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Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Judge Jeanine Opening Statement: Pirro Rips Democrats

In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro said the hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh showed the hypocrisy among Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Source: Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Judge Jeanine Opening Statement: Pirro Rips Democrats

Judge Jeanine Says Establishment Republicans Have ‘Buckled, Caved and Bowed’ to Dems

In a powerful opening statement on her Fox News program “Justice with Jeanine Pirro” on Saturday night, host Jeanine Pirro minced no words in going after the Democrats for their actions this past week in regard to the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

She also went after the Establishment Republicans in her statement — and she was clearly referring to, among others, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) for his 11th hour request for a short-term, “limited in scope” FBI investigation into the claims of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford against Judge Kavanaugh dating back to the early 1980s when they were both teenagers in high school.

Kavanaugh has already been subjected to six previous FBI investigations.

“Is it just a ‘he said-she said’ [scenario’] — is it really that simple?” said Jeanine Pirro on her show.

“And why is this now in the hands of the FBI? Why? Because the Establishment Republicans have buckled, caved and vowed to the Democrats — or should I say demon rats; that’s what I said, demon rats … The spectacle we saw this week was one [of the] most pathetic, disheartening, saddest displays for which the nation has stood witness,” she also said.

She continued, “It was all for intents and purposes a crucifixion of a man. I’ve been a prosecutor and then a DA [district attorney, in Westchester County, New York; she served in that role from 1994 to 2005]. Sex crimes and crimes against women and children were my crusade. I assessed whether cases should go forward, whether the accused should be charged, convicted, and if so as a judge, what the sentence should be.”

She also said, “[So] so one sympathizes more than I when it comes to women who are the silent victims of crime. I created the first domestic violence unit in the nation, which was a Department of Justice pilot program.”

“Christine Blasey Ford is a lovely lady who is credible,” Pirro went on, “and I believe something happened to her. But she’s in over her head and she is being used.”

“She waits 36 years — not telling her mother, a friend, high school counselor or anyone before now.”

“No matter how many brain comparisons she made, she couldn’t remember the fundamentals, whose house it was [where Ford has alleged sexual assault by Kavanaugh took place], where it was, when the party was, how she got to the house or how she got home.”

And “she waits 36 years — not telling her mother, a friend, high school counselor or anyone before now.”

Watch the judge’s full statement in this video below:

Source: Judge Jeanine Says Establishment Republicans Have ‘Buckled, Caved and Bowed’ to Dems

Life in a Gynocracy

False rape claims are placing us at peril of witch hunts and then, in time, against all who will not bow to leftist rule.

The performance of women this week – from Senator Dianne Feinstein to Christine Blasey Ford to the howling mobs on Capitol Hill – made me seriously consider surgically altering my sex.  They are demanding special treatment because of their sex and in the process placing all of us – male and female alike – at peril of witch hunts against men and then, in time, against all who will not bow to their rule.

My Facebook friend Alex Bensky reminded me of the advantage to me of transgendering:

Ah, then we’d be unable to criticize your politics, your social viewpoints, your choice of teams to root for, and anything else you say because we’d be transphobic.

‪As a footnote, I’ve seen an estimate that the transgender population is about 0.05% of the population.  This is hardly a warrant for beating up people but it is not clear to me why unless we substantially alter social arrangements that have existed in almost every known human society and celebrate…not just accept but celebrate…transgenderism, we are mean, hateful people.

Victor Davis Hanson offered up the most succinct summary of Blasey Ford’s testimony:

The “process” of memorializing Ford’s testimony involved a strange inversion of constitutional norms: The idea of a statute of limitations is ossified; hearsay is legitimate testimony; inexact and contradictory recall is proof of trauma, and therefore of validity; the burden of proof is on the accused, not the accuser; detail and evidence are subordinated to assumed sincerity; proof that one later relates an allegation to another is considered proof that the assault actually occurred in the manner alleged; motive is largely irrelevant; the accuser establishes the guidelines of the state’s investigation of the allegations; and the individual allegation gains credence by cosmic resonance with all other such similar allegations.

