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Seek the Lord, and his strength: seek his face evermore.

Psalm 105:4

Wherever faith has proved itself to be real, it has inevitably had upon it a sense of the “present” God. The holy Scriptures possess in marked degree this feeling of actual encounter with a real Person.

The men and women of the Bible talked with God. They spoke to Him and heard Him speak in words they could understand. With Him they held person-to-person converse, and a sense of shining reality is upon their words and deeds.

This sense of “Someone there” filled the members of the early Christian church with abiding wonder. The solemn delight which those early disciples knew sprang straight from the conviction that there was One in the midst of them—they were in the very presence of God!

This sense of “Someone” there makes religion invulnerable to critical attack. It secures the mind against collapse under the battering of the enemy. Those who worship the God who is present may ignore the objection of unbelieving men!

Lord, as I go out into the world today, may Your presence be very real in my life. Thank You for always being there for me.[1]

[1] Tozer, A. W. (2015). Mornings with tozer: daily devotional readings. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers.


The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

—Psalm 37:23

To the child of God, there is no such thing as accident. He travels an appointed way. The path he treads was chosen for him when as yet he was not, when as yet he had existence only in the mind of God.

Accidents may indeed appear to befall him and misfortune stalk his way; but these evils will be so in appearance only and will seem evils only because we cannot read the secret script of God’s hidden providence and so cannot discover the ends at which He aims….

The man of true faith may live in the absolute assurance that his steps are ordered by the Lord. For him, misfortune is outside the bounds of possibility. He cannot be torn from this earth one hour ahead of the time which God has appointed, and he cannot be detained on earth one moment after God is done with him here. He is not a waif of the wide world, a foundling of time and space, but a saint of the Lord and the darling of His particular care. WTA003-004

Lord, it’s comforting to know that today and every day You are directing my life by the preset plans that are known only to You. I’ll rest in that, whatever may come my way today. Amen. [1]

[1] Tozer, A. W., & Eggert, R. (2015). Tozer on the almighty god: a 365-day devotional. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers.

10/08/2018 — Wretched


•Todd went deep into the heart of Texas
•College traditions and church liturgy
•The absent faith of George HW Bush
•The problem with Tim Keller’s view of Social Justice
•Asking Millennials why suicide rates are up
•Dr. John MacArthur explains why he trains men in exposition

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Ron Paul Warns A 50% Stock Market Decline Is Coming…And There’s No Way To Stop It

Is Ron Paul about to be proven right once again?

TheEconomiCollapse.com’s Michael Snyder thinks so. For a very long time, Ron Paul has been one of my political heroes.  His willingness to stand up for true constitutional values and to keep saying “no” to the Washington establishment over and over again won the hearts of millions of American voters, and I wish that there had been enough of us to send him to the White House either in 2008 or in 2012.  To this day, I still wish that we could make his classic work entitled “End The Fed” required reading in every high school classroom in America.  He was one of the few members of Congress that actually understood economics, and it is very sad that he has now retired from politics.  With the enormous mess that Washington D.C. has become, we sure could use a lot more statesmen like him right now.

But even though he has retired from politics, Ron Paul is still speaking out about the most important issues of the day.  And what he recently told CNBC is extremely ominous.


The following comes from a CNBC article entitled “Ron Paul: US is barreling towards a stock market drop of 50% or more, and there’s no way to prevent it”… According to the former Republican Congressman from Texas, the recent jump in Treasury bond yields suggest the U.S. is barreling towards a potential recession and market meltdown at a faster and faster pace. And, he sees no way to prevent it.

We’re getting awfully close. I’d be surprised if you don’t have everybody agreeing with what I’m saying next year some time,”

“It can be pretty well validated by looking at monetary history that when you inflate the currency, distort interest rates and live beyond your means and spend too much, there has to be an adjustment,” he said.

“We have the biggest bubble in the history of mankind.”

“I know it’s going to happen,” Paul said. “It will come, and the bubble is bigger than ever before.”

Of course lots of such predictions are flying around these days.

In fact, at this point even the IMF is warning of a “second Great Depression”.

So when it actually takes place it won’t be much of a surprise.  However, I do believe that many will be surprised by the ferocity of the coming crash.  According to Ron Paul, stock prices could end up falling by up to 50 percent

Paul is a vocal Libertarian known for an ardent grassroots fanbase that propelled him to multiple presidential runs, as well as his grim warnings about the economy. Yet he has been warning investors for years that an epic drop of 50 percent or more will eventually hit the stock market. He predicted the February correction, but not in size and scope.

Actually, stock prices need to fall by at least 50 percent in order for stock valuations to get close to their long-term averages.

In the end, if stocks only fall by 50 percent we will be extremely fortunate.  Stock valuations always, always, always return to their long-term averages eventually, and usually they fall below those averages during a period of adjustment.

And the mood on Wall Street has definitely changed.  The euphoria that we once witnessed is now gone, and instead it has been replaced by a gnawing sense that a really big downturn is coming.  In his most recent piece, John Hussman compared it to the fading out of a pop song

In recent days, the combination of extreme valuations and unfavorable market internals has been joined by acute dispersion in daily trading data that often occurs within a few days of pre-collapse peaks in the market. My opinion is that the music has already quietly faded out like the end of a pop song, in a wholly uneventful way, and that even a surprise push to further highs would be marginal.

And he concluded his most recent piece with this very chilling statement

For now, and until market conditions shift, there’s an open trap door under the equity market, and it’s a very long way down.

The end of last week was very bad for the markets, and so Monday and Tuesday will be key.

If stock prices continue to fall, this could be the beginning of a race for the exits.

But if stock prices rebound a bit, it means that we could have some more time.

And keep an eye on junk bonds.  They crashed really hard just before the financial crisis of 2008, and they are starting to slip here in October 2018.

A full-blown junk bond panic would definitely be a very clear sign that a major market crash is imminent.

As I write this, all of the markets in Asia are down.  Chinese stocks have fallen almost 3 percent, and that is very troubling news.

But whether a massive crisis erupts right now or not, the truth is that there is no way that we are going to avoid the consequences of our actions.

At this moment we are in the terminal phase of the biggest debt bubble in human history.  In fact, total indebtedness in the United States has increased by more than 2 trillion dollars over the past 12 months…

In total, indebtedness of consumers, corporations, and all governments has grown by $2.04 trillion over the past four quarters. And they’re going to be paying higher interest rates on this ballooning debt. In other words, debt service costs are going to rise substantially.

All of this debt has fueled a short-term bubble of relative “prosperity”, but meanwhile all of our long-term problems just continue to get worse.

