EXCLUSIVE… Juanita Broaddrick: Anti-Kavanaugh #MeToo Protesters Never Heard Of Me — The Gateway Pundit

Juanita Broaddrick, who claims former Bill Clinton raped her, appeared at a rally last Thursday in support of Brett Kavanagh amid the embattled newly appointed Supreme Court Justice’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

None of the #MeToo activists and leftist protesters who “screamed” and “yelled” in support of Ford in the streets of nation’s capital recognized Broaddrick or even knew who she was, Broaddrick explained in an interview with the Gateway Pundit at the Women for Trump summit in Washington, DC.

“There were very few, possibly five percent or less that even understood what they were there for,” she said. “They were just coming with the crowd. They were paid to be there.”

Broaddrick said when she confronted an anti-Kavanaugh demonstrator about her allegations against Clinton, and asked her if her claims should be investigated, the demonstrator didn’t recognize her and walked away.

“I had a lady standing near me with a sign ‘for Christine Ford’ while I was being interviewed, and got through behind me,” she said. “I turned around and said ‘do you believe me?’ She said ‘I believe all survivors.’ I asked her ‘well do you know who I am?’ I told her and she turned and walked away.”

Ford specifically can’t remember any of the details that might prove or disprove her claim. She also can’t remember the things she did and said even in the last few months.

Yet,Democrats, including twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, insist Blasey Ford deserves the benefit of the doubt in her accusations against Kavanaugh, who has undergone  seven FBI investigations throughout the course of his career.

On the eve of his hearings, Clinton launched an attack on Kavanaugh, arguing that Ford deserves the benefit of the doubt in her accusations.

Yet, Clinton allegedly threatened Broaddrick decades before the retired nurse revealed that Bill Clinton raped her.

Broaddrick told the Gateway Pundit she was leaving a fundraiser and Hillary Clinton “frightened” her with threats before she was able to get out.

“I’m headed to the front door, before I get there, here comes Hillary Clinton straight for me. She comes over to me, take a hold of my hand and I’m just standing there in shock. She says ‘I just want you to know how appreciative that Bill and I am for everything that you do in his campaign. I nodded and said thank you and said I’ve got to get out of here,” she explained. “I turned to walk away, the front door is about five feet from me. As I do, she grabs me and pulls me back to her. And she says in a very rough angry voice and said, ‘Do you understand everything that you do.’ I became frightened of that woman, right there. I mean, the evil that permeated from her saying that to me, it was almost like being raped again.”

Unlike Dr. Christine Ford, Juanita elaborated in detail the circumstances that lead to Bill Clinton raping her.

“After the rape and I got home I was devastated. All I could was go to work and put one fit in front of the other. People say, why didn’t you call the police. You’ve got to realize, he was the attorney general. He was the police.  I just tried to live and cope with this the best that I could.

If Dr. Christine Ford perjured during her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, she should be prosecuted,  Broaddrick lamented.

“If they can investigate her, and find out that she was lying – I believe in that.  She’s tried to destroy a man’s life. If she lied, she should be prosecuted,” Broaddrick said. “When it first came out, [allegations against Kavanaugh] It just didn’t sound right. But I thought, I am going to wait until she comes forward. And talks, that’s when I tweeted that if she didn’t want to come forward, ‘I’d be happy to go in her place and talk about my rape by Bill Clinton.’ I was even less convinced when I saw her testify.”

Broaddrick explained that she was castigated by the media and the left when she first came forward with allegations against Clinton.

“I had witnesses, I had so many things that could prove that I was raped by Bill Clinton. And then you see Dr. Ford who has no corroboration whatsoever. It’s just the double standard,” she said. “It was terrible when I first came out. The first bad thing, was NBC holding my Dateline interview until after the impeachment. That was difficult to go through. And it was just how all of the media reacted to me coming out and saying ‘you know there was a president that was a rapist.’ It was just so difficult. I finally started to write the media off because they called me bad names. They said I was lying and they were just so cruel. It’s something you just had to get away from.”

EXCLUSIVE… Juanita Broaddrick: Anti-Kavanaugh #MeToo Protesters Never Heard Of Me — The Gateway Pundit

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