Unless, however, you do not want to transgender, I want to note how we came to such a place, a place both ridiculous and dangerous.

I want you to pay attention to the distortions of language and statistics used to advance the gynocrats’ agenda.

Since when do those accusing others of crimes become “survivors” rather than “accusers”?  How you frame your self-description affects views, doesn’t it?  If you claimed that someone had raped you, why must we always believe you just because you tag yourself “a survivor”?  Do we do this with those who claim to have been robbed or beaten?  “I’m a robbery survivor, so you have to believe me when I say X robbed me.”  The shift in language is to message that accusers must always be believed.  It is, at heart, based on a gross distortion of statistics.

It is difficult for many reasons to determine the percentage of false rape claims, to be sure, but like the claims about 97% of “climate scientists” and global warming, the assertion that only 2% of women’s rape claims are false is itself demonstrably false.  We don’t know the answer, and since we don’t, we should not upset laws and precepts guaranteeing due process for all those accused of the crime – men and women alike.

Source: Life in a Gynocracy

Healthy Shame Woefully Absent in Washington, DC

How did the Senate process of “advise and consent” deteriorate into a Supreme Court nominee having to detail his teenage sexual chastity on an international media stage?

Righteous and appropriate indignation was on full display at last week’s Senate hearing over sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  From the Democrats, it was the usual outrage they have had since Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016.  From Judge Kavanaugh, we witnessed a heartfelt human reaction to a good and decent man being accused by the despicable left of being a serial rapist in high school, between his time studying, going to church, and playing sports.

How did the Senate process of “advise and consent” deteriorate into a Supreme Court nominee having to detail his teenage sexual chastity on an international media stage?

Shaming a guiltless person before others inflicts humiliation, disgrace, and disrepute on an entire family – shame without guilt.  This is what the left has been throwing at Judge Kavanaugh and his family for weeks, shaming him through allegations and insinuations of being a sexual predator, a rapist, an alcoholic, even a pedophile, along with death threats to him and his family.

Ironically, these claims are diametrically opposed to the impression millions of Americans have after hearing Kavanaugh’s opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Or from the scores of Kavanaugh’s friends and classmates who have rallied to his defense.  Or from his former law clerks and legal associates.

Is it any surprise that he came out swinging before the Senate committee?  He was shamed on an international stage, humiliated and disgraced over bogus, politically motivated, and unsubstantiated accusations of sexual impropriety.  Imagine any of us being in his position, or any of our sons, fathers, husbands, or brothers.  A weaker person than Judge Kavanaugh would go into seclusion or commit suicide under the withering attacks occurring on a daily basis, blasting from every television and newspaper.

What is obvious is that the American left has no shame, no conscience.  From Democrat senators Blumenthal, Feinstein, and Booker to Republican counterparts Flake, Collins, and Murkowski, all are happy to participate in the destruction of a decent man and his family to protect abortion or for revenge against a president they don’t like – followed in lockstep by the media, driven by a rabid obsession to destroy anything and everything related to President Trump.

And don’t forget NeverTrump Republicans, happy to sit quietly on the sidelines while everything they have embraced for decades is thrown on the scrap heap, as long as Trump’s agenda suffers.  Where are Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney?  Wasn’t Kavanaugh on top of their list of Supreme Court nominees if they won the White House in 2012?  Why aren’t they leading the charge to defend Kavanaugh?

What drives such hatred and lack of healthy shame, conscience, or human decency?

Committee Democrats, channeling their inner teenage mean girl personas, nitpicked over 30-year-old entries in Kavanaugh’s calendar, suddenly interested in each and every word or expression from a teenage boy’s diary of events at the time. They accused him of being a passing-out drunk, not remembering the rape train parties that were part of his Jesuit high school life, between football practice and church.

Not finding the smoking gun they sought, some senators preferred to bloviate.  One in particular stepped in it big time, based on his own personal life story.  His words illustrate clearly his own lack of healthy shame and represent so much of what’s wrong in Congress and the Deep State.