There is no possible way that our debt bubble can continue to grow much faster than the overall economy indefinitely.  In fact, we have already been defying the laws of economics for way too long.

Eventually all debt bubbles burst, and when this one bursts we are going to experience economic pain on a scale that America has never seen before.

Source: Ron Paul Warns A 50% Stock Market Decline Is Coming…And There’s No Way To Stop It

Hijacking Evangelicalism: George Soros Funding Apostate Church Movements

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

It seems to me that myriad apostate church movements have come over America like a huge tsunami wave in the past few years.  I asked myself  “Could this have just happened spontaneously?”

Let’s look at just some of these movements:

  • Emergent church
  • NAR (New Apostolic Reformation)
  • Social Justice gospel
  • Chrislam
  • Red Letter Church Movement

I have researched on the internet for so many years for my articles.  There had to be a catalyst for the springing up of so many “churches” teaching doctrines of devils.

I realize that the Word of God warns of a Great Falling Away:

“Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, we ask you,  not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come. Let no…

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Bulgarian TV journalist who covered EU corruption brutally murdered

A TV reporter who covered EU funds fraud cases was brutally murdered and allegedly raped in northern Bulgaria. The horrific indent is the third murder of a journalist in the EU amid concerns over press freedom.

Source: Bulgarian TV journalist who covered EU corruption brutally murdered

Has increased education spending in schools improved student performance in test scores?


When I want a raise, I work harder, but these teachers hold up signs When I want a raise, I work harder, but lazy teachers quit working to hold signs

One of my friends has been having a debate with one of his former teachers about whether spending more money on government-run education improves tests scores. He tried posting some evidence, but she just dismissed that by claiming:

  1. If we hadn’t spent more money, then the student test scores would have gone down instead of staying the same.
  2. Most of the money that government spends on education goes to vouchers and private schools, not public schools
  3. Economists at prestigious think tanks like that Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and the American Enterprise Institute cannot be trusted to accurately cite the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Center for Education Statistics because of the Koch Brothers
  4. You can’t compare the test scores of American students with the test scores of Asian students who outperform…

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New Booklet Reveals John MacArthur, Rick Warren, Greg Laurie to Speak With New Age Sympathizer Roma Downey at Proclaim 19 — Lighthouse Trails Inc

Roma Downey, who has never renounced her extensive New Age involvement, is now firmly entrenched and aligned with contemporary Christian leadership. Because Christian leaders and day-to-day believers have given Roma Downey a get-out-of-the-new-age free pass, Lighthouse Trails is releasing a second Roma Downey booklet today. This booklet emphasizes the danger of Downey’s most recent book, Box of Butterflies, which has been incrementally and dangerously endorsed by a wide variety of Christian leaders (listed in the booklet). [Read more…]

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Double Imputation: Our Sin For His Righteousness — Ligonier Ministries Blog

Two things happen when we are saved: our sin is imputed to Jesus, and His righteousness is imputed to us. In this brief clip, R.C. Sproul explains the great exchange of double imputation.

This Reformation Month, watch a short video every day on the history and insights of the Protestant Reformation. And don’t forget that for a donation of any amount this month only, you can also receive a copy of Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer, a documentary featuring interviews with R.C. Sproul and several Ligonier Teaching Fellows, on DVD. Offer ends 10/31/18.


At the heart of the gospel is a double imputation: my sin is imputed to Jesus. His righteousness is imputed to me. And in this twofold transaction, we see that God, who does not negotiate sin, who doesn’t compromise His own integrity with our salvation but rather punishes sin fully and really after it has been imputed to Jesus, retains His own righteousness. And so, He is both just and the justifier, as the Apostle tells us here. So my sin goes to Jesus; His righteousness comes to me in the sight of God.

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October 8 Daily Help

FAITH in Jesus is more than a match for worldly trials, temptations, unbelief, and overcomes them all. The same absorbing principle shines in the faithful service of God; with an enthusiastic love for Jesus, difficulties are surmounted, sacrifices become pleasures, sufferings are honors. But if religion is thus a consuming passion in the heart, then it follows that there are many persons who profess religion, but have it not; for what they have will not bear this test. Examine yourself, my reader, on this point. Aaron’s rod proved its heaven-given power. Is your religion doing so? If Christ be anything, he must be everything. Oh, rest not till love and faith in Jesus be the master passions of your soul![1]

[1] Spurgeon, C. H. (1892). Daily Help (p. 285). Baltimore: R. H. Woodward & Company.

TED MALLOCH: Trumpism vs. Globalism — The Gateway Pundit

When you take the 30,000-foot view from high up you can see the larger context and the significant stakes in the contest between Trump and the globalists.

Globalism was Clinton’s core belief and it remains that of the entire Democrat elite.

Open borders, diminished sovereignty, multilateralism, multiculturalism, and everything defined as ‘worldwide’ or global in scope.

World government is the ultimate, long-term end.

Nationalism is its polar opposite.
For Trump, the nation state is supreme and sovereign, borders matter, bilateralism is preferable, national and ethnic identities are rooted in tradition, cultures count, and the intermediating institutions of society: family, church, civic association and place, come first.

Issues are settled by sovereign nation states, which are not going away anytime soon. This is patriotic.

The battle lines are set as never before.

One ideology is pitted against the other; one set of institutions against the other; one cultural outcome against the other.

It is war.

Truth is, globalization has been ebbing while economic and political populism is surging.

Globalists no longer provide the accepted set of rules for the political and economic order. Transnational, multilateral, and supranational organizations and their networks, experts, and regulators are everywhere on the defense. Cosmopolitan and globalist values are not ascendant.

This is what made Trump’s candidacy viable. It is the defining mark of his Presidency.

As a matter of fact, national sovereignty has soared back and is growing stronger, week-by-week, and month-by-month. We see it most clearly in President Trump’s principled realism, he calls “America First.”

Like the 19th century version of populism that rallied against the gold standard, today’s economic populism is similarly anti-establishment, anti-elitist, and opposed to all forms of globalization and globalist governance.

Economic history and economic theory both provide strong reasons to suggest that the advanced stages of globalization are proof statements for the populist backlash, in both its right- and left-wing variants, and everywhere from Brexit and the Trump effect to current European politics (Italy) and unrest throughout Latin America.

Whether along ethno cultural cleavages or along income-class lines, these forms of populism are a predictable and logical result. It should surprise no one, including globalists that the pendulum has swung so far in this opposite direction.

In fact, analytically there are two sides to populism: demand and supply.

Economic anxiety generates a base for populism but does not determine its particular political narrative—that storyline is left to various populist politicians and movements, which are on the rise today, worldwide.

