it: raping a white woman.  The whole town believes the woman, Mayella Ewell, who says Tom Robinson raped her.  The so-called evidence is the bruising on her face, and her father claims he caught Tom with his daughter.  The woman was actually a loner who wanted attention and sought Tom Robinson because he was nice to her.

The town literally becomes a lynch mob.  The police have to post armed guards by Tom Robinson’s cell so he is not killed by the mob.  This group of thugs are ready to kill this man without any proof.  It is a he-said, she-said.  We come to find out that Mayella actually came on to Tom, and when her father found out, they both made up the story to hide the guilt and shame.  To Hell with Tom Robinson’s life.

By all accounts, Tom Robinson is like a mockingbird, an innocent creature.  I argue that Brett Kavanaugh is also like a mockingbird.  Nowhere in his past have there been any black marks other than the normal teenage shenanigans.  By all accounts, the people who are closest to him have nothing but kind and glowing words.  His character is attacked by a woman who says he tried to assault her – not last week or last month or last year.  No – it was over 30 years ago.  Her friends can’t even say they witnessed it.  Yet the mob, the American left, is willing to believe this woman without any evidence just because she said it.  Could it be that Dr. Ford is lying just like Mayella Ewell?

Hollywood – you made this movie as a point that everyone should be given the benefit of he doubt.  Everyone is innocent – black, white, male, female – until proven guilty.  Everyone should be considered a mockingbird until we absolutely see that he is a vulture.  Hollywood women, would you want your fathers to go through this if you knew they weren’t capable of this behavior?

I think we all need to be a bit more like Atticus Finch, the white lawyer, and a lot less like Bob Ewell and his gang of thugs – the modern-era group of paid wackos.

Source: To Kill a Mockingbird, Kavanaugh edition

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