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Forgetting those things which are behind…I press toward the mark.

Philippians 3:13–14

It is one of the devil’s oldest tricks to discourage Christian believers by causing them to look back at what they once were. It is indeed the enemy of our souls who makes us forget that we are never at the end of God’s love.

No one will make progress with God until the eyes are lifted to the faithfulness of God and we stop looking at ourselves!

Our instructions in the New Testament all add up to the necessity of looking forward in faith—and not spending our time looking back or just looking within.

Brethren, our Lord is more than able to take care of our past. He pardons instantly and forgives completely, and his blood makes us worthy!

The goodness of God is infinitely more wonderful than we will ever be able to comprehend. If the “root of the matter” is in you and you are born again, God is prepared to start with you where you are!

Thank You, Lord, that we can never reach the end of Your love for us. Your love, like all Your attributes, is never-ending.[1]

[1] Tozer, A. W. (2015). Mornings with tozer: daily devotional readings. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers.


But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.

—Matthew 6:20

As Christians we look at everything differently….

People of the world, for instance, hope for life, health, financial prosperity, international peace and a set of favorable circumstances. These are their resources—upon them they rest. They look to them as a child looks to its nursing mother.

Christians do not despise these temporal blessings, and if they come to them, they sanctify them by receiving them with prayers of… gratitude to God. But they know their everlasting welfare is not dependent upon them. These blessings may come or go, but true Christians abide in God where no evil can touch them and where they are rich beyond all the power of their minds to conceive—and this altogether apart from earthly circumstances….

The world’s resources are good in their way, but they have this fatal defect—they are uncertain and transitory. Today we have them, tomorrow they are gone. It is this way with all earthly things since sin came to upset the beautiful order of nature and made the human race victims of chance and change….

If the world’s foundations crumble we still have God, and in Him we have everything essential to our ransomed beings forever. TWP025-026

Thank You, Father, for the eternal treasure that can be mine when I serve You. Keep me from the lure of transitory treasure and focused on that which is eternal. Amen. [1]

[1] Tozer, A. W., & Eggert, R. (2015). Tozer on the almighty god: a 365-day devotional. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers.

Video: “The Sword of the Spirit, Part One” by Alistair Begg — Truth For Life Blog

In addition to protective wear, soldiers must also arm themselves for battle. In spiritual warfare, Christian soldiers take up the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Contemporary culture often regards the Bible as irrelevant, but as Alistair Begg demonstrates, God’s Word is no ordinary book: it speaks with clarity, authority, and veracity, and is necessary for coming to faith. God cannot be found through human investigation, but He reveals Himself generally through His creation, specially through His Word, and ultimately through His Son.

Video: “The Sword of the Spirit, Part One” by Alistair Begg — Truth For Life Blog

October 4 Daily Help

WE must manifest the spirit of Christ in meekness, gentleness, and forgiveness. Let us search and see if we truly suffer with Jesus. And if we do thus suffer, what is our “light affliction” compared with reigning with him? Oh, it is so blessed to be in the furnace with Christ, and such an honor to stand in the pillory with him, that if there were no future reward, we might count ourselves happy in present honor; but when the recompense is so eternal, so infinitely more than we had any right to expect, shall we not take up the cross with alacrity, and go on our way rejoicing?[1]

[1] Spurgeon, C. H. (1892). Daily Help (p. 281). Baltimore: R. H. Woodward & Company.

The Attempted Personal And Political Assassination By Democrats Of Brett Kavanaugh Has Only Succeeded In Uniting Republicans — Now The End Begins

Brett Kavanaugh is no longer a mere Supreme Court nominee. His name is now a veritable conservative cause, one that has united the right for the first time since the 2016 primary sent Republicans quarreling over Trump and Never Trump.

As I write this, Liberal Democrats in Washington are in full meltdown mode, so much so that that senators are being given police protection due to pending outbreaks of riots and violence. Why? Because the FBI has concluded its investigation of Brett Kavanaugh, and found no corroboration of any of the allegations against him. The Democrats are furious that their character assassination attempt has failed, which is why Dianne Feinstein is demanding the FBI report be kept from the American people.