National greatness in one place does not diminish it in another place. There is no reason why all nations cannot articulate their individual greatness and in their self (national) interest interact in the world in a peaceful and benign fashion.

Actually, it is the economics of trade and financial integration that provide the politically contentious backdrop to all globalization.

Trade theory, such as the well-known Stolper-Samuelson theorem, shows that there are sharp distributional implications for open trade—in other words, free trade is not a “win-win.”
Losers are inevitable.

And those who lose are generally low-skilled and unskilled workers. Trade liberalization raises the domestic price of exportables relative to importables.

Go to any Wal-Mart, if you want to check out this phenomenon first hand. Where is everything made?

There is an inherent form of redistribution at work here—the flip side of the benefits of trade.

Overall as globalization advances, trade agreements themselves become more about redistributing and less about expanding the economic pie. The political fallout is clear: globalization, the opposite of national interest, has become more and more contentious, if not unsustainable.

The empirical evidence bears this out. From NAFTA, which has cost the United States some $3.5 trillion over the last decade, to the widening U.S.-China trade deficit, the American economy has enjoyed few overriding efficiency gains from globalization.

Trump is ending both.

What we have, instead, are large trade imbalances, income stagnation among middle earners, and other nasty social side effects.

Talk to any middle-class family or visit any town or factory in the affected dire areas and you can gain first-hand knowledge, up close and personal.

The overall benefits of globalization are zero to negative. Trade was supposed to be based on reciprocity and growth, but it turned out to be a sham.

Have those “left behind”—the “forgotten silent majority,” in Trumpian terms—been compensated from the clear effects of globalization?

No, not really.

The benefits of international trade as originally argued by Adam Smith and its subsequent canonization ignores important historical differences.

A displaced worker in our modern technological age (unlike a day-laborer or farmer in the 18th century) already has a home mortgage, car payments, and tuition for his children, and lots of other overhead.

Merely switching careers or retraining is not so simple for many people. Truthfully, it is more than difficult, especially for middle-aged workers who have generally worked one job and in one place.

The share of U.S. imports in GDP went from less than 7 percent in 1975 to more than 18 percent in recent years, but the imbalance has provided little of what’s called trade adjustment assistance.

Because it is very costly—and politicians on all sides of the spectrum make a lot of promise they simply do not keep.

All economists know that trade causes job and income losses for some groups. Those same economists deride the notion of “fair trade” as a kind of fiction, but that’s clearly not the case as we see with anti-dumping rules and countervailing duties.

These are dubbed “trade remedies” for a reason. And don’t forget what might be called “social dumping”—where one country literally dumps its unemployment potential elsewhere or subsidizes inefficient production forever, regardless the cost.

What about operational mobility and the so-called benefits of financial globalization? The distinction between short-term, “hot money” and financial crises and long-term capital flows, such as foreign direct investment, is significant. One is disruptive, the other enhancing. One is patient and the other imprudent. So why is it that the timing of financial globalization and the occurrence of banking crises coincide almost perfectly?

Recurrent boom-and-bust cycles are familiar to less developed countries, but now appear to have spread to the European Union and the United States. Financial globalization has, like trade, exerted a downward pressure on the labor share of income.

Has anyone ever heard this line? “Accept lower wages, or we will move abroad!”

The other week, a gentleman in Ohio was interviewed who ran a large battery-manufacturing unit there and had recently moved, as the boss, to Mexico. When asked about the thousands of workers in Ohio. “They are gone,” he said. “We hired far cheaper Mexican ones in Juarez at just a fraction of their hourly wage.”

Those with lower skills or qualifications are the least able to shift or move across borders and are most damaged by this sort of risk shifting. But soon, so too, will be the accountants, architects, engineers, software developers, and every other white-collar worker.

It has also become harder to tax global mobile capital. That is because capital moves to the lowest rate tax haven and uses transfer pricing to disguise profits. Taxes on labor and consumption are much easier to collect, and they have gone increasingly up and up.

Globalization, we were told, had a big upside.

This is the bill of goods the public has been sold for decades. In fact, globalization has only helped the few: exporters, multinationals, and the large international banks, as well as certain professionals and the very top management.

It surely helped some countries, such as China, which rapidly transformed peasant farmers into low-cost manufacturing workers, thereby reducing poverty. But all those jobs were at the cost of “old jobs” in America’s Rust Belt. In effect, globalization was a definite and planned wealth transfer from one place to the other, which has gone largely unreported.

There is another side of the not-so-glossy globalization coin: increased domestic inequality and exacerbated social division.

The benefits and monetary flows sold to the unknowing public turned out to be all one-sided and went exclusively to the very highly skilled, to employers, to cities, to cosmopolitans, and to elites—not to ordinary working people.

The United States and Europe have been ravaged by financial crises, decades without a raise in pay or the standard of living for the masses and by the effects of austerity—while the few got richer.

Globalization gutted the existing social contract and ushered in a stigma of unfairness—in what Trump calls “a rigged system.”

The playing field was hardly level. The winners took all and Goldman Sachs bankers always seemed to come out on top, whether they were selling distressed mortgage debt or shorting it (sometimes simultaneously).

In the end, the economics of globalization and of globalist agency are, we have discovered, not politically sustainable.

Economic integration (in the EU or globally) has definite and unacceptable real costs that the people cannot and will not bear.

This explains the rise of economic and political populism.

Economic populism and its political cousin, political populism, are an antidote and a reality check to excessive globalization and globalist values and institutions.

You spell that Donald J. Trump.

Looking back 2016 was a watershed, historic year. The Clinton globalists did not want to lose to the Trump nationalists. They did not want their world or their ambitions for globalism disrupted.

They have been.

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, is Chairman and CEO of The Global Fiduciary Governance LLC, a leading strategy thought leadership company. Ted is based out of London, England.

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Video: Happy Indigenous People’s Day — Pulpit & Pen

Indigenous People’s day is a holiday first observed in South Dakota and then Berkeley, California, and ultimately, a few (usually left-of-center) municipalities. On Twitter and other forms of social media, however, one would think that the Indigenous People’s Day – which falls intentionally on Columbus Day – is some kind of national holiday (it is not, but Google includes it in all of our calendars as a “U.S. holiday” anyway). Protestants should rightly feel mixed emotions about Columbus’ religious intentions, but there is no doubt that with Columbus came manifold blessings for the people of the New World.