Connecticut’s Senator Richard Blumenthal is best known for repeatedly lying about serving in Vietnam.  Even far-left Snopes confirmed Blumenthal’s “handful of false and misleading statements.”  Perhaps this is an affliction of New England senators, as John Kerry also misrepresented his Vietnam war activities, and his tall tales backfired on him during his unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2004.  And don’t forget the late Ted Kennedy, another New England senator.

During the Kavanaugh hearings last week, Senator Blumenthal invoked a legal concept, “falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.”  Translated, this means “false in one thing, false in everything” – that a witness who is untruthful in one portion of his testimony is not credible in any matter.  The one falsehood disqualifies any further assertions, regardless of the veracity of any further testimony.

Senator Blumenthal, forgetful of his previous Vietnam falsehood, stepped in it bigly, actually impugning himself during his remarks.  Trying to impugn Judge Kavanaugh, he actually disqualified himself from rendering judgment on virtually anything.  False in one thing – his Vietnam service – false in everything – his arguments against the Kavanaugh confirmation.

This was the same Senator Blumenthal who, like most of the Hollywood hyenas, was convinced that Kavanaugh’s accuser, Dr. Ford, was credible before ever meeting her or hearing a word she had to say.

Will the media notice this?  No way.  Instead, they are apoplectic over Kavanaugh’s heartfelt self-defense, believing that Republican men deserve scorn and derision simply because they live and breathe.

The hypocrisy is lost on the hypocrites.  Smarmy Senator Blumenthal legalistically destroyed his own credibility over his previous whopper of a lie.  There is also Senator Cory Booker, sitting in judgment of Judge Kavanaugh and allegations of sexual impropriety when Booker himself admitted to sexually groping a high school classmate in 1992.

There is also Senator Feinstein, with more Chinese connections than even the Clintons, daring to render judgment on Justice Kavanaugh – much like those senators who lionized Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton despite their long history of sexual indiscretions and worse.  Those same senators are now screaming “j’accuse” at Brett Kavanaugh, without any sense of hypocrisy or shame.

Now these senators demand another FBI background check, the seventh for Kavanaugh, a background check that many of them would not pass.

As an aside, did anyone notice that President Trump had no reluctance or objection to another FBI background check – that in fact, he seemed eager?  Such investigations can go both ways.  The accusers may also find themselves investigated, as well as those who financed and abetted them.  What if the FBI uncovers some surprises or perjury?

As author Sarah E. Ball put it, “Healthy Shame is a balance between knowing what is morally right or wrong and having remorse for our actions and taking responsibilities for our mistakes.”  Going farther, she says, “a person with zero shame is a sociopath.”

Sociopathy has been on full display from the Democrats and the media ever since Donald Trump was elected president, escalating to the point where they are happy to go scorched earth, destroying a decent and accomplished man, a longtime public servant, someone who worked hard and arrived at the top of the legal profession.

All because they can’t abide losing the 2016 election to someone they deem unfit for the presidency – with no regard for the short- or long-term damage they are doing to the country and the Constitution.  No shame, indeed.

Brian C Joondeph, M.D., MPS is a Denver-based physician and writer.  Follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Source: Healthy Shame Woefully Absent in Washington, DC

The real takeaway from the Kavanaugh hearings

If you look closely, you’ll see who’s really in charge here.

Just step back from all the noise and look at what is happening with the “news” coverage about Brett Kavanaugh. The root of this story is simply one woman’s partially recovered memory of something she says happened 36 years ago. The story is completely unsupported by any other evidence. All of the people who she says were at the party have denied under oath that it happened.

People who say “we need to get to the bottom of this” need to understand that the unsupported story is the bottom of this, the top of this, and the middle of this. The memory, with no support, is all there is.

There is no “where” to investigate. There is no “when” to investigate. There is just a story that cannot possibly be proven, which is why no prosecutor would ever bring charges on this case.

Republicans should have simply stated in the beginning that the vote would not be stopped by this woman’s recovered memory. They could have said Senator Feinstein showed the correct judgment initially when she withheld the unsupportable accusation and did not mention it for months.