It is game over for the Democrats, and they know it. They commit such overreach in their attempt to stop Kavanaugh, that the Conservative Right is galvanized like they haven’t been in quite some time. So sure of their ability to crush Kavanaugh, Democrats put all their eggs into the one basket of the politics of personal destruction, but have failed spectacularly in their attempt. The resulting ‘omelette’ may just usher in a Red Wave not seen in this country in the past 100 years.

FROM THE NY POST: Whatever the outcome of the immediate contest, it’s increasingly clear that Democrats and the media establishment made an enormous miscalculation by waging total war against Kavanaugh and his family.

Liberals set out to cast the federal judge — amiable, well-credentialed, mildly conservative — as a demon. In the process, they have reminded GOP voters and all but the most stubborn Never Trump intellectuals that there are worse things than Donald Trump’s outbursts and the ineptitude of congressional Republicans.

Dianne Feinstein wants FBI report kept secret…why?

Elizabeth Landers seems like a very nice person and good at what she does. She is also a reporter for CNN, so for her to be tweeting this adds a whole lot more weight than if a Conservative reporter had tweeted this. 

Whatever disputes we have on our own side, the thinking on the right now goes, we have to set them aside and stop a politics of personal destruction, fueled by a moral panic and an uncritical mainstream media that sees itself as an adjunct of the anti-Trump resistance.

These forces have combined to turn Kavanaugh into a folk hero, a stand-in for every American who has found himself falsely accused, or railroaded by malicious hearsay, or facing an unfeeling bureaucracy that treats juvenile missteps as unforgivable sins.

Democrats insist they’re merely seeking to smoke out a potential predator who wants a lifetime gig on the high court. But they’ll find few right-of-center voters and, I suspect, independents willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Any reservoir of trust that existed leaked out under the press of the left’s blatantly underhanded moves and violations of norms.

I’ve written in these pages about a rigged process that began with a secret and (initially) anonymous allegation, kept hidden from Kavanaugh and Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee until the 11th hour, when the judge was poised to be confirmed and it was too late to properly investigate. And though Kavanaugh had already passed six FBI background checks, Democrats insisted on yet another FBI probe before he could clear his name.

Then the media piled on. READ MORE

via The Attempted Personal And Political Assassination By Democrats Of Brett Kavanaugh Has Only Succeeded In Uniting Republicans — Now The End Begins

GOP Fundraising Through the Roof After Appalling Liberal Smears on Judge Kavanaugh (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Americans saw right through the last minute political attacks on Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Not only have Republicans narrowed the enthusiasm gap with Democrats but GOP fundraising is through the roof.

Stuart Varney reported on the numbers on Thursday morning.

** This last week compared to the same week in August – donations up 175%.
** The amount raised is up 194%.
** The average gift given to the Republican party is up 111%.

Via Varney and Co.:

via GOP Fundraising Through the Roof After Appalling Liberal Smears on Judge Kavanaugh (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

Even Democrats are noticing how their Kavanaugh stunts are poisoning their blue wave

From polls to politicians to even NeverTrumps climbing onboard with Trumpsters, even the smarter elements of the left are getting nervous.

Source: Even Democrats are noticing how their Kavanaugh stunts are poisoning their blue wave

Feinstein: Friday Is Too Soon to Vote on Kavanaugh (We are all SHOCKED that she would say such a thing)

Timing is everything right Ms. Feinstein?

It should be noted that this year we learned that Ms. Feinstein, a crony capitalist of the first order, employed an alleged Chinese spy for 20 years until fairly recently. And it was not her “driver” as was originally proclaimed, but a close adviser.

Nothing came of this discovery. The alleged Chinese spy actually continues to be active in California politics.

As for Kavanaugh, did anyone think that Ms. Feinstein wouldn’t pull this? Her goal is to delay, delay, delay, any vote until after the November election which she hopes will motivate the p—y hat crowd to the polls.

Let’s see what the FBI has to say. Then the Senate can vote. There is no reason for any extended delay. At least no good reason.

(From The National Review)

Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, said on Tuesday that lawmakers should not be made to vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court this week.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Monday that the Senate would vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation on Friday, at the conclusion of the one-week FBI investigation into the allegations of sexual assault that have been levied against the nominee by three women.

Click here for the article.

Source: Feinstein: Friday Is Too Soon to Vote on Kavanaugh (We are all SHOCKED that she would say such a thing)

The Attack on Truth

The Attack on Truth

by Nat Crawford

If you knew the truth, would that change your mind? I wonder how many of us would answer honestly.