From my sermon yesterday…

While not all “Christianization” of culture is done by actual Christians, there is no doubt that the influence of those at least claiming the religion of Christ, built the foundations of what we now know as world civilization…

Western jurisprudence, English common law, the division of power of government known as Federalism, the notion of religious freedom and toleration, movements like the American Revolution, the Glorious Revolution of Great Britain, the French Revolution, documents like the Magna Carta, the Mayflower Compact, the English Bill of Common Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the expansion of empires across the ocean, the settling of the American frontier, the notion of Manifest Destiny, the impact of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation on the settling of the New World, the assumption of Civil Liberties, the Scientific Method, modern medicine, the basic building blocks of civilization that we now know throughout the world in any place that is not God-forsaken, are all the product of a dash of salt and a bit of light poured into and onto the world through a very, very small percentage of the world known as the Christian Church.

The impact of Christianity on world history is unfathomable, incalculable and unconquerable and even in nations like England or France (or America for that matter) where but a few were authentic believers, the impact of the religion of Christ, counted in millennia rather than decades, has been earth shattering, foundation-laying and world-changing.

Some seek to dismantle these very basic building blocks of the First World by claiming that there is such a thing known as “Western Christianity” that can be divided, or made distinct from some other kind of Christianity. We deny this notion. While beginning in Jerusalem, being advanced in its early years in places like North Africa, and settling its seats of influence in places like Antioch of Syria, Corinth, and ultimately Rome, the stream of authentic Christianity built what we now know as Western Civilization. We would not argue that there is a kind of Christianity that is unique to Western Civilization. We would argue that Western Civilization is the product of authentic Christianity.

Furthermore, we would argue that the vast majority of that which is of any value in human civilization, which benefits “human flourishing,” is intrinsically Western, but only because what we know as “Western” is ultimately that which is Christian.

This is not to say of course, that everything in Western Civilization is Christian or that everything claiming to be is either. As I said in the quotation from my manuscript above, the New World was settled in large part due to the contest between Protestants and Catholics (like Columbus) in the Reformation and Counter-Reformation. Even faux-Christianity, like that of the Jesuits which conquered parts of the Americas, is better for a culture than no Christianity at all.

The impact of Columbus’ voyage to America has been inherently (and mostly) good. To deny this is to deny objective, historical fact. Ultimately, aside from the benefits of Western Civilization brought by the Catholic navigator Christopher Columbus, this also inadvertently opened the doors of mass Protestant evangelism of the Americas. God’s providence indeed.

Watch Steven Crowder explain below

[Contributed by JD Hall]

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The Mod | Is Tim Keller A Marxist? — White Horse Inn

Of all the questions I asked myself last week, “Is Tim Keller a Marxist?” was not one I anticipated considering.   This is a charge I have heard on more than one occasion and, I am told, has recently been repeated in the aftermath of his op-ed in the New York Times.

While we should initially assume for the sake of charity that those making this accusation at him actually know what the terms means, that may not be the case for many of the readers of this post, so a few preliminary definitions-of-terms are therefore in order.

Marxism is notoriously hard to define with precision.  If there is one group in the world which can match Christians in its ability to fragment indefinitely and anathematize those who claim its label while deviating on fine points of dogma, it is the Marxists.  If we take the term in a narrow, historical sense, we could argue that it refers to those who think (1) that economic relationships are fundamentally constitutive of human identities, and (2) that capitalism as a system of economic organization is doomed at some point in the future to collapse under its own contradictions.

Over the years, many Marxists have accepted the basic idea that capitalism is a stage in history which will pass, but have articulated this in the context of philosophies which have different emphases.  Thus, postcolonial theorists have tended to develop Marx’s thought in relation to patterns of political life connected to imperialism, colonialism and the like.  For such, categories of race have come to the fore. Classic texts in this area are Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth and the late Edward Said’s Orientalism.   These provide classic examples of how Marx and the Marxist tradition were placed in service of unmasking the ways and means that those with power have maintained their status through various means—cultural, economic, political. Closely related to these are the sexual liberators like Wilhelm Reich and Herbert Marcuse who fused Marx with Freud.  This approach found its logical conclusion in the pansexual political theory of a feminist like Shulamith Firestone whose 1970 book, The Dialectic of Sex, is an unabashed application of Marxist and Freudian thought to the matter of revolutionary sexual liberation.

Now, the relationship of these later developments to the original Marx is often somewhat muted.  Marx did make some interesting comments on the distinctiveness of what he called ‘the Asiatic mode of production’, and these have been the launchpad for post-colonialists seeking a starting point in his works even as the elaboration of the idea has gone far beyond anything Marx wrote or even thought.  For all his radicalism, Marx was a white, European male, after all.  But the central core of Marx, that capitalism oppresses the poor and the weak, that it is doomed by its own contradictions to collapse, and that some kind of major economic restructuring of society which abolishes capitalism will be necessary for true human flourishing, is common to all, as is the belief that this paradise will be an exclusively earthly, immanent phenomenon.

There is often a second part to the accusation: Tim Keller is a cultural Marxist.  That is an interesting qualification which typically points to that strand of Marxist theory which sees the Italian thinker, Antonio Gramsci, as its fountainhead.  Wrestling with the rise of Fascism and the failure of the working class in western Europe to follow the Russian lead and rise in revolution, Gramsci argued that the way to take over was to capture the key cultural institutions—schools, universities, the media, Burke’s ‘little platoons’; those mediating institutions which do so much to shape society—or the law courts.  The long march through the institutions would eventually bring about the necessary changes in society.  Such had to be carefully planned and executed, but it would be worth it.

This basic groundwork now allows us to address the more accurately-phrased question, “Is Tim Keller a cultural Marxist?”

It is true that Rev. Keller has expressed a concern for what now is typically referred to as social justice.  ‘Social justice,’ like ‘cultural Marxism,’ is a term used by far more people—friend and foe—than can actually define it in any coherent way, but, broadly speaking, it is used today to refer to perceived inequalities, be they matters of race, gender, sexuality etc.  Now, concern for these issues does not of itself render you a cultural Marxist—most sane people would say that they are opposed to racism, sexism and the like.  They may disagree on the definitions of these things and what steps should be taken to address them, but having a social conscience in itself is neither a Marxist monopoly nor a distinctive of the left.

Is Tim Keller a Marxist in how he defines these things?   While I have not had the pleasure of asking him personally, I have read statements by him that indicate he believes human beings are made in the image of God.  That presumably grounds his ethics.  It also places him outside of the Marxist camp, belief in God being somewhat problematic in that school of thought, as (incidentally) is his Christian belief that human beings have a nature which can be defined in metaphysical, rather than contingent, historical terms.

