EXCLUSIVE=> Katrina Pierson: ‘Destructive’ Dems Miscalculate ‘Women Think with Their Genitals,’ Backfiring — The Gateway Pundit

The GOP is following President Trump’s leadership and finally fighting back against Democrat’s baseless accusations of misogyny, racism and sexual assault and as a result  Americans are increasingly waking up to the left’s incendiary agenda, Katrina Pierson explained in an interview with the Gateway Pundit.

The relentless attacks against newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has exposed to millions how incendiary the left is and expanding support for President Trump, argued Pierson, President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign senior adviser.

“It’s creating more of an obvious look at who the Democrats are today this clearly is not your grandfather’s Democrat party,” she said. “Its really important the American people see just how destructive that the Democrat Party of today is – how manipulative –  how that they will go through any length – to hurt innocent people.”

“Republicans, have been reminded of why its so important to turn out in a midterm election. Because At the end of the day, who controls the House is going to determine how fast or how slow the president’s agenda.”

Not only have Democrats attempted to “tar and feather” Kavanaugh for political opportunism with uncorroborated allegations, Pierson continued, but are shamelessly “re-victimizing” Christine Blasey Ford.

“Remember, they are the ones that dragged Dr. Ford into this to begin with, in the public arena. It’s really sad how they’ve been re-victimizing this woman. It’s really sad how they’ve tarred and feathered this man who has an outstanding record, is completely qualified to serve on this court. And how they are shocked that as a man, he would defend his family. It is showing America who the left is today.

The Democrats’ assumption that women “think with their genitals” is backfiring, Pierson continued, because voters, particularly women.

“So many women come up to me just in the last week saying ‘I wasn’t a huge fan of Donald Trump early on, but he’s done some really amazing things and what the left is doing to judge Kavanaugh is atrocious,” she said “You see a lot of women and who are very disturbed because one of the things they have miscalculated is that women don’t just think with their genitals. Women have husbands, they have sons. They all have fathers and this is very effective at letting them know of the length the Democrat party will go to as well.”

Traditional Democrat voters are abandoning the Democrat party because President Trump, unlike his Republican predecessors, forcefully fights back against the left’s lies and polarizing propaganda.

“The reason why you never saw this push back on culture, is because you have Republicans who were afraid of their own shadows in many ways. If they were being yelled at or called names Republicans would tuck their tails and run. All that ended in 2016,” she said. “You now have  a president – a leader of the party who is unapologetically proud to be an American. He is unapologetic ally proud to be a man who has been able to be successful in this country and has the ability to help so many others be successful, the exact same way that he was in his private life. He doesn’t apologize for that.”

“It doesn’t matter, you can call him a racist, you can call him a sexist, a misogynist. He is not going to be deterred by any name calling. In fact, it’s just the opposite. He is going to come right back at you.’

GOP leadership are following Trump’s lead, adamantly standing behind Kavanaugh and no longer capitulating to the leftist media’s claims that they are misogynist, racist or sexist, she argued.

“What we’ve seen in the last week with the Kavanaugh situation, is more and more Republicans are starting to realize that you don’t have to take it,” she said.” You don’t have to roll over just because someone is yelling at you, or the media is making fun of you for someone screaming at you in an elevator.

“Orin Hatch, my hero of the day, when these women protesters were screaming and shouting at him and he said ‘Grow up.’ And they were just taken aback by that. That’s what we have to do if we want to engage the culture. If we want to make a difference on how people in general, see the Republican party. We have such an amazing platform – our values of family, entrepreneurship and capitalism – all the things that made America great. Why aren’t we defending those things? Trump is doing that.”

More and more women are supporting President Trump, she argued, and so are black Americans because the president defends himself, while [the GOP] ha you hasn’t had “that interaction or communication, specifically with the black community.”

“I was so proud when President Trump wanted to go in the inner cities, in the black community. No Republican does that and its been a huge mistake and one of my greatest frustrations with the party. How can you expect people to go vote for you if you won’t even go talk to them? And Donald Trump did that,” she said. “He want up there and he said ‘For 40 years this is what you’ve got, what do you have to lose?’ And that made people think ‘you know, what do I have to lose? Am I going to keep getting the same thing I always got, or should I just try something different?’ And they did. And guess what? Wages are going up, taxes are going down, jobs are available – it’s a big deal to actually engage culturally.”

George Bush should had “come out in front of a microphone and said ‘how dare you call me a racist, this is what I’ve done, This is what I care about’ – but he never did that,” she continued. “He never defended himself. The party never defended him in that way – that’s why Republicans have a bad rap. Because they don’t defend the integrity of their party – that is what’s changing.”

But Democrats will persist to level accusations that Republicans are racist and smear Brett Kavanaugh, and no amount of investigation of Kavanaugh will satisfy the obstructionist party.

“The request for the additional seventh investigation still wasn’t enough for the left. It will never be enough for the left. We could do 10 FBI investigations and they would still find something wrong with that as well,” she said.  “It’s obvious these people don’t really care about facts, they don’t care about the truth. They don’t care really about anything but what they want. And the one thing they don’t want is for Donald Trump to be successful. The one thing that they really don’t want is or Donald Trump to pick another Supreme Court justice. The idea is to cause as much destruction as possible, in the intent, in the hope to beat him in the House, or hopefully win the Senate. But it’s definitely backfiring.”

via EXCLUSIVE=> Katrina Pierson: ‘Destructive’ Dems Miscalculate ‘Women Think with Their Genitals,’ Backfiring — The Gateway Pundit

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