Some would just ask, “What is truth?” Pontias Pilate asked that question to Jesus two thousand years ago. If someone asked me, “What is truth?”, I would answer “Truth is that which corresponds to reality. In other words, truth is an accurate picture of the way a thing is. This is exactly what Merriam-Webster would say.[1]

So what?

Unless you’ve been locked away from the world, you know there is a fiery battle happening right now in the U.S. Senate regarding Supreme Court Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The debate, one might assume, is whether or not Kavanaugh is innocent or guilty of alleged crime(s). The debate one might say is whether or not the claims of alleged victims are true or false.

But at a closer examination, the debate isn’t over truth, but rather desire. There is an attack on truth.

Why do I suggest such a thing? Because regardless of affirmation or acquittal, the vast majority of Senators will not change their vote. Their votes are based upon desire not truth. The vast majority of Americans will not change their viewpoint of Kavanaugh. The issue is not truth, but desire.

Kavanaugh isn’t the only example of the preference of desire over truth.

In a recent Q&A session with Apologist Frank Turek, Turek asked a student…


Source: The Attack on Truth

Agents of Betrayal in the Church — Pulpit & Pen

This post was written by Thomas Littleton and has been reposted here with permission. The original can be found here.



Note: This author is focused on the church and the serious infiltration of the remaining Biblical conservative denominations and groups. This article is a departure from that singular focus in light of the grave influence that political operatives like Russell Moore and Tim Keller are having. A redefining of the role of Christians in the culture including in politics and policy is underway. Motives and goals of the very people who condemn evangelicals for supporting the election of Donald Trump in 2016 or GOP candidates going forward have become more glaringly progressive and left than ever. Their perversion of the Gospel into social justice, contracting with grant funding and big business, inclusive, and affirming, open borders, weakening of pro-life and family values metrics are doing great harm to religious freedom, domestic and foreign missions and the Biblical worldview of our youth. These self-righteous efforts masked as a theological movement provide some of the greatest threats to the future of our churches and our children’s faith that we have known in our lifetime.  These agents of BETRAYAL must be exposed and stopped.


The Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission President Russell Moore, pictured on the right, is a primary operative in the evangelical betrayal and remains one of the more shameless infiltrators totally insulated from accountability.


A deeply divided climate remains in the American cultural and political landscape as we approach the horizon of the midterm elections. To the shock of many conservative voters, the leaders of the evangelical right have continued to live and work in the echo chamber they created by their “Never Trump” mantras during the 2016 Presidential season. Vocal leaders like Russell Moore and Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and high stakes global operator, Timothy Keller of the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) and co-founder of progressive emergent movement among pastors called The Gospel Coalition, have proven to be well-endowed “agents of change” embedded deep within the conservative Christian right. Moore and Keller fill our headlines with progressive verbiage to shame and convict conservative Christian voters for Trump and other conservative candidates. The new gospel they pitch has progressive social justice equality replacing once solidified evangelical values like pro-life, pro-family and pro-America policy. Second tier players like Ed Stetzer who spent years at Lifeway Research and writing for TGC and Christianity Today along with a stable of authors with coordinated messages working with TGC under the directive of editors like Joe Carter and gay Priest Sam Allberry have primed the church for the dulling of Biblical clarity and conviction translating into salt and light in the public square. Collectively this group have overwhelmed most conversations and have further spread the leaven of leftist progressivism masked in a historic theological packaging. Sad to say trusted outlets like World Magazine have become more often echoes of Social Justice than alternative news outlets for Christians. One of the new arrivals on the scene in the SBC is Nate Collins of the Revoice organization /conference advocating for “LGBTQUI+ flourishing in historic Christian tradition” such as Southern Baptist and conservative Presbyterians churches. Unthinkable yet true – this is where the wave of false teaching by key leaders has brought to the conservative church today.

Meanwhile, the churches of the once reliably conservative SBC and PCA are being transformed through the compromise of such conservative seminary heads as Albert Mohler. Living on the reputation he garnered in 1993 as the new leader of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (flagship of the SBC) in Louisville KY, Mohler and others have filled their institutions with the false gospels of social justice calling for “Racial Reconciliation,” “Egalitarian Equality,” “Revoicing the Church on LGBTQUI+,” and “Immigration Reform.” Pro-Life is being watered down and broadened to include elder, refugee, and immigrant care.