If he is not a Marxist, it does not take a postgraduate qualification in logic to deduce that he can scarcely be a cultural Marxist.  Even so, let’s indulge the critics and ask this question:  Does Tim Keller’s view of the culture have parallels with the Gramscian tradition?  Yes, it does in that he is a cultural transformationalist who believes that the world can be dramatically benefited by—schools, universities etc.   So do the Acton Institute, Marvin Olasky and the team at World Magazine and numerous friends and colleagues in First Things circles.   I hardly think they would appreciate being given the label of cultural Marxists.  To want to change the culture is a desire of anyone who is dissatisfied with the status quo, not a necessary sign of commitment to dialectical materialism or a diabolical hatred of free markets.

Let me be clear—while respecting him as a brother in Christ, I am not an acolyte of Rev. Keller.  I disagree at points with both his theology and philosophy of ministry.  Nor do I share his love of the city.  For me, cities are a necessary evil whose sole purpose is to provide country boys like me somewhere to go to the theatre once in a while.  And I am definitely not an optimistic transformationalist as he is—trust me, things are going to get worse before, well, they get even worse than that.  But he is no cultural Marxist, and to call him such is to reveal not the politics of the good doctor but the ignorance of the troll.  It is to indulge in the spirit of this age, which eschews thoughtful argument about difficult issues for moronic and often malicious soundbites.  It is not a helpful way of locating him in current debates in order to further the discussion, but rather a cheap way of pre-emptively delegitimizing him and his opinions.  It is an unwarranted slur on his character, for we all know that cultural Marxism is not intended as a morally neutral term.  And—I almost forgot—it is to break the Ninth Commandment about a Christian brother.  And that’s a sin—not so much a sin against Tim Keller as against the God he serves.



Carl R. Trueman is a professor at the Alva J. Calderwood School of Arts and Letters, Grove City College.

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October 8, 2018 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


Tropical Storm Michael is expected to become a hurricane and was on track to hit the Florida Panhandle midweek, with the potential to pack winds of at least 100 miles per hour.

The Republican-controlled U.S. Senate on Saturday confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, dismissing anger over accusations of sexual misconduct against him and delivering a major victory to President Trump who has now locked in a conservative majority on the court.

President Donald Trump is expected to announce the lifting of a federal ban on summer sales of higher-ethanol blends of gasoline on Tuesday in Washington DC ahead of a trip to Iowa.

Two Democratic senators on Sunday said voters angry that Republicans confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court despite allegations of sexual misconduct should focus on next month’s congressional elections instead of seeking to impeach the new justice.

Brazilian far-right presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro, who narrowly missed a first-round presidential win yesterday, said on Monday on Twitter that he would reduce the number of ministries, privatize state companies and combat fraud in social programs if elected.

China said on Monday it was investigating former Interpol chief Meng Hongwei for bribery and other violations, days after French authorities said the Chinese official had been reported missing by his wife after traveling to his home country.

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Monday lost a first appeal against facing trial over influence peddling and corruption charges and must await a second appeal before knowing if he will be sent to court, the Paris prosecutor’s office said.

A referendum to change Romania’s constitution to prevent same sex couples from securing the right to marry failed to draw enough voters to validate the result on Sunday, after a campaign that led to a rise in hate speech against the gay community.

AP Top Stories

A limousine carrying four sisters, other relatives and friends to a birthday celebration blew through a stop sign and slammed into a parked SUV outside a store in upstate New York, killing all 18 people in the limo and two pedestrians.

U.S. adviser on Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad arrived in Kabul to hold the first round of talks with Afghan leaders since being appointed an envoy to lead peace efforts with the Taliban and end the 17-year war, Afghan officials said on Sunday.

At least 10 policemen were killed in clashes with Taliban fighters in the central Afghan province of Wardak, officials said on Sunday, amid fighting to wrest control of arterial highways a day after Taliban fighters blew up bridges.

Thousands of people are still missing, and feared dead, in Indonesia following a catastrophic earthquake and consequent tsunami that struck the island of Sulawesi last week. The death toll from the disaster had risen to over 1,900, reported Channel News Asia. That number, however, is expected to dramatically increase – possibly even triple – once all casualties are determined.

Emergency teams worked to provide relief in Haiti on Sunday after a magnitude 5.9 earthquake killed 11 people and left 135 injured.

Italy’s far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini threatened to shut the country’s airports after media reported that Germany planned to send charter flights of rejected asylum-seekers to Italy.

Germany on Sunday denied an Italian newspaper report that it planned to fly migrants back to Italy, after the allegation drew a threat from Italy’s Interior Minister to refuse landing permission to unauthorized planes carrying asylum seekers.

The Have No Fear foundation, which represents abuse survivors, said a map of cases it compiled represented 255 children under age 15 who were abused by priests across Poland. More than 50 priests have been convicted of abusing children, according to the foundation.

Syrian President Bashar Assad said Sunday that the Russian-Turkish deal to avert a military offensive in the northwestern province of Idlib is a “temporary one” that prevented bloodshed but that his government’s goal is to restore control over all of Syria.

Egypt will begin importing natural gas from Israel under a $15 billion deal as early as March if an undersea pipeline connecting the Mediterranean neighbors is found to be in good condition, moving the country closer to its goal of becoming an energy-exporting hub.

The United States on Monday asked judges at the International Court of Justice to throw out a claim by Iran to recover $1.75 billion in national bank assets seized by U.S. courts. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2016 that the assets must be turned over to American families of victims of the 1983 bombing of a U.S. Marine Corps barracks in Beirut, among others.


It’s the final call, say scientists, the most extensive warning yet on the risks of rising global temperatures. Their dramatic report on keeping that rise under 1.5 degrees C says the world is now completely off track, heading instead towards 3C.

Debt problems are worsening on the African continent, with governments’ external debt payments doubling over the last two years.

China will cut the amount of cash banks must hold in reserve as part of efforts to support its economy, amid an escalating trade war with the US.

A woman has been appointed to run a Saudi Arabian bank in a first for women in the country.


The increased tariffs to date, combined with the threat of more, have already clipped the wings of China’s economic rise. Its stock market is down 21 percent year over year, industrial output is slowing and its currency is weakening.

As the economic meltdown that plunged Venezuela into crisis worsens, new mothers are turning to each other for breast milk to feed their babies. Many mothers in the South American country are unable to produce nutritious breast milk for their children as they’re often going hungry themselves.

News – 10/8/2018

-3C Arctic FREEZE TONIGHT before bizarre tropical ‘battle’ next week
caused by Hurricane Leslie in the Atlantic will see temperatures plunge to -3C this weekend before a freak weather pattern with the arrival of an Arctic blast and tropical air next week. The UK is bracing itself for a dramatic temperature plunge below freezing following a week of warm weather across the country.

