How To Fight A Besetting Sin

A Ruby In The Rough

py3ak on the Puritan Board:

How do you fight any sin? From an attitude of dependence on God (Psam 127), you take steps to avoid it (2 Timothy 2:2), kill it (Colossians 3:5), and replace it with something godly (Romans 13:14). In more concrete terms, you confess this sin to the Lord and ask for his forgiving and cleansing grace; you stay out of situations where you’re more prone to feel it, indulge it, or act on it; when it appears you reject it promptly, and as promptly turn to something that fills your mind with better things (Scripture, a sermon, conversation with a reliably Christian friend, singing Psalms; the work you have in hand is also good, and a brisk walk can be a helpful supplement to thinking about praiseworthy things). Cultivate love to Christ, trust God to work in you what is…

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