A primary example of the change in motion is J D Greear, the Moore, Keller and Mohler disciple who now heads the SBC denomination. J.D. Greear is a mega-church pastor of Summit Church in Raleigh North Carolina. He is young, well-liked, and to the casual observer, appears to be the hope of a denomination. Yet Greear’s own church members did not even know their denominational identity and affiliations as he accepted the nomination for its presidency in early Summer 2018. Greear’s youthful appearance and hopeful demeanor actually hold an ominous and looming air of doom for the conservative movements reliant on the Christian base. Greear was trained in Mohler/Keller associate Danny Akin’s South Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary and has been steeped in their rhetoric of Social Justice, Progressive Politics, LGBTQUI+, and American Psychological Association-driven ideology. Greear’s landscape is awash in the Soros-funded pro-Muslim immigration work of the SBC’s revamped missions organizations and World Relief.

Greear embraces the radical ideology espoused on LGBTQUI+ and the Evangelical church from Mark Yarhouse and the 2010 whitepaper Yarhouse promoted for TGC as a gold standard for “Christian Sexual Ethic. It is both Biblically baseless and APA compliant. Greear boasts that he “can no longer tell where Timothy Keller’s mind ends and his own begins.” There are many others like Greear coming into leadership in our denominations, proving that the decades-long push for change at the top of the SBC and PCA through organizations like Keller’s The Gospel Coalition has created a tinderbox of progressive politics soaked in 200 proof bootleg funding awaiting ignition. The conservative movement is about to be decimated from within.


After the Trump victory over 16 primary rivals and Hillary to capture of the White House in 2016, Russell Moore and Tim Keller continue to efforts to undermine the conservative Christian base through article after article. Meanwhile, as they have ramped up the rhetoric, Moore/Keller have doubled down criticism of conservative voters to hopefully spark a sudden flash point among American conservatism. Young pastors and disciples of these agents of change appear to be theological conservatives but prove social liberals with no problem embracing the redefinition of marriage, pro-choice, legalizing drugs and think little of the American Dream, the Constitution, and national sovereignty. These relentless long-term efforts to undermine our foundations if successful, could mean the setback of Trump’s election may be a temporary one.

Examples of the relentless attacks of Russell Moore and Tim Keller aimed at Christian conservatives Moore





Moore with World Magazine








Moore has a history of faking stories, such as claiming in 2000 that he was bullied, harassed and threatened by an unnamed missionary at a Cooperative (liberal) Baptist meeting while Moore was a reporter for the Baptist Press and finishing his Doctorate at Mohler’s SBTS. This occurred just prior to Moore’s ascent as a Mohler protégé’ and then on to head the ERLC in 2013. That same year the great SBC shift began in earnest to disown the old conservative branding and rewrite the narrative to favor every progressive agenda in the Social Justice victim narrative playbook. Readers may recall Moore’s now notorious Wall Street Journal interview in Oct 2013. Complete with messianic pose in his D.C. offices, Moore struck a new tone for Evangelicals and Baptists in particular, declaring the Culture War LOST and “we must change the tone and love our gay and lesbian neighbors.”

The recently scandalous and radical Revoice brand to push “Queer Culture, Queer Literature, and Queer Theory” into PCA/ SBC churches by 2018 was actually incubated at SBTS and promoted by ERLC fellows and Associates. By 2014, Mohler and Moore held their ERLC conference on “Homosexuality and the Future of Marriage” in which Mohler apologized for being wrong about Homosexual Orientation and began to toss Reparative Therapy and the call for Repentance out the Evangelical window and under the proverbial bus. Again, this was driven by the associations of these leaders with The Gospel Coalition and APA-compliant psychologist, Mark Yarhouse, to bring the Church into step with their secular LGBTQUI+ counseling narrative while promoting the normalization and acceptance of the Marriage, Sexuality, Gender revolution.