U.S. military planning serious showdown with China
The US military is reportedly planning to put on a serious show of force in contested waters from the South China Sea to the Taiwan Strait as a warning to China and a reminder of the United States’ ability to rapidly confront and counter any potential adversaries.

Florida declares state of emergency as Tropical Storm Michael forecast to become hurricane
Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced Sunday that he had declared a state of emergency in 26 counties in the state’s Panhandle and Big Bend regions as forecasters predicted Tropical Storm Michael would make landfall as a Category 2 hurricane later this week.

Sergio to eye western Mexico, southwestern US with flooding downpours late this week
Hurricane Sergio will double back toward the west coast of Mexico and southwestern United States with another round of flooding rainfall late this week. Sergio is currently a Category 3 hurricane located over 1,000 miles (1,609 km) away from the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Sergio’s current track toward the west away from land should not trick people into thinking it will remain out to sea.

Tennessee Democrat Brings in Bloomberg for Fundraiser
Phil Bredesen brings in gun control billionaire to raise cash after being criticized for touting outdated NRA rating. Billionaire gun control activist Michael Bloomberg will be headlining an Oct. 9 fundraiser for Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen after the candidate was accused of misleading people on his gun record.

Brazil’s Jews Move to Israel Amid Political Chaos
Approximately 120,000 Jews live in Brazil and the country is witnessing an exodus like never before. (video)

Netanyahu Says Israel Preparing for War With Gaza
“If the reality of civil distress in Gaza is diminished, that is desirable, but that is not certain to happen, and so we are preparing militarily — that is not an empty statement.”

New NAFTA Deal Targets China
Last week, President Donald Trump fulfilled one of his campaign promises by re-negotiating NAFTA in a way that would be more beneficial to the United States than the previous deal. Among some of the provisions of the new NAFTA, now called USMCA, is a provision that will greatly benefit US auto makers and auto parts makers. Also contained in the new USMCA deal is a provision that is designed to hurt trade with countries like China.

New Report Says Trump Wants Chinese Parts Out Of American Weapons
Top defense officials said last week that the Pentagon intends to invest in domestic manufacturing to reduce it over-reliance on Chinese and other foreign-made parts in American weapons.

Climate Bombshell: Audit Exposes IPCC Data as ‘Careless and Amateur’
The first ever audit of the world’s most important temperature data set has found it to be so riddled with errors that it is effectively useless. HadCRUT4 is the primary dataset used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to make its dramatic claims about “man-made global warming”, to justify its demands for trillions of dollars to be spent on “combating climate change” and as the basis for the Paris Climate Accord. But according to a groundbreaking analysis by Australian researcher John McLean it’s far too sloppy to be taken seriously even by climate scientists, let alone a body as influential as the IPCC or by the governments of the world.

Brazil’s right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro faces run-off in presidential election
Jair Bolsonaro, the right-wing Brazilian Congressman, is facing a second-round runoff against leftist former Sao Paulo mayor Fernando Haddad after failing to secure an outright majority. The 63-year-old former paratrooper charged that “polling problems” cheated him of outright victory. Despite his complaints, Mr Bolsonaro did not formally contest Sunday’s result, saying his voters “remain mobilised” for the second round.

Catholicism’s ‘final trial’ before Jesus’ return?
Pope Francis has authorized a “thorough study” of sexual abuse allegations against retired Washington, D.C., Cardinal Theodore McCarrick that is being called by some prominent members of the Church “the Satanic 9/11” and possibly the “final trial” before the return of Jesus.

Israel develops autonomous robot to detect and neutralize explosives
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has completed the development of an autonomous improvised explosive device detection (IED’s) system which can identify, locate and destroy improvised explosive devices and mines before troops even reach them. The system is installed on a robotic platform made by IAI and integrates a combination of multiple sensors which detects IEDs which may be hidden in complex areas.

Trump plan uncertain but INSS has a plan: Two-states, ‘separation’ from the Palestinians
The Tel Aviv-based Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) will unveil a two-state peace framework on Monday that includes steps it says Israel can take to retain a strategic advantage even if there is no partner on the other side with whom to negotiate. Under the plan…Israel would declare its commitment to a two-state solution and a willingness to enter into direct negotiations over an agreement.

China’s powerful vice president to visit Israel in late October
China’s powerful Vice President Wang Qishan is scheduled to visit Israel at the end of the month, the highest level visit of a Chinese visitor in close to two decades. Wang is a close ally of Chinese President Xi Jinping. A recent article in the South China Morning Post said he was “widely considered China’s most powerful vice president.”

The UK is practicing cyberattacks that could black out Moscow
British defense officials say they have practiced cyber war games that could shut off electricity in Russia’s capital, the Sunday Times (paywall) reports. The measures are part of a wider range of strategies to hit back at an increasingly assertive Russia—accused of interfering with US elections, cyberattacks on Western targets, and poisoning a former spy on UK soil—without resorting to a full-blown nuclear attack.

US in new global court showdown with Iran
The Hague (AFP) – The United States will confront Tehran at the UN’s top court on Monday over billions in frozen assets, in a case that could deepen the Trump administration’s rift with international justice. Iran had dragged Washington before the International Court of Justice in June 2016 to oppose a US Supreme Court ruling that the $2 billion should go to victims of terror attacks blamed on the Islamic republic.

5G Network Uses Same EMF Waves as Pentagon Crowd Control System
The global rollout of 5G is well underway, and we soon may see new small cell towers near all schools, on every residential street, dispersed throughout the natural environment, and pretty much everywhere. But the safety of this technology is in serious question, and there is a raging battle to stop the taxpayer funded implementation of 5G.

Chill in the air as Pompeo meets Chinese counterparts in Beijing
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Chinese Foreign Minister and State Councillor Wang Yi aired their grievances in the open on Monday during a brief visit to Beijing by Washington’s top diplomat, amid worsening relations. While the exchange included typical diplomatic pleasantries, and the two officials emphasized the need for cooperation…

U.N. warns world must take ‘unprecedented’ steps to avert worst effects of global warming
Society would have to enact “unprecedented” changes to how it consumes energy, travels and builds to meet a lower global warming target or it risks increases in heat waves, flood-causing storms and the chances of drought in some regions as well as the loss of species, a U.N. report said on Monday.

Kremlin: North Korea’s Kim invited to Russia, no details of possible visit yet
Russian officials have invited North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to visit Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday, adding the time and place had yet to be agreed. Kim Jong Un is expected to visit Russia soon, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said also on Monday.