But they didn’t do that, and the extremely destructive circus ensued (just the way the Democrats had hoped). It is far from being over. Just watch.

What I would like to focus on is not the flimsy case against a good man, but how the media and the Democrats (redundant, I know) control the narrative. Evidence has almost nothing to do with the narratives they sell. The political goal is always primary; facts are secondary and unnecessary. The Kavanaugh case is a good example, but there are many other “big” stories that are based on little or nothing.

Trump’s collusion with Putin is probably the longest running, fact-free “scandal” in history. Despite huge amounts of time and money spent looking for evidence, this “huge story” remains completely unsupported by facts. As in the Kavanaugh case, we have huge numbers of “journalists” and politicians, up in the air, detached from reality, elaborating endlessly on nothing concrete. They have done this every day for years.

In both of these cases and in others like them, the media control two things:

1. They control the daily narrative, the story they want us to hear and want us to talk about.

2. They control the volume knob for any story. The Kavanaugh and Trump stories are played at very high volume. Stories with corroborative facts, like Keith Ellison’s or Bill Clinton’s abuse of women, may be played at low volume. Many stories that could legitimately be played on high volume are muted instead because they do not serve the leftists’ political goals.

Google, Twitter, and other information sites are fine-tuning their volume and mute controls to diminish or silence the political opposition. This is book-burning for the modern era.

It is disturbing to see how easy it is for leftists to control their sheep, who simply believe the propaganda. Millions of Americans apparently now believe that Brett Kavanaugh is a dangerous rapist and child-abuser. Many believe he regularly organized gang-rapes at parties. This does not speak well of the sheep or of their reckless, destructive shepherds.

Sheep like this can be convinced that President Trump is “virtually Hitler.”

The sheep are being prodded to turn violent. They are being taught to hate and being told their hatred is morally praiseworthy. There are clear parallels here to the creation of Mao’s Cultural Warriors. Mao unleashed masses of ignorant, self-righteous, and violent fools to make things right. Overwhelming death and destruction were the result.

Democrats and the media are playing with fire. They don’t care who is burned by their propaganda as long as they are in power after the destruction.

These are dangerous times.

Source: The real takeaway from the Kavanaugh hearings

To Kill a Mockingbird, Kavanaugh edition

Fiction becomes reality.

Hollywood’s new cause – the #MeToo movement – is reaching epic proportions.

Every man accused is guilty until he can prove himself innocent.  (Side note of advice: Men, carry a bodycam with you everywhere you go and travel in packs, even on dates.)  Women are to be believed, no matter what.  Who cares if they have no proof?  Who cares if the man was in Disney World on camera when the alleged incident took place?  Who cares if the accused actually died a year before the so-called attack took place?  It doesn’t matter, because women don’t lie about sexual assault.

Hollywood’s usual suspects – Alyssa Milano, Chelsea Handler, Bill Maher – may actually want to watch one of the classics, To Kill a Mockingbird.  Set in the South during the Great Depression, it is a coming-of-age story about brother and sister Jem and Scout Finch.  Their father is a white lawyer defending a black man on trial for…you guessed it: raping a white woman.  The whole town believes the woman, Mayella Ewell, who says Tom Robinson raped her.  The so-called evidence is the bruising on her face, and her father claims he caught Tom with his daughter.  The woman was actually a loner who wanted attention and sought Tom Robinson because he was nice to her.

The town literally becomes a lynch mob.  The police have to post armed guards by Tom Robinson’s cell so he is not killed by the mob.  This group of thugs are ready to kill this man without any proof.  It is a he-said, she-said.  We come to find out that Mayella actually came on to Tom, and when her father found out, they both made up the story to hide the guilt and shame.  To Hell with Tom Robinson’s life.

By all accounts, Tom Robinson is like a mockingbird, an innocent creature.  I argue that Brett Kavanaugh is also like a mockingbird.  Nowhere in his past have there been any black marks other than the normal teenage shenanigans.  By all accounts, the people who are closest to him have nothing but kind and glowing words.  His character is attacked by a woman who says he tried to assault her – not last week or last month or last year.  No – it was over 30 years ago.  Her friends can’t even say they witnessed it.  Yet the mob, the American left, is willing to believe this woman without any evidence just because she said it.  Could it be that Dr. Ford is lying just like Mayella Ewell?