Tim Keller has his own camp of change agents as well as his partnership through TGC to a broader camp of compromised Evangelical leaders. In 2012, Tim Keller went with two younger associates – Gabe Lyons of Q Ideas Forum (a progressive TED talks for Christians) and David Kinnaman who now runs Barna – on a visit to the Whitehouse where they met with then president Barack Obama. This meeting is outlined in their book “Good Faith…” where, under the pretext of concerns about religious freedom, this trio and another straggler or two offered to lead the Church into classic Leftist “Third Way” political compromise on the great cultural issues of our day. President Obama seemed little impressed with these self-appointed agents of change and even less came from their meeting.  However what Keller and friends placed on the table is telling indeed. They assume and assert that Christians are a small minority in the US now and must operate with “Principled Pluralism” and Civility. We must go the Third Way path to assure the broader “human flourishing “and “thriving community” of which Keller is now an avid proponent. Keller is a globalist wearing a gospel mask who has shown little care for the theological roots of his PCA associations.

In 2015, he signed the Civilitas Group document advocating deep compromise with the LGBTQUI+ community, racial identity politics, immigration and other politicized social issues. Keller and other ministers including SBC leading globalist Rick Warren and three Christian Education institutions – Wheaton College, Biola University, and Fuller Seminary – all agreed to engage “The Civilitas Theory of Social Change” designed to sway the Evangelical Church, again toward “Third Way” politics and social engagement. The document asserts that “incivility is the greatest danger faced by society” ignoring the conservative understanding of threats like open borders, redefining marriage, undermining the Constitution, and globalism in general, pose to personal, religious, and economic freedoms. Civilitas was developed in part by two Ivy League sociology departments and the University of Virginia’s Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, which boasts of its ideological and intellectual inspiration from the Frankfurt School. Keller’s work with the Civilitas Group reveals he still holds his longtime leanings toward Cultural Marxism.

Civilitas Document has been removed but can be found here. Frankfurt School Marxist roots are boasted of plainly by the contributing developers at UVAs IASC .


Keller is an agent of change in the conservative Presbyterian movement of D James Kennedy and Francis Schaeffer. His TGC message is in fact theologically Emergent (a mingled new age Christianity) cloaked in traditional Reformed Theology. TGC boast that it is a non-political gospel movement yet advocating for human flourishing for “the Common Good.” In other words, classic Christian Socialism’s false gospel. The new narrative is old school Cultural Marxism and is being shamelessly used to replace conservative values. Keller is also responsible for bringing the narrative of gay priest from the United Kingdom and the Church of England into TGC including Sam Allberry and Ed Shaw who now dare to introduce a “Church Inclusion Audit “ into both UK and US churches making demands to police private thoughts conversations, our pulpits  and force the hiring of LGBTQUI+ staff members and even advocate the requirement of couples “sharing children “ with those of other backgrounds and lifestyles in the church. This horrendous movement is becoming a part of Tim Keller and his TGC heritage /legacy in and to the church who has trusted him and others like Russell Moore .


Keller’s organization and other associated media have flooded the airways with the one-sided narrative, but the greater point of entry is provided by the near saturation of our SEMINARIES. Reformed Theological Seminary, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Covenant Seminary, Beeson Divinity School (in this writer’s city) and many more – once considered steadfast conservative and Reformed institutions – are now deeply infiltrated by the 2013 introduction of a Social Justice / Anti -Poverty / Works Driven curriculum. The young hearts and minds of our present and future pastors are being leavened as they are moved into our pulpits to destroy our church’s influence as “salt and light” in culture, elections and policy. Albert Mohler, while less open about his affiliations with such ideology, its funding and compromise is, in fact, a more effective and dangerous agent of change because of his status as a trusted conservative theological leader for decades. Mohler engages his battle through his disciple Russell Moore who now seems to love his progressive lightening rod status in the SBC.  These trusted men, Mohler / Moore / Keller and others like them privately devour our own young, sell out our collective future into a sterile and failed Christian Socialism where our children’s nation and lives and opportunity will bear little or no resemblance to our own.


If we continue to entrust the future of our churches, children and politics to the present Evangelical machinery and its leaders…we are done .We must expel  this alien social justice, neo-Marxist dogma from our seminaries before it devours our churches. The LGBTQUI+ activist have no place in the household of faith to redefine family, sexual norms and Christian Faith to fit their whims. If these things are not purged from the SBC PCA  and conservative churches  then they will turn evangelicalism  into a leftist wilderness barren of the Gospel and life giving power. Religious Freedom, Personal Freedoms, the Constitution, and Life as we know it – are gone. Why sit we here until we die? Arise! and be heard in the company of the Lord’s host.

You can read more and find documentation in great detail of these issues in the articles below.

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