Six Children in Minnesota Diagnosed with Rare “Polio-Like” Disease Since September
Minnesota has seen six cases of a rare “polio-like” disease since mid-September.Polio was eradicated in most countries in the past century.

Is There An October Surprise Looming Off the Coast of Venezuela?
…As I investigated further, I discovered that the Chinese ships in Venezuela, were not there humanitarian aid. This flotilla contained Chinese oil workers who work under the umbrella of the Chinese military. The Chinese coalition is located off of the EAST coast of Venezuela. This will make sense after one reads the following paragraphs.

MUSLIMS ONLY: Faith Goldy and Laura Loomer Blocked From Linda Sarsour Event
Officials guarding the event by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and its partner the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) confirmed the policy of restricting Christians and Jews from entering the event featuring Linda Sarsour, the embattled Resistance leader, and Siraj Wahhaj.

Indonesia Death Toll Passes 1,500: Body Bags Line Roads, Smell ‘Almost Unbearable’
Scenes of body bags lining roads, with the smell becoming “almost unbearable,” are emerging from Indonesia, as the death toll from last week’s earthquake and tsunami has climbed to over 1,500.

Catholicism’s ‘final trial’ before Jesus’ return?
Pope Francis has authorized a “thorough study” of sexual abuse allegations against retired Washington, D.C., Cardinal Theodore McCarrick that is being called by some prominent members of the Church “the Satanic 9/11” and possibly the “final trial” before the return of Jesus.

German far-right AfD officially launches Jewish wing, drawing outcry
Germany’s far-right party AfD on Sunday launched a “Jewish” group within its ranks which it says will battle against mass immigration of Muslim men with anti-Semitic views, sparking an outcry.

Eric Holder Questions Legitimacy of Supreme Court; Issues Menacing Call to ‘Use Rage to Vote to Be Rid of Republicans’
Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, who is considering running for president in 2020, called into doubt the legitimacy of the Supreme Court following the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Court by a 50-48 vote in the Senate on Saturday. Holder on Friday used incendiary rhetoric to call on liberals to use their “rage” to vote to “be rid of these people”–singling out Republicans in the Senate who support Kavanaugh and have used their majority power to control nominations to the courts.

When Did They Become So Angry?}
It was not always this way. In the ‘60’s, they were so high that they seemed so pleasant.  They used to go to Peter, Paul and Mary concerts and sing with joy of what our country was to be and what it had become.  Where did those people go?

Climate Change Audit: Global Warming Figures Based on ‘Careless, Amateur’ Data
The first ever audit on the official data used for Climate Change has found the figures to be “riddled with errors,” making it “effectively useless.”

Vatican Announces Investigation into Serial Abuser Cardinal McCarrick
The Vatican announced Saturday that it will begin an investigation into the serial homosexual abuse of former U.S. cardinal Theodore McCarrick in the face of mounting pressure to address the issue.

Leaked emails mention aspartame causing holes in brains of mice
WikiLeaks has released a John Podesta email that sheds light on the artificial sweetener aspartame that is anything but sweet.

The Book Of The Prophet Jonah Contains A Spiritual Secret That Could Radically Change Your Daily Walk With The Lord
When the book of Jonah is taught and preached, more often than not it is around two main scriptural components. The first message most expositors take from Jonah is the fact that Jesus in the gospels connects Jonah’s time in the whale’s belly to His time on the cross, and the 3 days and nights that followed. The second most used topic taken from Jonah centers around his rebellion to follow God’s instructions to obey the call on his life as a preacher and a prophet.

Apostasy Watch Daily News

Local Sermon Review – The Anatomy of NAR Influenced False Teaching

Liberation-Not For Everybody

Christian “Prophetess”: In Heaven, Cows Drive Tractors and There’s a Jell-O City

On questions relating to Bethel, Bill Johnson & Ben Fitzgerald

Relevant Mag:  Samaritan’s Purse Cut Ties Over ‘Critical’ Franklin Graham Reporting

Christian TV network enters world of 24-hour news

‘Make them scared’ website posts uncorroborated sexual assault claims against male students

The best Christian movie ever made didn’t come from the Christian entertainment industry

Federal Judge Strikes Down Law That Could Have Closed Kentucky’s Last Abortion Facility

‘Everything went into that church’: How one woman says she lost her family to a Korean ‘doomsday cult’

Brazil’s growing evangelical movement to shape election

Iran’s Judiciary Sentences Two Believers for Affirming Basic Christian Doctrines

Headlines – 10/8/2018

Two Israelis killed, one injured, in West Bank shooting ‘terror attack’

IDF names Palestinian suspect in deadly terror attack as manhunt persists

Trump’s Mideast envoy: Barkan attack ‘should be universally condemned’

Hamas, Islamic Jihad praise deadly shooting in northern West Bank

Following Attack, Israeli Defense Officials Fear Collective Punishment Could Ignite West Bank

Netanyahu said to tell cabinet Israel preparing for Gaza offensive

New peace plan created ‘behind the scenes’

Accusing Abbas of derailing Gaza talks, Egypt may end mediation

Jerusalem mayor says plan to boot UNRWA out of capital will boost equality

Israeli PM’s wife goes on trial for fraud

Major Israeli presence at world’s largest military land exhibition

Netanyahu and Putin will meet for the first time since a Russian jet was shot down

‘Russia is the kingmaker in the Middle East,’ French professor Gilles Kepel says

Assad: Russia-Turkey Deal to Demilitarize Idlib ‘Temporary’

Turkish officials say ‘pre-planned murder’ team killed Saudi journalist

US in new global court showdown with Iran

Iranian economists: The country is suffering highest inflation rates since WWII

Iran Parliament Passes Measures Against Funding Terrorism

US special envoy to Afghanistan arrives in Kabul as Taliban launch fresh attacks

Pompeo says progress made with Kim Jong Un on North Korea trip

Pompeo says meeting with Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang ‘better than the last time’

North Korea ready to allow inspectors into missile sites, Pompeo says

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to China kicks off with a frosty exchange

Global dealmaking appetite falls to a four-year low amid Brexit, US-China trade fears, study says

China’s central bank to pump US$110 billion into economy as US trade war intensifies

Trump tariffs raise $4.4 billion and counting

Trade war looms over summit of global finance chiefs

The UK is practicing cyberattacks that could black out Moscow

Bulgarian journalist who reported on EU corruption, found raped and murdered

Need to Flee Venezuela? Pay Huge Bribe or Stand in Line Forever

Julie Swetnick unloads on media, GOP: ‘I am disgusted and appalled by the way that I have been re-victimized’