Hollywood – you made this movie as a point that everyone should be given the benefit of he doubt.  Everyone is innocent – black, white, male, female – until proven guilty.  Everyone should be considered a mockingbird until we absolutely see that he is a vulture.  Hollywood women, would you want your fathers to go through this if you knew they weren’t capable of this behavior?

I think we all need to be a bit more like Atticus Finch, the white lawyer, and a lot less like Bob Ewell and his gang of thugs – the modern-era group of paid wackos.

Source: To Kill a Mockingbird, Kavanaugh edition

Lindsey Graham Announces Plans to Investigate Democrat Antics and Improper Behavior During Kavanaugh Confirmation Process (Video) — The Gateway Pundit

Senator Lindsey Graham joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this week to discuss the ongoing Kavanaugh confirmation process.

Lindsey Graham told Maria he wants an investigation of the deplorable Democrat Party antics and obstruction during the Kavanaugh confirmation.

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to ask Senator Grassley to get to the bottom of how this hearing process was so hijacked, the unethical aspects of it. The slash and burn aspects of it, the effort to delay it, to abuse, I think, Dr. Ford’s trust. So, let me tell you. We’re going to start with the following concept. Dr. Ford said at the hearing that she did not know that the committee was willing to come to California to take her testimony in a private setting… So I’m going to find out why she did not know her options. I’m going to find out who in Feinstein’s staff recommended Katz to be Dr. Ford’s lawyer. It’s improper for senators to recommend lawyers to constituents. I’m going to ask if she thought she needed a lawyer as a staff member why didn’t you come forth to tell the committee about the allegation.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

via Lindsey Graham Announces Plans to Investigate Democrat Antics and Improper Behavior During Kavanaugh Confirmation Process (Video) — The Gateway Pundit

Donald Trump Trashes ‘Saturday Night Live ‘ and Praises Kanye West

President Donald Trump made it clear that he is no fan of “Saturday Night Live” following the leftist show’s 44th season premiere over the weekend.

“Like many, I don’t watch ‘Saturday Night Live (even though I past hosted it)’ — no longer funny, no talent or charm. It is just a political ad for the Dems,” the president tweeted on Sunday.

Trump did have some praise for Kanye West though, who made waves for performing on the show while wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

“Word is that Kanye West, who put on a MAGA hat after the show (despite being told ‘no’), was great. He’s leading the charge!” Trump tweeted.

West, 41, not only wore a MAGA hat while performing on the the show, but he also stood up for Donald Trump and conservatives in a speech that was cut off by “SNL.”

“The blacks weren’t always Democrats. You know, it’s like the plan they did, to take the fathers out the home and put them on welfare. Does anybody know about that? That’s a Democratic plan,” West said during his final performance of the night.

He added, “There’s so many times I talk to, like, a white person about this and they say, ‘How could you like Trump? He’s racist.’ Well, uh, if I was concerned about racism I would’ve moved out of America a long time ago.”

West also said later about Trump, “Thank y’all for giving me this platform. I know some of y’all don’t agree, but y’all be going at that man’s [Donald Trump] neck a lot, and I don’t think it’s actually that helpful.”

West revealed to the audience that he was “bullied” and told backstage not to wear his MAGA hat in front of the cameras. It was a request he obviously denied. He called the hat his “Superman cape” and said he would not be told what to do.

The rest of “Saturday Night Live” was as leftist as ever with a cold open that included Academy Award winner Matt Damon making Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh look like an angry buffoon and a Weekend Update segment where hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che, like usual, aimed all of their jokes at the GOP and conservatives.

Donald Trump hosted the fourth episode of the 41st season of “SNL.”

Watch the cold open for the latest episode of “Saturday Night Live” — featuring Damon — below:

Source: Donald Trump Trashes ‘Saturday Night Live ‘ and Praises Kanye West