White House begins prepping for Democratic legal storm

Kavanaugh fight sharpens the stakes for midterms

Democrats to appeal to voters to channel anger over Kavanaugh confirmation

Top Dem: Trump, GOP must ‘pay a price for Kavanaugh’

Bill Maher Slams ‘Crazy’ Social Justice Warriors as Trump and Kavanaugh Win

Stephen Colbert ‘Late Show’ writer: ‘I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life’

America, the radicalized

Colin Powell Says Donald Trump has Turned America from ‘We the People’ to ‘Me the President’

‘Aggressive’ American plane passenger prompts air force escort

SpaceX rocket launch causes social media stir in Southern California

Soon: Israeli spacecraft to land on the moon

Haiti quake kills at least 14, aftershock jolts nervous residents

Strong aftershock rattles north Haiti day after deadly quake

Confirmed deaths near 2,000, still more likely in Indonesia

Indonesia quake: More than 5,000 people could still be missing

Indonesia to stop searching for quake victims on Thursday

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Raoul Island, New Zealand

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Ti Port-de-Paix, Haiti

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Sambelia, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Georgetown, Saint Helena

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 24,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 14,000ft

Merapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

China Banana Prices Rise in Wake of last month’s Typhoon Mangkhut Destruction

Florida declares state of emergency as Tropical Storm Michael forecast to become hurricane

Hurricane Florence’s toll on US homes and businesses has now hit 11 figures

Widespread fish kills predicted to continue for weeks in NC, experts say. Here’s why.

Central US to face multi-day flood danger through early this week

Drones and AI Ward Off Shark Attacks as Predators Hunt Closer to Shore

UN report on global warming carries life-or-death warning

World must take ‘unprecedented’ steps to avert worst effects of global warming: U.N.

Mexico president-elect says will look at legalizing some drugs

Voters in 3 States to Consider Pro-Life, Anti-Roe Measures

Romanian constitutional ban on same sex marriage fails on low vote turnout

UK’s Patricia Hewitt called for age of consent to be lowered to ten

Victims group in Poland maps 255 sex abuse cases by priests

Vatican takes off gloves, accuses papal critic of ‘calumny, defamation’

Vatican cardinal defends Pope Francis against allegations that he covered up sexual misconduct accusations

Members ‘offend’ Jesus and please the devil when they use the term ‘Mormon,’ President Nelson says

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October 8, 2018 Afternoon Verse Of The Day

4  Sing to God, sing praises to his name;
lift up a song to him who rides through the deserts;
his name is the LORD;
exult before him!
5  Father of the fatherless and protector of widows
is God in his holy habitation.
6  God settles the solitary in a home;
he leads out the prisoners to prosperity,
but the rebellious dwell in a parched land.

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2016). (Ps 68:4–6). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles.

68:5 The Lord is not limited to clouds and storms; He also meets the needs of the helpless. For all people, He is in His holy habitation, dispensing justice.[1]

68:5 A father to orphans Portrays God as one who protects the most vulnerable. The ot law contained special provisions to protect orphans and widows, who were often oppressed or mistreated (Exod 22:22–24; Deut 24:19–21). God’s provision for them reveals His compassion, as well as His justice (Deut 10:18).

is God in his holy habitation Probably refers to the temple. See note on Ps 26:8.[2]

68:5 fatherless … widows. Widows and orphans were particularly vulnerable in ancient society. God commanded Israel to care for them (Ex. 22:22; Deut. 10:18; Ruth 4:14, 15).[3]

68:5–6 Fatherless (see note at 10:12–15) and widows represented the weakest and most vulnerable members of society who were often the most oppressed (94:6). The Lord himself took on the role of their defender (Dt 10:18).[4]

68:4–6. David invited the people to praise in song the One who rides on the clouds (cf. v. 33; 104:3; Isa. 19:1), a poetic description of God’s exalted majesty, chosen as a polemic against a similar epithet for Baal. God is worthy of praise because of His triumphant work: He delivers and comforts the downtrodden (fatherless and widows) and oppressed (prisoners), while leaving the rebellious desolate in the desert.[5]

68:4–6 It is a time to sing praises to God and to clear a way for the Lord in the deserts (MT, see NKJV margin, cf. Isa. 40:3; 62:10). His name is YAH, the covenant-keeping Jehovah; He is worthy of endless praise. Though He is infinitely high, yet He is intimately near to the friendless and the dispossessed. As the God of all grace, He is father of the fatherless, defender of widows. He provides the warmth and fellowship of a happy home for the lonely, and as for those who have been unjustly condemned to prison, He leads them into prosperity with shouts of joy.

With the rebellious, it’s a different story; they are consigned to a desolate wilderness.

These introductory verses, then, say in the words of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “Our God is marching on,” and contrast the results of His march on the righteous and on rebels.

Although it is not noticeable in the English version, seven names of God are woven into the texture of this Psalm: Elohim (v. 1), Yah (v. 4), Jehovah (v. 10), El Shaddai (v. 14), Yah Elohim (v. 18), Adonai (v. 19), and Jehovah Adonai (v. 20).[6]

68:4–6 Exhortation to Sing to God. The faithful are to sing to God because he has shown himself kind, especially to helpless people (fatherless, or “orphans”; widows, cf. 146:9; Deut. 10:18; James 1:27; solitary; prisoners). The rebellious (i.e., those against God’s gracious covenant), however, he exiles to a parched land: they may not dwell among his people.[7]

[1] Radmacher, E. D., Allen, R. B., & House, H. W. (1999). Nelson’s new illustrated Bible commentary (p. 692). Nashville: T. Nelson Publishers.

[2] Barry, J. D., Mangum, D., Brown, D. R., Heiser, M. S., Custis, M., Ritzema, E., … Bomar, D. (2012, 2016). Faithlife Study Bible (Ps 68:5). Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

[3] Sproul, R. C. (Ed.). (2005). The Reformation Study Bible: English Standard Version (p. 793). Orlando, FL; Lake Mary, FL: Ligonier Ministries.

[4] Warstler, K. R. (2017). Psalms. In E. A. Blum & T. Wax (Eds.), CSB Study Bible: Notes (p. 874). Nashville, TN: Holman Bible Publishers.

[5] Ross, A. P. (1985). Psalms. In J. F. Walvoord & R. B. Zuck (Eds.), The Bible Knowledge Commentary: An Exposition of the Scriptures (Vol. 1, p. 843). Wheaton, IL: Victor Books.

[6] MacDonald, W. (1995). Believer’s Bible Commentary: Old and New Testaments. (A. Farstad, Ed.) (pp. 649–650). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

[7] Crossway Bibles. (2008). The ESV Study Bible (p. 1017). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles.